Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up {7/21}


First thing I did Friday when I got to work was print out my medical record that I had picked up on Thursday.  I used over a ream of paper.  Yeah, this girl is brrrrroken.  I could have saved a tree if the VA didn't actually require a paper copy and just copied the disc to another disc to send, but nooo since we're still in the 1990's they require a paper copy.  Le sigh.  I just wish the VA wasn't so difficult and I've barely even had to deal with them yet.

Work was fairly busy and my patience for house hunting everything in life was at it's lowest point.  Despite how awesome the weather was outside, I didn't bring the right bra for running (cause yes, that's a thing) so I went to the gym to get my elliptical and arm workout on.  I came home and cleaned up Miley's pee spots and showered and read a bit and decided on a nap that was interrupted and interrupted and interrupted and when I finally got up, I was so ragey.

One of the interruptions was Miley being picked up.  She was super excited to see the guy who was driving her to meet her forever family which helped me be ok with letting her go.

When I got up, it was to take Teh MD Teenage Roomie to practice.  I wasn't very pleasant and that was compounded when I found Olive's crate with poop in it when I went to get her food bowl since it was feeding time.  After dropping off Teh Teenager, I swung by the grocery store and headed home to make dinner to curb my hangar.  When I left to pick up Teh Teenager, I decided not to crate Meri and Olive since I wasn't going to be gone for long...

I came home to another pile of poop in the floor, which I didn't step in.. so that was a plus.  It did mean having to reassemble and dirty up the carpet cleaner, which had been staged for the packout.  Thanks dawgs dogs.  On the other hand, I had a moment of clarity where I realized why being a housewife wouldn't be such a bad thing..  I could stay at home and clean all the things and drink adult beverages and it would be totally acceptable.  Cause I was definitely puttin' a hurtin' on some Sailor Jerry while cleaning the carpet.

I might have been a wee bit intoxicated when I decided to keep a FB chat going, which wasn't to my detriment surprisingly enough.  It was completely ineffective at getting someone to try and have a conversation and I ended up going to bed extremely pissed off.


Saturday was productive day.  I could have went on a run, but the decision of which cereal to eat for breakfast was too overwhelming, so running far distances was just too much brain power to exhort.  BTW, the cereal choices were Marshmallow Fruit Loops or Rice Krispy Treats Cereal.  It was definitely a toss up, but the fruit loops weren't opened yet, sooo Rice Krispy treats it was.

Since Teh MD Roomies had a birthday party to attend, I went over to Teh Monopoly and Mr. Kilt's house to hang out with their new spawn (and them).  After I had gotten my baby quota filled, I headed back home where Teh MD Roomies were starting the process of packing me out.  We took a break to head into town to pick up the remaining items of Teh MD Adult Roomie's move-in list.  After a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond and Lowes, we hit up Texas Roadhouse for dinner and then made a stop by Walmart before finally heading home with ALL THE THINGS!

I may have had a caramel disaster at TRH where all of my food ended up with some caramel sauce on it.
It's hard to be me, but Teh MD Roomies definitely enjoyed me spazzing out when the caramel started going out of control.
I found this at Walmart when we were checking out, so I felt obligated to document it.
I don't drink either of these sodas, so I left them for the next Meg.

Meg sodas!
Also, can we talk about my awesome Woot shirt?
It's so full of win.

When we got home, we proceeded to move all my things out of the kitchen and started the process of washing all Teh MD Roomies's stuffs so they were usable.  YAY for sheets and dishes and curtains and pots and pans!  So my dining room looks like this until Thursday:

Remember when I said I have a clothes problem?
Maybe I just have a stuffs problem.
Sorry not sorry.


Teh MD Teenage Roomie went to church with me while Teh MD Adult Roomie went and cleaned my stuff out of her storage unit and brought it back to the house so it can be packed up on Thursday with minimal hassle.  Sunday was spent doing more dishes and more laundry and getting things mover ready, like taking the TV off the entertainment center and sorting more of my stuff.  We also made Teh MD Adult Roomie's birthday cake and sang happy birthday to her over a lighter that she got to blow out since all the candles were lost on the dining room table (#movingproblems).

Mixing in the dye

Making a "tye-dye" cake (the lazy, less messy way)


The biggest news from Sunday was that I received an email back from one of the jobs I applied for last week!  The 2nd biggest news from Sunday was that the friend in Charleston who is house hunting for me found a place that seems pretty awesome and I put in my application.  Hopefully Monday will also hold super awesome emails from all the places regarding places to live and jobs and my future!

Once the house situation falls into place, so many other plans can be made... like packout delivery and vacation dates and plane tickets and my brain will finally be able to shut down for more than 30 seconds at time.  I can't even wait.  

So yeah.. Marshmallow Fruit Loops or Rice Krispy Treats cereal?

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  1. Rice Crispies, def.

    Prayers for good news with house & job!

  2. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! Can't believe you found a Coke bottle with your name on it :)


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