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Weekend Wrap Up {7-14}


This happened Friday afternoon:
Teh MD Teenage Roomie: What?  No Friday post?
Teh Megan: Nope, I was busy resume writing and I actually applied for a job in Charleston, so I mean, it was the worth sacrifice?
Teh MD Teenage Roomie: Maybe.
Did I mention how much Teh Roomies rock?

That conversation pretty much sums up my entire Friday actually, but since you weren't there, I'll tell you all about it, since that's how this works!

Friday morning I managed to make it into work with my "found" ID.  The problem with the "found" ID is that it doesn't work in the computers and that I probably shouldn't still have it.  Friday morning I got a new ID card.  If you've followed Teh Blog for a while, you may know that I always take it as a challenge to get ridiculous ID photos.  I think I succeeded this time (which will hopefully be my last ID card).  I'm not really sure why my face is so red, but ZOMG all the teeth!  I can't even wait to see what the gate guards say about this one.

After getting my ID, I was able to get on the computer.  I was busy doing work things because apparently no one else got the no-work-Friday memo that I get every week and I was networking with a friend who was helping with my resume.  She found a position with her company, but based in Charleston, that she said I was totally capable of doing, even though I had discounted it as something I couldn't do.  I really love having such encouraging and motivating friends, it makes all the difference in the world.  I formally applied for the job after my Friday gym session.  I feel so accomplished and proud and professional and shit.  Now if I would/could just rewrite my resume for some of the other positions I've found and apply, that'd be grrrrreat.

Oh, and to add to the list of reasons why I have the best roomies:

They bought me this shirt because of my hangar problem.

Instead of going to the River Concert Friday evening, we fumbled through dinner (because I failed at sending the grocery list), and then Teh MD Adult Roomie and I went to Dick's and Kohl's while Teh MD Teenage Roomie was at practice.  I tried on a hydration belt.  I have a feeling I'll be purchasing one of those in the near future, uggghhh..  I'm just not "runner" enough for a hydration belt... waaahhh.  Don't want.  I did want 1 of the 12ish bras I bought at Kohl's to fit.  I got to return them all, but I tried again and had some successes.  Boobs are tricky.  Seriously.

After we all got back home, we hung out and worked on the puzzle we started earlier in the week.

After staying up till way too late, we finally headed to bed.

Spooning with Miley is one of my favorite things.


The dogs slept in until 0630 on Saturday.  Normally, they are up at 0500, so this was an awesome thing.  Teh MD Adult Roomie and I got up and fed them and instead of going back to bed, we played on the internet for a bit instead of going on the runs we both had said we were going to do.  Finally, we motivated each other to just go on a walk together instead of running.  We were able to commit to that.

After our walk, we got ready and headed to GHC for Miley's adoptathon.  As sad I am to see her go, I know that she is going to be in excellent hands and she was already being fawned over and they had just decided on her.  She will be staying with us for another week so she can get a dental done, but she will be leaving us next Saturday, so it's going to be a bittersweet week.  We came home with Miley and had to fight off the urge to nap so we could be productive instead.  Teh MD Adult Roomie and I went out and picked up a yard sale item we'd been looking for and balloons and birthday cake for the evening's festivities.  When we got back, I had considered washing cars, but dealing with teenagers in the evening warranted a nap, which was deeeelightful.

After a successful birthday party, we headed back home to wind down andddddd we completed the puzzle!

She's pretty special.
I'm going to miss these ladies!

All finished!
Yes there were missing pieces since this was a used puzzle.
It was also decided that the next puzzle we do will not be sketched.  It will be an actual photo with actual defined lines for the objects.  


After the Meri woke me up at 0615, I laid in bed telling myself I should go run since I hadn't the day prior.  It was early enough.  I could put in some serious miles.  I should do it.  I could do it.  After 30 minutes of debate, I finally got up and did it.
Whew.  Done.

9.6 miles, 1 hr 41 mins, 10:32 pace

It was pretty humid, but the temps were in the low 70s when I started and there was a breeze.  It's amazing what a difference shade and a breeze can make.  I probably could have picked up my pace some, but I knew I was adding some miles, so I didn't want to wear myself too early in the game.  I actually ended up picking the pace towards the end for 2 reasons.  I needed to make it to church in time and because I wanted to push out the end.  I would have went for 10 miles if I hadn't been pressed for time.  Maybe next time.

I did end up making it to church on time, which was good since Teh MD Teenage Roomie went with me.  YAY!  Our afternoon plan originally included a boat ride to Vera's for lunch, but after some technical difficulties, we ended up going to Vera's sans the boat ride.  I had never been and it was pretty delicious.  Of course, my food was spicy and despite Teh MD Adult Roomie and I ordering the same thing, her's wasn't spicy.  I'm super sensitive, it's obnoxious.  After lunch, we came back home and relaxed for the evening.  I probably should have packed something or cleaned something or did something productive.. but instead I wrote this blog post.  You're welcome, Teh MD Teenage Roomie.

Ok, maybe I'll go put away my laundry and pull out my suitcases and call it done.

Oh for the grand finale, check out what we found earlier this week when we woke up...
Good talk door, good talk.

Also, did you know sighthounds are stackable?

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  1. Awesome. I haven't done a puzzle in forever, mainly because my OCD kicks in and I can't do anything else until all the pieces are in the proper place.


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