Friday, July 4, 2014

Five on Friday #26


We have a guest this weekend and she brought the puppy!  Yes, it's definitely a full house, but it's totally awesome because Josie (the dog) plays with Meri.  There is even video evidence.

So it's more like wrestling, but not the point.  I love that they are wearing each other out.  When Olive and Meri play, we have to put Olive's muzzle on since she's a bit bite-y and they are fun, but Meri is intimidated by dogs bigger than her, so having Josie, who is her size, is really nice.


The motivation to get out of bed this morning was Marshmallow Fruit Loops and finishing this post.


So yeah, this Hurricane Arthur thing...  I'm ok with all the rain, but please don't rain out my River Concert and fireworks tonight!!

I need this in my life again.  Mmmkaaayy???


Can we just talk for a moment about how creepy accurate this is?

One of Teh MD Teenage Roomie's favorite stories about me is when we went to Red Robin before her Spring Dance and I had called on the way there and the hostess had said there was no wait.  It took us less than 10 minutes to get there by a God-performed miracle since we only had to stop at 2 of the mabillion red lights in SoMD, during rush hour, on a Friday....  When we arrived there was a 20 minute wait and the hostess was very apathetic to my needs to eat RIGHT THEN.  I knew that if we left, everywhere else was going to have a wait too, so we just waited it out.  OMG the rage.  Every.single.little thing was setting me off.  THEN we got one of the crappiest servers who didn't even acknowledge us sitting at her table for at least 10 minutes.  The manager must have seen my disparaged hangry rage face because he came over and asked if we had been helped yet.  He ended up bringing us our drinks and a basket of fries, which lessened the hangar considerably.  To the point that Teh MD Roomies noticed a difference in my entire being.

Having been back to Red Robin several times since then, I have come the conclusion that maybe that hostess has Resting Bitch Face and that she's also kind of a bitch.

This experience has definitely made me take my food schedule way more seriously that I was before.  Now I eat when I get hungry because there's an obvious difference between hangry Teh Megan and "normal" Teh Megan (quotation marks because I know you're all like, you'd consider yourself normal... really?  Be serious now).


Another Teh Megan idiosyncrasy is that I sleep a lot when I'm stressed.  I realized this morning as I didn't want to get out of bed and go on a run, despite the fact that it's less than 75°F outside, that I've actually been sleeping quite a bit since I found out I'm going to Charleston.  I napped several days this week, I haven't wanted to get up in the mornings, I accomplish nothing productive in the evenings, I'm running to distract myself from all the stress that I'm dealing with (mostly due to communication issues and ya know, life upheaval), which isn't really working out because I have app problems or it's so hot I might die and it just feels like there is no real relief from this stress.  Even when I am sleeping, it's not good, restful sleeps.  I'm over it.  Sooooo over it.


Ok, and there's probably another reason I'm stressed...

Happy Holiday weekend (if that's applicable to your life)!

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  1. This weekend we went to visit my ILs, and we were going to go to Tilted Kilt since they had never been...and we ended up walking out because after like 10 minutes no one had even acknolwedged our presence (except for the hostess who took a while to seat us to start with). And they weren't even busy! Literally the manager, hostess, & at least one waitress were standing by the door chatting as we walked out.

    Sometimes, sleep is just what has to happen. Moving sucks. Other big life transitions suck. So big hugs, & maybe when you make it back to the Carolinas we can share some big margaritas or something to celebrate it being done with.


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