Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Humpday Confessions #15

Remember how I said Music Monday with Brittany and Emmy is coming?  Well, Music Monday is next Monday and it's sneaking up on me like my packout did last Thursday (but it's NBD since I handled that packout like a boss).  The first week of every month we will have a specific prompt that you can choose to talk about (or not) and then for the rest of the month, each Monday is a music free for all.  For August our prompt is: what is your current favorite song on the radio.  (Hard, we know..)

can I decide another day?

So, Monday, tell us about your current jam and grab the button and link up with us!  We don't have link up rules other than to actually, in some way, talk about music/the prompt somewhere in your post.  Not too hard right?  In the meantime, ONTO THE CONFESSIONS!!!!

Vodka and Soda


-Apparently, my names are just too hard for some people.  I received a work email to "Ms. Regan" last week (my last name starts with R, so it was like they were going to call me my first name, but then decided to use my last name instead but failed).  I'm not sure if that a serious case of lexdexia (dyslexia) or what.  I can't even defend it.  Growing up, I always had to tell people the correct pronunciation of my last name.  When I joined the Navy, I kinda gave that up because it just wasn't worth the fight because if anyone learns anything that bothers you, it can be used against you later.  I'm not even correcting people how to say it anymore, I'm having to educate people on my actual name.  I never thought I'd be 28 and having people get my name so wrong.

-In a week I'll be in CA.  I'M GOING ON VACATION!!!  WOOOO!!!  All summer long I've been reading about everyone else being not at work and I've been unbearably jealous.  I couldn't help it.  Work has been driving me crazy lately and I know part of it stems from having "senioritis."  You know that feeling you got your senior year of high school/college when you were just done.  That's me now.  With 2 months left to go, I'm just over it all.  Yet, I'm still trying to put forth the effort and help train the new guy when the opportunity arises and try to pull some weight and I'm not complaining about duty, so there's that.

-I'm a wee bit nervous about meeting Mr. Mystery's family, and by a "wee bit" I mean really nervous.  I know that I can definitely come across the wrong way very easily to new people.

-Almost everyone has expressed some sort of concern about mine and Mr. Mystery's crazy plan to move in together.  We, too, are concerned about this plan, but have faith that we can make it work.  If I can survive deployment communication (i.e. almost none), I think I can handle whatever happens in real life.

-I have eaten from the dog peanut butter.  This wouldn't be so bad except I put PB in the kongs and the kongs don't get washed between refills.  So I've pretty much eaten after the dogs.  Don't judge me.

-I find it amusing that Target gave me my refund for an item I returned to the store before they charged me for the original purchase.  Really guys?  Get that shit together.  This wasn't an issue until I started using the Target debit card (which btw is a super sweet deal if you can handle your transactions not showing up until a week later).

-I'm kinda waiting on the other shoe to drop because of how neatly everything fell into place this last week.  I'm afraid that the other shoe is going to be job related, which is really scary.

-The realtor that landlord is using tried to get us to sign a lease that was incorrect yesterday.  Uhh no.  I will not sign a legally binding document that is incorrect.  kthxfixit to how I want it and we'll talk.  Also, sorry you couldn't understand me when you called earlier as I was on the elliptical and was totally in the groove and to those people around me who were possibly annoyed that I took a call, I had no fucks to give.

-While I'm nervous about CA, I'm unbearably excited about being with Mr. Mystery and being on vacation.  I wanted to pack my bag last weekend when I bought my plane ticket... and packing is always the very last thing I want to do, everrrr..  (PS.  I will NOT be posting a blog about how to efficiently pack a bag for travel, I've seen several bloggers do this and well, not only am I not efficient at packing, it's obviously already been done).

-When people stop at a yellow light they could have easily made it through before the light turned red, I get extremely ragey.  Especially when I could have been right on time to work and now I'm going to be 5 minutes late because you forgot that the pedal on the right could have jetted you across that intersection (where no oncoming traffic was a problem) like a boss.  Some people's kids.

-I feel guilty over the fact that I don't have very much to confess this week.  It's been crazy busy/eventful around here and with everything falling into place so nicely (and a significant lack of PMS), I don't really have much to bitch about confess.

-And for my consistent finale*:

*until next week!


  1. Don't be nervous, you're great! They're gonna love you!

  2. Have so much fun in California! Can’t wait to hear (read) all about it!

  3. WOOOOHOO vacation! You're going to have fun, and they are going to love you, of course!

    Growing up NO one could pronounce my first name or my last name. Now that I'm married and took my husband's name, there is a lot less mispronunciation. But, sometimes I miss the looks teachers gave my name on the attendance sheet.

  4. have fun in CA! and good luck meeting the fam :)

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  5. don't be nervous, they'll love you! so jealous of your vacay. take all the photos!
    oh girl still... still.. STILL people get my name wrong. it's not even hard. wtf is wrong with people?

  6. Yay, Music Monday! I am so nervous...but excited!

    Pretty sure it wasn't until at least 6 years into my relationship with the hubby (including 3 of marriage) that it wasn't super awkward for me to be around his family. So, good luck with that.

    On the moving in thing, I'll admit it seemed a little soon IMO but um...I didn't live with my husband until a year after we were married. I have no right to say anything about the proper way to do things, because that's just weird :) After bad experiences with my college roommates, living with B was sooooo much easier than I expected. So good luck, and just do whatever works fro y'all.

  7. Omg people call me by a different name because my bosses couldnt figure out how to change the email so I was using the previous employees email address. Everyday I get called Candace and Im like OMG thats not my name...funny how something so simple can drive you insane.

  8. The name thing drives me crazy as well, but for a different reason. I go by my middle name. Well, some people insist on calling me my first name, even after being corrected. Drives. Me. Crazy.

    Your vacay sounds like so much fun. I know how nerve wrecking meeting the family can be. I OBSESSED over meeting D's. He kept reassuring me that they would love me {which they do now} but I was not hearing it at the time. I don't think guys get it. ;)

  9. Woot!!! I'm sure you'll have an amazing time in CA!! Meeting the fam for the first time is always hard!

  10. Hmm.. this is my first time ever dropping by your blog (by way of the Confession link up) and boy and I ever intrigued by Mr. Mystery and a handful of other Confessions. I will totally be stalking you tomorrow at work when I'm supposed to be getting things done!


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