Friday, March 16, 2018

Five on Friday #142

EINS - Random things

-Without school, I feel like I have nothing to bitch about.  It's fabulous.
JK, I have plenty to bitch about.  LIIIIIKKKKEEEEEEEEE...

-The fact that Meri has hookworms.  FML.  FML.  FML.  4 extra dogs arrived at my house on Weds and we're scoopin' shit all the time and uuuggghhhhhhhh.  Also, if Meri has them, it means Pax probably does too.  Fuuuccckk myyyyy liiiiiiifffeeeeeee.

-When the dentist office called me on Tuesday afternoon to tell me I could come in early.  It was about an hour before my appointment, so I left about 10 minutes later and arrived for the appointment 30 minutes early... AND THENNNNNNN.. proceeded to wait and wait and wait until my actual appointment time.  I was livid.  Don't fucking call me and tell me I can come early if you can't get me in until my appointment time.  That is time of my life that my ass could have been sitting in my house, where I like to be.

It also fueled the fire that my hygienist was a sadist that kept making me bleed then acting confused when I finally was like, "STOP."  I'll be making sure that she will not be my hygienist next time.

-I am riding the struggle bus with the news that I need to have a molar pulled (remember that poor baby that broke while I was eating a piece of bacon last year?).  As in, I am 32 and I'll be missing a tooth.  This is extra difficult for me because I have a thing about teeth.  I'm judgy about teeth.  I know, that's not ok, but I can admit my faults.  Several people have pointed out that at least it's not a front tooth and it's not a root canal/crown... but ya'll I'm going to be missing a tooth.  The principle of the matter is what is bothering me.  Since it's a molar there is no need to get an implant/etc and since it's in the back and so close to the jaw bone, an oral surgeon has to remove it. 

-My 2 hour massage on Wednesday to celebrate Spring Break/midterm grades/Treat Yo Self/Because I felt like it was ffffffaaannnnnnntastic.  I went ahead and scheduled another massage with her for exam week.  The next appointment is only an hour, but the lady was awesome and if you're local, Brandy is amazing.  PS.  10% off if you check in on Yelp, which I found out after the fact and didn't even mind.
Bonus: She accepts HSA!  #GAMEON

-$158 at the vet for 2 rounds of dewormer for Meri and Pax.  AND I inquired about the fact that we never received Phil's paw print and they said that they mailed it out and if it didn't arrive, they don't know what happened to it.  Gentle Readers, I was fucking crushed.  And ragey.. and all the feelings and I was trying not to cry.

-#1 reason why I bought a cheap laptop for Teh Granny: She's contact me no less than 3 times this week to tell me that she "can't figure out how to get her pictures up."  In 2018 terms: She can't figure out how to run the slide show of the pictures I saved to the laptop.  TL;DR: She is primarily using the laptop to watch a slide show of images I saved to the computer.  I love her, obviously, which is why after I left the vet, I called her to give her precise directions on how to do what she was trying to do, even though I wasn't exactly sure what it was until she got excited.  #GranddaughterOfTheYear #Favorite

-I've gotten rather... "fluffy" since the wedding.  As in, gained 10-15 lbs depending on the day/time of the month/poor eating choices I've made.  2 things about this.
1- I bought one of those waist trainer belts.  While I feel more confident about my flab rolls not rolling out every where, it makes me cranky.  Apparently, having my inside squished and it being mildly more effort to breathe doesn't make me a nice person.
2- On my run this morning I thought I was going to diiiiiiieeeee. Carrying around extra weight for normal day-to-day operations isn't actually that bad.. but carrying around that weight for "strenuous" activities is a bit more intense.  Holy shit.  This is why it's bad to let your pets be overweight.  Same applies to your body.  I seriously need more energy/awake time during the day so I can properly cardio because I don't see my dessert habit going anywhere anytime soon.

-I bought a new oven on an impulse and it's Teh Chief Smartass's (Teh Running Besties "we're not putting labels on it" person) fault.  You see, what had happened wasssssssss... He's in the market for a new fridge but hadn't seen it in person.  So we went to Lowes and Home Depot to view some in person and I have this bad habit when I go into the appliance section that I buy things.  There was a red washer and dryer in the walking path on super sale and I texted all the GLCK neighbors and was like, anyone want/need a washer/dryer, these are awesome!!!  They acknowledged me for who I am (weird, random, and quirky) but no one took me up on it.  Sad, we could have been paternal laundry twins. 

