Thursday, March 1, 2018

Five on Friday #140

EINS - Random things

-I'm kind of a hippy about some things.. I had a LOT of tie-dye shirts in the days of high school/NC State.  On Valentine's Day, I let the masseuse use Himalayan salt rocks on me.  It was pretty much like a hot stone massage.  Then as we were checking out, the cashier said something about how for 2 weeks after she just felt more motivated and like a fog had lifted.  I chalked it up to hokey BS.  And then.. 2 days after the massages, I woke up and felt like my head had cleared.  Like the forgetful fog I've been in for months had lifted enough so I could function again.  I had no issues with getting up and going on runs 2 different days.  I'm not sure if it's just the phase of the moon, or my girl time cycle, or the Himalayan salt causing the fog to lift, but it's awesome being so clear again.  I don't feel like a fucking moron all the time when I talk to people and I can show people how to do things because I am actually smart.  I need this to last for forever, plskthx.

Update: It didn't last forever.  I'm back to fighting through the fog.  I have started running more regularly as an effort to combat the fog.  I have a feeling that the "fog" might also be heavier during PMS time, which I am only thinking is a possibility because I have also been unbearably tired in the afternoons.. to the point of requesting nap pods at work and eventually just giving up and laying my head on my desk.  Why is being me so hard?

Update: Being a girl is why being me is so hard.  NOT making a baby is super difficult for my body to handle.  Lethargy, headache, mood swings.  #FML

-When I called Chase to merge my Maiden Name Acct with my New Name Account, they somehow managed to fuck it up and merged the accounts but the name on the account was my maiden name, and the lady tried to tell me that I had to mail in a form and blah blah blah and I finally got fed up and said NO.  I've done this already.  It JUST said the correct name before you merged the accounts.  Lady, "Well, ma'am, I'll have to put in a research ticket.."  Me: "Ok.  Because I've already done the name change stuff."  Lady, "Ok, well, I'll make an exception.  But just be aware it may take up to an hour to show the change."  Yeah.. do not curr.  Fix what you broke.  I cannot with people this week.
Update: over a week later, this issue is NOT resolved.  I hate everyone.

-I've decided to come off my anxiety meds.  Mostly due to the "fog".  I am NOT going to the doc about it, but did some online research about coming off of anxiety meds.  So I halved all my pills and have continued taking them.  Since I was only on 5mg for 6 months, it shouldn't be so hard to taper off.  Most of the videos I watched were individuals who were taking 20+mg of medicine for 5+ years.  That seems scary.  I'm going to take 2.5mg for a while and see what happens.  If the fog continues then I'll definitely taper off, but if the rage returns and the fog isn't as bad, I may just continue taking the 2.5mg.  Essentially, when the doc said that maybe I was just having some adjustment issues last year when school started + wedding + work + life, she may have been right.  Homework no longer results in me sitting at the kitchen table bawling because I can't understand it.

-Midterms are due next week which means exams were this week.  I survived a vocab test in German, test in Biology, test in Calculus, and a chapter test in German.  PLUS, I also accomplished passing a stupid computer test that I had to get at least 6/7 questions correct to pass.  Next week, I have a computer science test.  BRING IT.  All that garbage means spring break is closer and closer.

-Dissected frogs in Bio lab.  Just as gross as it was in 10th grade.

-Megan in the kitchen:  #notsorry

L to R: Crockpot, InstantPot, rice cooker

-Things that will change your life: Willie Jewells bread pudding WITH vanilla ice cream.

aka, food that makes everything better.

-I did a financial review of our house account and have deemed it worthy of finally using for joint things/house adhoc things.  My goal was to have at least 3 months worth of savings in the account for the worst case scenario.  That money included the house payment and all the bills and money to buy groceries and maybe even going out still.  Teh German requested that if we were going to save for that situation that it could be at the same standard of living we currently enjoy.  I think that's a little lavish, but it wasn't that difficult to accomplish.

This really means that the screened in porch project is fully funded and that some honeymoon purchases can come from the House (/joint) account.

-Meri and Pax have a vet appointment on Saturday morning, which really slays my "sleep in" plans.  #MeganFail.  I think I'll be dragging Teh German along with me to be a dog-wrangler with me so I don't have to deal with both of them at the same time, which is always a fucking nightmare.  You'd think that not having to deal with Phil and the slippery floors it would be easier.. but no.  The dogs lose their minds at all the smells and want to investigate every.single.thing and just, kthxno.

-I'm thinking that over spring break, I will telework a few days because this woman NEEDS a break.

ZWEI - Money spent (2 weeks worth, ugh)

  • gas for Columbia
  • Zoo tickets
  • Chicago Rock n Roll 5k and 10k
  • Bully sticks for the beasts.
  • A cord for my sunglasses, so I didn't lose them on our dive
  • Sweet tea and a small McFlurry
  • Decorations for the current holiday tree at the office
  • Gas
  • Birthday dinner for Teh German 
  • Willie Jewell's
  • random Amazon things:
    • oil for the dryer balls (in lieu of softener)
    • a metal colander for the instant pot (after a cooking the broccoli to death)
  • Red Turvis lid for Teh German's new Turvis 
  • Blue Turvis straw lid for myself because discounts.

Andddddd most importantly!
Our taxes came back and I PAID OFF BAGHEERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Other than House and Baloo, we're debt free.  Wewt.

DREI - Things from my phone

Reward: an awkward as fuck hug.

I'm still not sure what this guy had going on, but we guessed he was definitely European with those sassy Birkenstocks

Forever: Chicks, Bunnies, and Dicks.
Thank you autocorrect.

What did DJ Allergies say to the nose?
Drop it like it's snot.

Last week's menu still makes me smile with the tiny bubbles.

What do you Cubic Zirconia in Ireland?
A sham rock.

What is a leprechaun's favorite cereal?
Lucky charms

Fuck you, Calculus.
PS.  I secretly love derivatives, but I love anti-derivatives more.
Keep yo judgement to yoself.

VIER - From the Internet

I can get behind this.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Publix cake for the GLCK and neighbors who know that coming over in pajamas is VERY MUCH encouraged, always.
  2. Bagheera being paid off and no more annoying paper bills from the company about my bill being due in 2020.
  3. FB chat with Teh Sister to pass the time away.
  4. Passing that stupid computer test for Calculus.  Submitting math through a computer is the absolute WORST thing EVAR.
  5. Coming out of the fog.  After reading that a lack of empathy is a side effect of the anxiety meds, everything kinda made sense in my life.
  6. All the pretty flowers (despite the yellow every.fucking.where)
  7. A week that didn't take a mabillionty years to get through.  I'm like, how it is Friday already?  and like, who the fuck cares, IT'S FRIYAY BITCHES!
  8. Planning for a massage to kickstart my spring break.
  9. Being ahead/caught up on homework.
  10. Online shopping.  Because it's easy and I can wear my stretchy pants without judgement.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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