Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Humpday Confessions #14

My packout is tomorrow.  I feel like I might have a breakdown confessions session from that alone.  Stay tuned for more information...

Also, Brittany, Emmy, and I are putting ourselves out there and starting a Music Monday linkup on August 4th.  Stay tuned for more information on that too...

Vodka and Soda


-How to know something is wrong with Teh Megan:
1.  She won't stop sleeping.
2.  Sleep is a preferable activity to anything else.
3.  Sleeping doesn't make her problems go away.

-When I can't afford to is when I want to eat out the most.  Oh, I just spent $200 on Amazon?  I should probably eat ramen (with egg) tonight.. but OOO Chinese!  OOO Wendy's!  OOO anything not in my cabinets!  I have a similar dilemma when I go to the grocery store.

-Wanna know what isn't sexy?  Backne.  Running has given me the worst backne...  and I'm the worst for picking my bumps (maybe that was TMI, #sorrynotsorry), which doesn't help.  They make me feel like I have a horns on my back.  I can only imagine what people see (what with them being on my back, I don't really have a super good view and I'm too lazy to do that double mirror trick) when I'm running in a spaghetti strap top cami (because that's what Kohl's calls them, so I'm going to call them that too).

-Camis are the only tops I can find to run in that aren't racer-back that don't cost a mabillion dollars.  I kinda feel like a super slut with my "big ole titties" (as they have been referred to by others) bouncing around for 5+ miles 2-3 times a week, but #tanlineproblems are real.  This wouldn't be a problem if I didn't have such big boobs to begin with.  Then I could wear normal sports bras, with the racer-back, buttt noooo, these huge honkers require $50 worth of sports bra with underwire support and regular straps to be happy during a run.  Without these boobs, I could have that super cute racer-back tanline that screams I'm an athlete and I do outdoorsy things (or that I wear a lot of sports bras, whatevs man).  Instead, I have the tramp stamp of tanlines from thick sports bra straps and spaghetti strap tops camis.  I guess the alternative is the forever sexy farmer's tan.  The struggle is real, Gentle Readers.

Tramp-Stamp tanlines in the making.

-Miley left on Friday night.  It broke my heart a little.  She had been mopey since her dental last Wednesday.  I kept telling her she was gonna have a great family, but obviously she understands what a great family she already had here with Teh MD Roomies and I.  We could NOT adopt her due to our own life circumstances, but oh how we wanted to, which doesn't help in anyway.  I'm sad because I can't adopt her and I'm sad because she's sad I can't adopt her.  We did snuggle all night on Thursday night, which was awesome, so there's that gem.

"Why did you stop petting me?" - Miley

-I love the pack dynamic with just Olive, Meri, and Phil.  They just know things to do.  They know which bowl to go to at feeding time.  They know the first thing is the morning is to step on toes go outside.  They know that when I say, "Let's go bye-bye," to go to the door to get collared.  They know when I start yelling to back away.  They know when we grab the water bottle to GTFO of the kitchen/space.  They know us and they are such good dogs.  This is why dogs are awesome.

-Teh MD Teenage Roomie got an Edible Arrangement fruit basket thingy for her bday last week and she let me eat 85% of it shared it.  Why have I never received one of these babies before?  They are amazing!  Pineapple, cantaloupe, watermelon, strawberries, chocolate covered strawberries, and grapes were all in this one and the pineapples were in the shape of sunbursts and I just loved bitin' off little rays of sunshine (no they didn't help make me nicer).

-I printed out my medical record.  It took over a ream of paper.  I can't imagine how many reams it would have taken if I'd have decided to stay in and retire in 14 more years.  It also had stuff in it that isn't accurate.  For instance, I do NOT have the downstairs herpaderp.  NOPE.  EVER.  NO NO NO.  I have a different skin condition (that is NOT a STD) that I will not share with this audience because I care, but I do NOT have the herpaderp.  There are also a few instances of "fear of unsubstantiated medical condition" which make me want to go back and find that doc and punch them in the face for being a moron.

-Jana said I have to show you this:

Teh Step-Sister, Teh Sister, and Teh Megan

She also told me to tell you that you can obtain your own hot mess footie/onsie pajamas at the ever classy Wal-Mart and sometimes Target has them during the colder months.  I honestly can't believe I hadn't posted that on Teh Blog before now.  I feel relieved having gotten that off my chest.

-When I see particular people sign on FB and not chat with me, I get unreasonably upset.  It makes me wonder if they realize other people can see when they are online and how long ago they were active.

-When individuals who are retired from the military/Navy use their rate/rank in their signature block with (ret) at the end, I want to punch a baby.  You are retired.  Let it go.  You aren't a YNC anymore.  Let it go.  You're a CIVILIAN.  Go watch Frozen and learn from Elsa, LET IT GO! 

-I did ZERO packing Monday and when Teh MD Adult Roomie mentioned that maybe I should definitely pack on Tues/Wed it took me a minute to realize that my packout is THURSDAY... tomorrow Thursday, not next Thursday.  Shit.

-Someone called me "Teh" when they commented on last Friday's blog.  I just couldn't deal with it.

-I spent an hour plucking Meri Monday night.  She looks like a different dog.

-When my noodles look like they have antennas, it makes me giggle.

-I may have taken a break from packing to gif this post up.

-And my final gif for this post because consistency is important...


  1. try tea tree oil soap for your backne and get out of the sweaty clothes as soon as possible. also - drink a ton of water to flush everything out.

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  2. I'm dying. My boobs aren't big enough to need super duper sports bras but I can't imagine if they were. I have a hard enough time motivating myself for a run and bouncy boobs might deter me forever.

    Good luck with the move!

  3. Big boob problems. Things like this are why I'm seriously okay with my small ones.

    Boo packing stress! But yay for will be worth it...I promise! (okay probably anyway)

    Edible Arrangements nom nom nom YUMMY!

    Link-up yay!

    For the rank thing- my MIL sent my hubby a package AFTER he got out with his rank & unit & our new house. Why?! He was's not like it was going on POST or anything, we were in a normal civilian neighborhood (like we had been for the previous 2 years...). People are weird yo.

  4. yeah backne is real with running. boo. i am gonna try Kathy's suggestion. I have teeny tiny boobs haha so don't feel your pain, though tan lines are absolutely annoying! racerbacks should die. i hate when i wear a normal tank, but my sports bra is racerback. so i wear racerbacks because i like the racerback sports bras. first world problems.

  5. CHINESE FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!! I loooooooooooove it!

    Those onsies are it!

  6. I have small boobs so I'm not able to feel your pain on that one.. but if it makes you feel any better when I get real big into working out they get even smaller and that makes me really sad. #smallboobproblems

  7. Bahahaha the pic with the onesies. Also, I hear ya about the workout clothes. They can be so pricey!

  8. Hahahahah love that onesies pic! And edible arrangements are amazing. I always get them for others hoping someone will return the favor one day, but nope :-(

  9. I'm exactly the opposite- I can't sleep at all when something is wrong!!


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