Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Weekend Review {09/30}


Friday was Food vs Megan day, starting with dropping my breakfast sammich on the floorboard of my car (yum, not really, I tossed it because it was covered in hair and dirt), and that sammich happened to be the last breakfast sammich in the house, so I ended up going to Bojangles.. THEN I left my lunch at school because I forgot it in the fridge when I left campus to go to work... ugh.

I ended up going to Beer Lunch so I could grab lunch.  After work, I headed to the gym, then went home.  Teh German and I took the beasts on a walk, and then I gave Meri (and Pax) ALL THE BIRTHDAY TOYS!!!

New toys.

I also had to get some selfies with my Monkey Doodle.  She was chaos and made all the selfies super good... as you can see...

Chicken leg!

Teh German and I agreed on staying in and having frozen pizza for dinner since we had Saturday plans.  We ate dinner on the couch, unusual for us, and watched The Americans until it was sleepy time.


Earlier in the week, Teh German had suggested that we have a family adventure to the Parktober fest and I was skeptical, but agreed.  To me, taking the dogs anywhere is extremely stressful.  I never know how they will react to strangers.. and in this instance, drunk strangers, crowds, the car ride (Meri hates this the most), the heat.. blah blah blah.. Just call me a crazy dog mom.  FINE, I've accepted it.

But anyways, I went, because Teh German rarely suggests outings and this didn't seem like a bad idea.  Meri was definitely the star of the show with her scruffy-self.  Person after person approached us to ask what breed she was, and then we had to explain the Podenco from Spain thing, which is difficult for sober people to understand, so imagine trying to explain it to drunk people.  She was a rockstar.  I thought for sure she'd be hiding behind me, as she used to do in crowds, but she soaked up all the pettins and checked out all the things that were going on around her.

Pax refused to drink any water the entire time we were there, which had me super worried as he is a black dog and he was panting pretty heavily.  He DID finally drink some water when we got back to the car several hours later.  Whew.  We also poured water on him a few times to cool him down some, which worked out well since there was a pretty solid breeze (praise Allah, otherwise the day would have been unbearable).

For our Germanness.. Teh German was.. himself, of course.  He did wear his drei stein, zwei stein, ein stein shirt that I got for him.  I wore my Hangry Caterpillar shirt and my Birkenstock sandals for my German things.

We stayed for several hours and Teh German got to try out several different beers, which was important.  We headed home and settled in.  We had more family time outside.  Although, Pax couldn't really figure out what he was supposed to do with his bully stick if he couldn't bring it upstairs to his loft... at first.  He did eventually settle, even though he was deep throating his bully stick and we were worried he was going to just swallow it whole, he did not.

Drool evidence of a family outing on Willow.

Teh German and I hung out on the back porch for the rest of the evening, scrolling and chatting.  We did also run over to Teh SC Parents' house to invite Teh NY Dad over for an evening beer... and also to check on him (which we didn't mention) since he hadn't answered anyone's calls for several hours during the evening.

He stayed for about an hour, had a few beers with Teh German, and then he went to check on Marcie and Max and we headed to bed.

Meri switched it up on Pax.


Sunday morning, we agreed to go to the Flying Biscuit in Mount Pleasant for brunch.  We tried to find something closer to home or near the outlets, since we had to go to Sam's for a pickup, but all the places didn't open until 11 or were chains.  Blegh.

No ragrats.

After brunch, we stopped by Sam's and I went inside and picked up the order while Teh German waiting in the loading zone.  Next was a stop at Lidl to pick up the remaining grocery items, then back home.

I was unsuccessful at completing homework, despite hours of sitting at the computer, so I eventually gave up and went to the couch and snuggled with Meri and scrolled.  We scavenged for dinner and then finished up the evening with a few episodes of The Americans.

Oh yeah, and while I was doing homework, Teh German met someone from the internet to buy some new corals for the tank.  This is Brain.  Brain has a mouth that opens (as pictured) and it's creepy.  There are 2 other coral frags (which you can kinda see on in the middle of the left edge of the photo), but they don't glow like Brain does.

Yes, we're actually calling this coral Brain, because it is a "brain coral".  Keeping it simple, Gentle Readers.

This is what Brain looks like when the tank's blue light is on.


A fantastic weekend over all.  I probably could have posted this yesterday, but didn't make the time.  YOLO, bitches.  I really enjoying having the dogs out in public, despite the stressfulness.  No, I wasn't solo with the dogs, but Pax not drinking water was alarming.

This week includes:
-homework.  Ugh to almost being time for midterms.  My Lexapro is getting a serious workout.
-Thursday is my laser hair removal appt, finally.. after being rescheduled 4 times, no jk (the machine broke, my BJB prohibited my visit, my appointment was a on a training day).
-Friday, I get my Citadel class ring!

This weekend, I'll be doing homework since I have programming assignments due in 3 of 5 classes.  I expect that midterm test dates will also be announced in the next week or so, and I'm not looking forward to that debacle.  I also need to write an 8-10 page paper so it's done.  Sometimes, I really don't understand how to get all this shit done, keep up with what keeps coming, and manage to do well.  It's probably for the best that I've accepted the "come what may, as long as I graduate in May" attitude about this whole thing. 

Happy October, Gentle Readers.
Also, if you're in the North and want to send down some cold weather, my hoodies are ready and waiting.

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