Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Humpday Confessions #13

I can haz August??

Vodka and Soda


-I put an egg in my ramen noodles.  Don't say "ewww" until you've tried it.  (Holy crap, did you just see Teh Mom come out of me?  Woah.)

-I think assumed that 85% of the people who linked up last week were on their period and I felt a little left out that I'm a week behind.  I'm ridiuclous.  But don't worry.  I'm all caught up now.  Ugggh.

-Shonda Rhimes leaving Grey's Anatomy was one of the worst things that happened in my entire life.  I HAVE NEEDS DAMMIT!  I refuse to watch Scandal because I believe that Shonda needs to return home to Grey's, finish off the show and THEN I would follow her like the fangirl I am.

-Someone called me "Teh" last week when they responded to a comment I'd left on their blog.  As in, "Have a good day, Teh."  I wasn't sure if I should laugh or not.  FYI: "Teh" is actually a typo for "The" which I've used for years as a screen name.  It started back in the days of Myspace and I was going to be The Megan.. except that after I'd typed Teh Megan 3 times I said fuck it and just kept it.  At which point, there were people that would actually call me Teh Megan.  I've just carried it on since.  So really, my name is Megan.  My last name is irrelevant, but my last name is not Megan.  If you have picked up on my last name, lets just say we forget that bit of information, mmmmkay (probable) internet stranger?

-Dear Brad Paisley, There is nothing sexy about checking someone for ticks.  Ever.  WTF.

-I didn't get my Friday blog post done.  In my defense, I spent the morning working on my resume to apply for an SC job.

-Let's just say that eating broccoli before working out isn't one of my wiser life decisions.  Sorry gym-mates, my bad.

-I use a foam roller after my runs and when I roll my back out I make some pretty inappropriate groans.  Teh Roomies think its pretty hilarious.  I've told them the difference in my roller inappropriate groans and my other inappropriate groans is my ability to speak isn't hindered when I'm rolling.  How long till August???*

-I applied for more "real life" jobs this week in Charleston.  I don't even know what to do with myself.

-I have an unhealthy obsession with my shirts.  I might have went full on whiny-ass just about separating them to be packed out...  They are still in my closet and I can still wear them until the 24th, but the idea of not having them was almost unbearable.

-Along with that obsession, I have a problem with wearing the same shirts too frequently... and my pants.. and all my clothes actually.  I rotate all my clothes based on the last time worn, so I have to pick from the front of the closet to wear something that hasn't been worn in a while.  If it doesn't get worn within 6 months, it goes in the donate pile.  I should probably apply that to my pants.

-I want to pack kinda, but its hard since Teh MD Roomies are staying and we have to separate all our stuffs and IDK where to put all my things and I'm still not sure what I need to keep with me and OMFG MOVING IS HARD!!  Also, if you didn't see MacKensie's post about looking for a place to live, you're missing out.  Hiiiiilarious and accurate in all the ways.

-We still don't have a place to live in SC yet.  1 month from now is our flexible arrival date (and then I'll come back to MD for a monthish and then officially move down).  Meaning we need to agree on a place to live and make it happen within the next two weeks.  Actually, tomorrow would be good too since we also need to schedule my packout delivery.  YAY for helpful friends who are making the process easier!!!!

-I have enjoyed the storms that have rolled though this week, despite the spazzy dogs and minimal car wash, since I'm on duty this week and have ZERO desire to go back into work at 11pm.

-The power company in SoMD has a thing where you can average all your power bills and pay that amount each month rather than a low bill in April and October and high bills in December and July.  That's cool.  Except that last year they were using the average for my apartment, not my townhouse.  The difference is pretty significant but the problem wasn't brought to light until this past January.  Meaning for a year they were using the average for my old address.  It was fine pre-August 2013, I didn't really go over the average amount on my own, but apparently with 2 people living here and it being hot as balls then cold as.. balls? the power bill went well over the average that I had been paying.  The only reason I even realized it was that I saw December's bill of over $300 and I almost flipped my shit when it actually said something like $500 (because that was the accumulation of all the overages).  And then January was over $250.  All that to say, Sugar Momma Teh Megan is left with all that overage to pay and it makes my checking account really sad.

-Humpday confessions is the only linkup I participate in where I make it a point to visit other bloggers who link up.  Sometimes, I even try to go to everyone's page.  I rarely click through the weekend wrap-up linkers unless I recognize them and the Friday link ups depend on how busy I am.  But Wednesday?

-*I talked to Teh Pirate Gone Marine yesterday who made a comment about particular final gifs I had used in weeks prior.  It reminded me I had more to use.


  1. I love how you got Teh. Sounds like me. I assumed your name wasn't Teh but you never know these days. We have a lady here named Tisamiracle. (yes Tis a Miracle.) I also had class with Angel Dust. I assumed her parents hated her.

  2. WAIT SHE'S LEAVING GREYS?!!?!?!!? wtf?! isnt this the last season anyway?
    you should watch scandal. so good, and pretty much so much like greys (married guy, main girl.. non married guy is even hotter) i just hope it doesnt end up the same as greys.

  3. What you're talking about with your power bill is exactly the reason I don't do budget billing with our electricity provider. I'm too afraid of the overages.

    I haven't watched Grey's in years and had no idea that she left. I don't watch Scandal, either.

  4. OK - the whole The/ teh thing is hilarious. & I'll have you know = it took me 5 tries typing it in because it kept autocorrecting it to the

  5. Foam rollers on your back are completely an excuse to make inappropriate noises. I love the teh/the story. Have a great day, teh! ;)

  6. I'm not sure how to react to Shonda leaving Greys.... I need her there!

  7. Wait, Shonda Rhimes left Grey's?! Since when, and why? That's actually pretty sad.... she should finish the show off! :(

  8. The broccoli/gym confession made me laugh out loud!!!!

  9. i always crack a raw egg open in hot noodles; it's soooo yummy when it cooks in there.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  10. I am very excited to see how you like Charleston because even though I've never been there I really want to move there!

    <3 Jackie

  11. I agree-- Humpday confessions is a fun one to click on everyone else's post in the link up. I take it you're trying to get a job in CHarleston? Jealous! Love that city (who doesn't?)

  12. I've watched a little bit of Grey's and I like it, but I LOVE Scandal. I seriously can't get enough of that show. I definitely say give it a go :) Also, John puts egg, cheese, and bacon chunks in his Top Ramen when he is feeling fancy!

  13. holy hell thank god you clarified that Teh isn't your name cause I almost responded to you that way too!! LOL!! sheeiit! I love greys and I'm obsessed with Scandal too. It is so good, I promised just watch it. What about the new show she's doing "how to get away with murder?" I'm not sure about that one yet.

  14. Lol. I love that you embraced your typo! And fuck yes to ramen noodles with eggs!


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