Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Humpday Confessions #12

Short weeks spoil me for long weeks that seem to go on and on and on and onnnnnn.

Vodka and Soda


-I bought local honey from a stand on the side of the road recently and it was $11 for a pint sized mason jar and I was like WTF so 'spenive!  Then we opened it and I tried it and OMG WORTH ITTTTT.  It tastes like flowers kinda and was the perfect sweetness.  I hadn't had "real" honey since I was a little girl and OMG, I hope to never have to buy store honey again... EVER.  Side note: I had a quart jar of PA honey when Teh Bear was here, but he took it back to FL with him, since he was the tea drinker, and left me with the crappy store honey.  Le sigh.

-A sure way to piss me off?  Ask me for the same information over and over and over and over, rather than just save it the first or second or third time I send it to you.  Redundancy makes me irate.

-I saw Teh Blog on someone's reading list last Wednesday and I might have done a little dance.  Followers..

-There were no gifs in last week's confessions and I felt like a failure.. but I went to bed early instead.  Sorry not sorry.

-Link-up "rules" are stupid.  That's why Kathy's link-up is the best evar of all the link-ups.  No follow me and all your hosts, no comment on the person before you, no "I'm gonna check and make sure you're following or I'll delete your link", I mean some people don't even post confessions who link up and those links even stay there (I'm only kinda complaining about this, but that's the blogger's fault, not the host)..  Ain't nobody got time for that shit.  So yeah, Kathy rocks, if you weren't already aware.

-The E-2 sounds like a swarm of bees and it makes me irrationally angry when I hear it running outside the hangar.  The roar of the F-35 also makes me irrationally angry, but then again, when they blast past my house, rattling my windows, I feel like I'm justified.  This girl does NOT (heart) jet noise. 

-It annoys me when people, primarily women, of course, comment how awful they look in a photo, especially if they aren't the primary focus in the photo.  I've been reading a lot of articles recently about women and body image and rights and stuffs like Hobby Lobby and Verizon commercials (watch it here) and women empowerment in general; I even read one on men and body image!  I just want to shake people, again, primarily women, and be like YOU ARE YOU!  Stop demeaning yourself!  Stop being so hard on yourself!  In the grand scheme of things, how bad you THINK you look is only hurting YOU!  If you are ashamed of the way you look, fix it, it's that simple.  You can't go on a run or a walk?  Go swimming, it is (currently) summer time...  You don't have time?  You don't have the money?  There's 10 minute workout videos on youtube for FREE.  Unless you have some type of actual disfigurement, stop hating your body (not to say if do have an actual disfigurement you should body hate, but you might have a reason to be a bitter-pants).  It's the only body you have, be proud of it.  It's gotten you through so many things.  It's an amazing, adaptable thing and it works for YOU.

-While I'm on the soapbox, seeing kids with no self-confidence makes me infuriated.  I get it that some kids are shy, but I feel like every kid should have a cheerleader.  To cheer them on when they do stupid shit and when they do incredibly genius shit and the gamut in between.  That's the thing about being a kid, everything is new.  Yes, there are wrong answers, but getting them wrong is a learning experience.  When I see a girl with her arms wrapped around her waist and she's hunched over, practically folded into herself because she's self-conscious or shy or defensive about being where's she at, I want to shake her and tell her she needs to be proud of herself and carry herself with dignity and to not be afraid or defensive about whatever situation she's in.  I'm just saying... confidence, have some.

-I get irrationally angry when someone uses the term "girl" for women or lady or female.  I feel like girl is something that describes a female that is under the age of 18.  At 18, you can become a lady.  At some point in your 20s you become a woman.  When describing females in college as "college girls" I can feel my blood start to boil.  Women in college aren't girls, even if they act like they are 13.  And the Navy taught me that when woman is just too awkward, "female" is always appropriate.

-Sometimes, I forget that not everyone is/has been in the military.  A FB friend gave away a True Blood spoiler on FB and then this went down:

All I could think of was my own experiences where I wasn't able to keep up when I wasn't living in the US.  When I couldn't play certain YouTube videos because I wasn't in the "right" country, when I emailed ABC to tell them I was stationed overseas and couldn't keep up with Grey's because there was a country block on Bahrain, when the bandwidth in GTMO was so limited it took 15 minutes to load a 2 minute YouTube video, so trying to stream an hour long TV show was out of the realm of possibility.  I thought of my friends who would have been PISSED if I had given away the spoilers to their favorite show when they were stationed in the Sand Box.  I still haven't seen the final seasons of HIMYM because it's not on Netflix and I don't watch television in real time, nor do I have a DVR.. and I was IN America when that aired. 

Bottom line, friends don't give away spoilers on social media, no matter how many hours/weeks/months/years ago the episode/season aired.  It's just the right thing to do.  If I were to read articles about the show that gave away spoilers, that's my own fault. 