Instead, I did stumble upon a range that I strongly desired and I sent Teh German a photo and he wasn't really for it, but didn't really try to dissuade me.  But honestly, it probably wouldn't have mattered since I fucking hhhhaaaatttteee our oven and actually go out of my way to NOT use it.  The oven we have right now is shiiittttayy because the sensor is right beside the heating element so when the oven beeps that it's "at" 400 degrees, it's actually only at ~300°F in the cooking zone (since I don't actually cook anything 1 inch from the heating element).  This has always been an issue and Whirlpool DGAF and said that it's operating as it should.  Yes, poorly.  So.  Without Teh German's blessing, I bought a new range and I'm excited about it and want it yesterday and now it's out of stock at Lowe's and I'm going to have to wait a mabillionty years (no less than 2 weeks) for it to ship and I'm disappointed. 

When this conversation happened, I loled:

-I'm listening to Hillbilly Elegy and I'm loving it.  I can't describe why.  I cried when Mamaw died.  I might just write and entire post about that book.  Probably not, but I considered it.

-The i5k is next week and I'm pumped and debating on if I'm going to dress up or not.  Many people nerds dress up, so I'm considering pulling Super Hero Stitch from the closet.

ZWEI - Money spent

  • Hairs did.
  • Ear holes.
  • Moosage
  • House decoration stuffs (since I happened to find some awesome things at Walmart by accident, so it was obviously fate!)
  • Stuff for work (which I will hopefully get reimbursed for)
  • Sweet tea from McDonald's, which I've been craving for over a week.
  • Woot shirt.  They got me again.  Another book themed shirt.  #YOLO
  • Sam's Club things (trash bags, carrots, new rubbermaid containers)
  • Random clothes from Amazon, which will probably get returned.
  • Teh WJL's bday gift.
  • Easter candies
  • Plane tickets for RnR Chicago weekend
  • Bread pudding from Willie Jewell's
  • Dewormer (do not want to talk about it)
  • Gas
  • Random clothing articles from Amazon (which will probably get returned)
  • Spotify

DREI - Things from my phone

Lunch with coworkers on Monday at Butcher and the Bee.

Fries, hummus, and bacon wrapped figs.
I was surprised at how delicious it was.

Teh German and I split a wishbone equally.
Then he was super sweet and said I could have the wish.
Then I was super cheesy and posted on FB about it and said that I didn't need to make a wish since my wish had already come true.
We've always been this sappy.

Found some cute kitchen decorations at Walmart by accident.
Teh German approved and put them up the same day, which was how I knew he really liked my choices.

Pi-day joke and celebration.
What do you call a snake that is 3.14 meters long?

When your coworker needs a room to pump in and options are limited so you make do by adding a curtain for privacy, a lamp for coziness, and a sign to thwart other people from using the room.
PS. Unicorn tape dispenser and rainbow tape were a birthday gift from Teh Running Bestie!

Snuggles with my fuzzy monkey.  /swoon

RocknRoll Chicago weekend is calendar official!
We have flights!

Pax and Olive playing tug of war together..
It lasted until Pax won because Olive gave up.  :\

My new range.. which may arrive sometime in the next year.  UGH.
But seriously, it is ordered.

What it looks like to leash up 5 dogs to go on a walk.

This girl's eyes are stunning and I love her and having a white dog on the slumber balls has been giving me brain winkles because of Phil.

Please read the sign above his head to completely understand this photo.

We went to Lewis Barbecue for dinner last night and it was our first time and it was ahhhmazing.

Teh German had already eaten his sandwich.

This girl!  /Lurve.

VIER - Things from the Internet


FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. 2 hour massage.
  4. Pepperoni and mushroom pizza.
  5. Kitchen decorations.
  6. A completely enjoyable audiobook that isn't a million fucking hours long.
  7. Relevant whiteboard jokes at work.
  8. Using my rainbow tape from my unicorn tape dispenser.
  9. Running.  Even when it fucking sucks.
  10. The word fuck.  I don't know why it brings me so much joy, but my potty mouth is a pendulum and currently we're on the "cussing a lot" side of the pendulum.  #YOLO

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. Waiting for doctor/dentist appointments makes me so stabby! Doctor keeps you waiting forever like it's no big deal. You're 10 minutes late & they're like sorry we gave your appointment away.

  2. Omfg, I can even about Phil’s paw print. :(
    That female greyhounds eyes are stunning. So pretty. Swoon. :)
    That fucking suckkkkkks about the worms. Jfc. :-/


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