Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Weekend Review {10/14}


After lunch on Friday, I got the sleepy tireds and could NOT shake it.  So much so that I skipped a workout and went straight home after work.  Yolo.

The dogs don't understand that when I get home, I'd really prefer NOT to be harassed, jumped at, and generally annoyed as soon as I walk in the door.. so I kicked them out because they were being annoying and I was exhausted.  Teh German let them in as I was preparing to lay down the couch and this fuzzy turd bucket laid down in my spot because she's a needy asshole.

I mean, I kinda also thought it was hilarious, so I took a few pics after I laid down on her.. and she didn't seem to mind, which was weird, and then I made her move because I needed a damn nap.

I didn't get in a good nap, but enough sleeps were had to be functional again.  When I woke up, I asked Teh German if he wanted to go see an NC comedian named Jon Reep (check the end of the 1st section) and explained the backstory to him and Teh German agreed to go.

We grabbed dinner at a place across the street from the theater and then headed to the theater to buy tickets and grab seats.

No photos were allowed.. buttttt here we are because #blogging.

There were 3 comedians + the MC.  2 of the 3 comedians were hilarious, the other guy just talked about doing drugs and partying and he had the wrong suburban middle class crowd for that.  The MC was also hilarious and made me want to start going to comedy shows around Charleston.  One day... when school is no longer making me drown in life.

Teh German agreed that it was totally worth going and that the show was awesome and we should check out local comedians.

After the show, we came home, dealt with the beasts, and I went to bed while Teh German did whatever he does when I'm not around.  IDK, I knew I had to get up and get moving on Saturday, so staying up super late was not on my agenda.


Tattoo Saturdays have been deemed "Stabbing Saturday"... and that's what this Saturday was.  I left a little after 9 to head to Charlotte.  I saw some old Crossfit friends while driving down 26, which was awesome because we got excited and waved at each other and went about our business.  I made it to Charlotte slightly early, thank you traffic from Charleston to Columbia that was going 90+mph.

I talked with Noel about the design and while he traced, I went and grabbed lunch at the same BBQ place from last time.  When I got back, we sized the stencil and estimated the placement then Noel got everything set up.  He placed the stencil and then we got down to business by 2.

We took a 20 minute break at one point for Noel to eat and for me to put my arm down and then we got back to it.

Noel finished up right around 7:30 and I took my photo, paid, and headed out.
That would be about 5 and a half hours of being stabbed, in case you were wondering.

By 11, I was home.. thank you traffic from Rock Hill to Columbia getting the fuck out of my way and then those awesome drivers who were willing to go 85+mph from Columbia back to Charleston.  Teh German was watching hockey when I got home and I was absolutely exhausted, so I went straight to bed.  Did not pass Go, did not collect $200.  STRAIGHT TO BED.


Sunday there were zero photos.. but Sunday was also full of activities.  I made Teh German disgruntled by making him get up with the dogs, after Meri had ensured that I was a-fucking-wake by jumping on me/the bed, as she does.  I wasn't really able to go back to sleep, but I dozed on and off for a little bit and then did some scrolling before finally getting up and taking a shower.  Mostly, I showered to rinse off my arm of the tattoo goo that forms overnight when I leave the nonstick pads on (which I only do the day of getting the tattoo so that way the ink doesn't bleed all over the sheets, which was actually a fail this time...).

Teh German made bacon and toast and I made scrambled eggs for breakfast.  After we ate, I headed to the office to do homework things and Teh German did Teh German things (Teh German Time, fish tank stuff, scrolling).  He eventually left and ran some errands and I had SILENT time for homework.  It was rather glorious, to be honest.  Those headphones better be on sale by Black Friday.. because well.. a month is a long time to wait when you have this much homework between now and then.

At 2, we headed over to Teh PT House for a Sunday Funday gathering.  We even brought Pax and Meri, because I'm always in the hopes that something will eventually drain Meri's batteries.  Going to Teh PT House was NOT it.  I tried, Gentle Readers, I tried.  Siiiiiigh.

We had dinner and socialized and Teh German brought the dogs home after we ate.  A little while later, I went and fetched them to see if they would play with Remy, a 150 Great Dane, who was a Sunday Funday guest.  Meri was terrified of a dog so much bigger than her and her bitch ass hid behind Teh German or I, depending on who was closest.  Pax played and chased some, but nothing really energy draining.  When there was some drama that also happened to be around doggy dinner time, I took the beasts home to feed them dinner and continue working on homework things. 

I was exhausted, ugh again, and managed to get to a solid stopping point on my homework by 7:30.  I was packing up my computer and things to load in the car when Teh German came home.  I headed upstairs to get ready for bed and, surprisingly, Teh German also came upstairs to get ready for bed.  We were in bed by 9 and it was glorious!


An extremely productive weekend!  Socializing, tattoo, homework, spontaneous date night!

Despite unfinished homework things, I managed to get my questions asked and assignments completed and printed out prior to the class they were due for, so I consider everything a win.  I know that last week's stress-almost-meltdown was due to it being midterm time and teachers needing grades so they can calculate our midterm grades, but Jesusfuck, I do not appreciate the unbearableness that was all those assignments being due to close together.  My body definitely did not appreciate it, as my BJB is angry, I started to get a herpaderp on my lip, but then it decided to relocate to inside my nostril.. so I mean, I'm an absolute mess.  This is on the tail of being sick.. so I'm over it all.

Thankfully, I'm finally over the homework hump and I might even consider myself ahead of the game.. again.

This week holds:
-a midterm exam in a class that has been 95% lecture and 5% programming assignments that the instructor has had to debug each time. FML
-that group project that I still need to go talk to the professor about because I'm really not sure what I'm doing and my partner doesn't either and I cannot rely on them.
-Going to see RENT with Teh PT Wife.  Yall, I really don't like musicals, but I'm a good friend.  We'll see what level of good friend I am after the fact.
-Dog toes are getting chopped off on Friday!  (Megan translation: I'm taking the dogs to the vet to get their nails trimmed.)
-Weekend Goals = writing that 8-10 page paper!!!  It's ok to be super jealous.

Countdowns (because I need some guiding lights while I'm wading through homework hell):

18 days until our anniversary and our trip to the unknown!
21 days until I get to register for my LAST semester of college!!!!
62 days until this semester ends!
89 days until the Charleston Half Marathon with Teh Running Bestie and Matilda andd mayyybee Teh PT Wife if I can talk her into it... or ya know, anyone else.
131 days until the Charlotte Hot Chocolate 15k with Teh Running Bestie and Matilda!
207 days until GRADUATION!!!


  1. your ink looks great! when my husband did his sleeves, he was there on avg 6-8hrs and he had to go back like, 3 times to get them all finished.

  2. Your sleeve looks so cool cant wait to see the end result.

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