That is not to say that you shouldn't post about current episodes on FB, but a general NOOOOOOO!!!!!! will suffice, rather than saying so and so was killed.  I'd rather vaguebook with a tag that I'm watching a show so more people would be interested in watching it so we can discuss it than just lay it all out there as a status. 

That's just me.

-I was pulled over on Sunday morning after church and then this happened:
State Trooper (ST): Good morning.  How are you doing?
Me: Good morning.  Well, I was doing pretty good, but now I'm not sure anymore.
ST: *Laughs* Well, why not?  Do I look like a scary guy?
Me: Well..  I don't think I look scary, but plenty of people say I'm mean.
ST: *Laughs* I pulled you over this morning because you were going 64 in a 45.
Me: But it's 50 there, not that that really helps my case.
ST: It doesn't change to 50 until after you passed where I was parked.
Me: Touche.
ST: If I could just get your license and registration.
*I hand him my stuff and he goes back to his car and comes back a minute or two later.*
ST: So, here you go.  I just gave you a warning this time because you are in a good mood.
Me: OMG thank you so much!  I'd give you a hug right now, but that's probably inappropiate.
*ST laughs and explains the information on the ticket to me and warns me that he and his friends were out all day and to slow down.*
Me: I'm coming from church, so lets just say the spirit was moving me, but I'll definitely tame that spirit a bit.
ST: *Laughs* Have a good day.

If I wasn't his best "customer" all day, I'm disappointed in myself.  I'm not sure if it was my charming personality or my big boobs (which were completely covered) but I'm grateful for a warning ticket.  I proudly displayed it on the fridge when I got home.  The power of laughter goes a long way.

-Monday night I ate dinner at 5pm and stayed up past my 9pm bedtime to putting together a 1000 piece puzzle with Teh MD Roomies.... soooo I'm pretty much 90.

-I might have published this on Tuesday morning because I was 100% positive it was Wednesday and I couldn't figure out why Kathy hadn't posted the link up by 0630.  I stalked her page for at least 30 minutes before I realized I was a day early.  Obviously humpday confessions is my favorite blog post of the week.


  1. bahahahah! this post made me laugh, esp the WHY ISN'T THIS LINKUP POSTED YET and it was only tuesday LOL. i've done that so many times with other deadlines because my mental calendar was all screwed up.

    and i totally agree - linkup rules are dumb. blogging is hard enough so why have to jump through hoops just to linkup a post that you were going to do anyway? as for those bloggers who don't have a confessions post and linkup anyway, i'm just way too lazy to do all that extra work. and for real, what harm is it causing? nothing, that's what. laziness prevails!! :D

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  2. - This week is taking FOREVER.

    - Local honey is the best! I used to buy it from the dr's office I worked at (some patients were beekeepers) but that might be awkward now. Need to find a new supplier (sounds like I'm buying drugs...just honey, I promise).

    - Spoilers suck :( I'm right there w/ya on the HIMYM. C'mon Netflix!

    - Good job getting out of a ticket! The only time I've ever been pulled over I got out of it, but that was because I was running on like 6 hours of sleep and had a car packed full of hubby's stuff and was going back to NC like 8 hours after he left for Iraq & had been crying so I looked puffy & sad & pathetic.

    - I really like puzzles. Hubby laughs at me for this...but once we get our office straight & I have a space where he/the dogs won't mess it up...I'm getting one dang it.

  3. Oh I am the same with people asking me things over and over and over. I just get stabby by the third time and you probably wont get an answer by the fourth.

  4. Hahaha well that ST sounded awesome Ive never been able to get out of a ticket.

  5. So awesome that you got out of that ticket! Also, I totally get upset when teens have zero self-confidence. I've been trying to be my sister-in-law's cheerleader (she's 13) and she just can't get past the "I'm fat, ugly, alone etc...etc.." absolutely nothing gets through! I'm praying she grows out of this stage...

  6. I've heard such amazing things about local honey - especially how it helps with your allergies! When I go to the farmer's market this weekend I want to buy some.
    I get so mad when people give away spoilers on a show. Sometimes I have a life and am not able to watch the show as soon as it airs. Ugh.
    Way to get out of a ticket!!

  7. Any excuse to use a Gif is a good one!

  8. Ahh, I want to say amen to so many of these! Especially the link up one. I've actually stopped from linking up before because I don't want to follow ten people just to be "allowed" to post. If you want followers that badly, write good content!

  9. I always feel like a failure when I don't include gifs ... life a blogger lol

  10. I'm one of those weirdos who loves spoilers and looks for them. BUT I don't ruin it for others!

  11. OMG, local honey is the best! I hate spending the $ but it's so darn delicious!!

  12. I'm still waiting to see my little blog title on someone's blog roll, I don't know why I want it so bad but I do. Agree about redundancy, I can't stand it when someone asks me the same thing 3 times, makes me crazy.

  13. Yes to being confident!!! And if you don't like something about yourself, change it! Also, you should totally send a jar of that honey my way!


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