Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Furniture Shopping Shenanigans

I'm not sure who it is who keeps saying, "She can't into that much trouble there..." but I always end up having this reaction:

And inevitably:

Teh MD Roomies are gonna need some furniture of their own in the near future and since there were lots of 4th of July sales, Teh MD Adult Roomie decided that would be a good weekend to decide on some furniture.  Of course, the challenge was issued.  I was told beforehand and I meant to bring my sleep mask to pretend to sleep in lots of beds, but I forgot.  Improvising occured.

There were only a few times that I thought I was going to get a stern "speakin' to" but it never ended up happening.  I'm not really that scary, but apparently I am?

Teh MD Teenage Roomie was my primary cohort and she helped me find different scenes.  Also featured are Teh MD Adult Roomie and Teh MD Roomie Sibling.

Havin' a little snooze, despite the fact that we were just getting warmed up.

These were the first thing we saw when we walked in the door.  WIN.

Teh MD Teenage Roomie and I snuggled.

Serious couch testing is happening right here.

This is what I look like when I'm daydreaming of not this chaise.

Vanity selfies.

She was SUPER pumped the chair spun.

Running my toes through the spaghetti noodles rug.

Just some light reading in this... interesting chair.

The leather throne.

This chair had electronic controls, she was hyped.

OMG check out all this storage space!

Couch testing.

Waiting selfies.

"Does he have any boogers?"

"Hang on, I'll get it for you." - Teh MD Teenage Roomie

I told her she was too big to climb up the ladder, but she still tested out the slide.

Some would say this chair is just my size...

I mean... pretty much.

I'm just as wild as this mini couch.

Teh MD Adult Roomie fits in the princess chair pretty good as well.

Selfies with the sleepy head.

Catching the zoom zoom instead of catching some Zzzzz's.

More serious couch testing

Just like at home!!
(These should look familiar).

Can you see me?

What about now?


I see you!!

Then I noticed this and realized this is the closest I've ever interacted with anything Duck Dynasty.

Selfies in the coffee table.

I deemed this the bumblebee chair.

She was being as weird as the chair.

We were simulating the appropriate animal for the print on the chair we sat in.


Takin' a break.

Her highness's throne (please note her scepter)

Bling cushions anyone?
Who buys this crap?

Just loungin' on the chaise.

We found her highness's crown!

Drinkin' from the pitcher is way more adult.

YAY another spinny chair!!

She doesn't kiss frogs, she kisses piggies.
We're not gonna tell her how it works.

I just cuddle with the piggies.

Creeper Teh Megan is creepin.

I'd be creeped out if I saw this in my bushes.

Flower power?  Music power?  Burlap power?

I gave Teh MD Adult Roomie flowers.
She loved them.
Teh MD Roomie Sibling was gonna take off with Jonah.

We obviously hit crazy hour based on this crazy face she's makin'.

So yeah.  That happened.

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