Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up {7/7/14}

Having a long weekend was much needed, but it felt like it went by so fast!


After finishing up work, I headed to the gym for a quick workout.  I arrived a little after 10 and OMG it was glorious.  There was practically no one in the gym.  When I finish my elliptical-ing 50 minutes later, I could tell it was 11 because the lunch crowd was starting to filter in.  This prohibited me from doing arms because I didn't want to have to deal with the competition for the machines and the nasty asses who don't wipe down their machines when they are finished.

I came home and showered and napped and played on the internet for the entire evening, being unproductive at absolutely anything.  I didn't even finish Friday's blog early I was so unproductive.  I did finish the rest of season 3 of Sherlock and was super disappointed that 3 of the episodes I thought were real episodes were really just casting crap.  I semi-watched them, but mostly they were on in the background as I wasted my life reading blogs and finding gifs and stalking FB and wishing someone would message me like the pathetic person I am.

Cause you see, I had been a smart ass early in the morning and I'm pretty sure I was getting the cold shoulder, which is super easy when you're 10,000 miles away with crappy comms.  Or I'm a selfish asshole who thinks everything is about me, either way, the one person I wanted to message me, didn't.  Karma for being a smart ass?  Check.

I did get some puppy time though.

Olive: If it sits, I fits.
This is a true testament to how small Greyhounds can really be.

Josie needed some lovin and she doesn't realize how big she is... and I'm not used to wide dogs on my lap.

Olive showed us what it's like to be a lady.

Philbo snuggled with his "other momma"


I got to sleep in on Friday morning and it was glorious.  I considered going on a run since my phone displayed a temperature lower than 70°F, but then I rolled over and decided that my bed was more comfortable than running shoes and sweaty clothes.  When I did finally rouse myself at 0830, it was for Marshmallow Fruit Loops (I wasn't even lying about that on Friday's post, Teh MD Adult Roomie asked me if I was serious about that, and when I pointed at my cereal bowl that was still sitting beside me when she read the post a bit later, she laughed) and to finish Friday's post.  The worst part was that I could barely come up with anything to blog about, mostly due to #5 on Friday's post.

I didn't get motivated until about 2.  At which point I finally showered and decided to be a productive member of society.  I helped Teh MD Roomies get ready for the River Concert by slicing up the watermelon that someone very graciously delivered to us from NC.  After feeding the beasts, we headed to St. Mary's College for the concert.  I was glad we went early because it filled up fast since they were doing fireworks after the concert.  

The weather ended up being glorious.  OMG.  I can't even describe how perfect the weather was.  We were originally worried about storms from Hurricane Arthur, but as the day went on, the winds died down and the evening was beautiful.  Teh FL Greyhound Neighbors, a coworker, and other greyhound friends joined us for the evening and we did a picnic dinner.  We were all chatting so much I didn't even get to read Nook.

Because being inappropriate around really old people is my absolute favorite thing.
(PS.  I wasn't even close to drunk)

I think the fireworks were adjusted for the wind that was happening earlier in the evening because they were being shot off behind the treeline and we couldn't really see them.  It was ok though, fireworks were had.  I brought my camera and tripod to take photos, but wasn't set on that, which was good after we realized they were going off behind the trees.  When we arrived home, Miley was a mess because we had neighbors who were shooting off fireworks in the middle of our neighborhood.  I was NOT impressed.  I feel like if you live in any type of community where you have close neighbors, you should be considerate of that and NOT shoot off loudass fireworks, period.  Go to a public fireworks display, there are plenty to attend.  Or go find a field somewhere and set off your loud bangy things.  I'm such an old lady when it comes to community living.


Saturday morning, I woke up and found the motivation that eluded me on Friday morning.  I rolled out of the bed and decided to go on a "short" run.  I'm not sure when 3.9 miles became a "short" run, but I'm pretty sure this means I might officially be a runner.  I still haven't bought one of those "water" belts (they are actually called hydration belts, but I'm gonna keep fighting it, like I do), but I'm on the look out for one that has a pocket that will fit Suzy2 (Galaxy S5) with an Otterbox case (which makes my enormous phone even larger).  The one we found on the Amazon is unavailable and it says they aren't sure if the item is coming back in stock.  Leee sighhhh.

A good morning for a run


After my run, I came home and showered and Teh MD Roomies + Sibling and I headed to DC for furniture shopping.  Expect a post on that tomorrow because CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.  Let's just say there were photos taken of ridiculous things, in true Teh Megan style...  We got to go to Napoli's for lunch, which is my favorite pizza place in MD.  We came home in time to feed the pups and be lazy for the rest of the evening.  It was glorious just sitting still and watching Meri and Josie play most of the evening away.


After church, Meri and I headed to SHUG HQ for Meri to get in some (actual) sibling time with one of her brothers who arrived in the US recently (who is currently available for adoption, hint hint).  Joey-Woey and his mom joined us at SHUG for some puppy play time and for me to get in my gateway Ibizian time before we both depart the area for bigger and better adventures.  Doggy playtime was an absolute blast and totally worth the 1.5 hour drive.

He's just as cute as he was in 2012.
Love him.

It's very rare that it's just Meri-Momma time.
Can we just talk about how adorable her bat ears are?
OMG /swoon.

For more doggy photos (and a video) check out Teh Doggies blog!
I came home and snuggled with pups, ate dinner, and hung out with Teh MD Roomies until bedtime.

I can haz more long weekend?  Plskthx.

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  1. I needed this weekend. I was in such a rut. Although I am still having writers block. I hope i can blog more than once this week.

  2. I don't think being inappropriate around old people is wrong. I bet they did all sorts of stuff in their day, that we don't know about! :)

  3. See, that's why I can't join a gym because I would spend 20 minutes working out and 40 minutes cleaning.



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