Monday, March 5, 2018

Weekend Review {3/5}


Check out the awesome moon-setting I got to see on Friday morning..

It was an awesome start to the day, despite having a headache, which is really holdin' me down.  I'm blaming allergies and pollen and mother nature hating me for these headaches.  Not so much the #barometerhead.

It was a day of work and school.  I had a German test that I really rode the struggle bus on.  Work was work.  I headed home after and Teh German and I decided to go out for dinner (no real surprise there) and we agreed to go the Nowhere bar, which is a place that I've passed by since 2014, when I moved to SC.

When we walked in, we were met by a haze of 2nd hand smoke.  Once our eyes adjusted to the darkness, we sat at one of the tables placed between the "stage" (open floor area for live bands) and the pool tables.  The bar was straight back.  There were menus on the tables, so we sat at a table (closest to the door) and waited to be greeted.  We both noted the guy at the table next to us with his bucket of Bud Lite.  We weren't sure if he was waiting on others or if that entire bucket was for just for him.  We didn't stay long enough to find out.  We were inside the bar for no more than 3 minutes.  Neither of us loved the smoke and the food didn't seem like anything we couldn't get somewhere else, without the smoke, so we agreed to leave.  We both sniffed ourselves all the way to our final dinner location because we had carried so much smoke out on our clothes.  Blech.

We ended up at Neighborhood Taphouse, which boasts an extensive selection of beer, and the food is passable for me.  We hadn't wanted to go far from home, which really limits our choices.

2 home, home beers!

When we got home after dinner, Teh German headed over to smoke a cigar with Teh PT Husband while I took a bath and then lounged in the bed reading and petting Meri with my free hand.  It was as wonderful as you're imagining it was.

I was tired, but was 50 pages from the end of my book, so I powered through.  Teh German came home when I was about 10 pages from the end, which kinda distracted me, but it wasn't a big deal.  I finished the book, and of course, wasn't tired after that.  Ugggggh.  Teh German came to bed soon after and I tossed and turned for all my life.


Saturday morning, Teh German got scolded for getting up to pee after sunrise and then coming back to bed instead of feeding the beasts.  This meant that I was awake almost the entire time after he got up to pee because the beasts think that once someone is up it's feeding time and I had already claimed not it for the entire weekend.  Meri has a habit of jumping on and off the bed, slamming herself into us as she plops down on the bed to snuggle, thumping her tail against stuff, and Pax likes to do his personal grooming in the morning and I get very little joy from any of that when I want to be asleep.

Nonetheless, we had to get up "early" to get the dogs to their vet appointment at 0920. 

We spent the car ride bickering after Teh German was giving me unhelpful hints about driving and tisking at me for taking pictures while moving.  He also informed me when the lights would turn green.. except that there were still cars stopped in front of me, sooo that wasn't really helpful.  After an overly long 12 minute drive, we finally arrived at the vet with me yelling about the fact that I've been driving for a really long time and do not need his commentary or help, thank you very much.  Damn, control freak.

The vet was a test of our mental endurance, as if the drive hadn't been bad enough.  It wasn't us though, it was the fact that the vet tech put us in the same exam room that we had last been in with Phil.  It was hard not to see my Baggins in the middle of the floor of the room, but Meri and Pax wandering around and investigating and then looking for each other when they were taken back for their blood draws and to get their nails clipped.

After the vet, we went through the car wash because Yurtle needed the tree jizz washed off.  Then we headed home for my lazy weekend to start.  Teh German headed to the garage and went through this box of crap that he's been toting around since we started dating.  My mind was blown.  Andddd then he put more crap in the box "to go through later"...

I went inside, since the garage is not MY "mancave" to do whatever the fuck I wanted to do because, NO HOMEWORK ALL WEEEEEEKKKEEENNNDDD BEEECCHHEESSS!!

I read for a little bit then got bored.  Teh German had migrated from his mancave to the yard.  He had made weeding the yard a priority for the weekend.  When I asked if he wanted help, he told me that I had already deemed it lazy weekend, so I didn't have to help him if I didn't want to.  #BestHusbandEver  Since I was bored, I did end up going down and helping him weed the backyard for about 2 hours.  It was the worst.  Teh German did agree that we could mulch the yard.  Pax really "aerates" the yard chasing after Meri, which means that after we pulled the weeds, there was barely anything green left in the yard.

After yard work, we showered and then went to a Crab Shack with Teh Dental Hygienist and Teh AF Maintainer.  It was derrrichious.  We had to wait for an hour for a table and we sat at the bar, ordered drinks and hushpuppies, watched the NC State game (which happened to be on the TV), and chatted.  I hadn't had crab legs in a hot minute and they were tasty.

Originally, we had planned on hanging out post-dinner, but by the time we got home, I was exhausted and opted out of hanging out for going to bed.  #OldLady  No shit, we were in the bed by 9:30 and I wasn't a little bit sorry.


Sunday morning, I was feeling semi-motivated.  I asked Roux's Humom if she wanted to go with me to get brunch at Charleston Deli and she said yes.  We hit up Charleston Deli for breakfast and then I talked her into going to Lowes Foods with me to pick up a few options.  Lowes Food just opened in the area, so I had kinda wanted to check it out anyways.  It's a grocery store, but they allow you to drink (alcohol) inside the store.

I picked up this gift for Teh Running Bestie since she will be here next week!

After grocery shopping, we headed home and it was lazy time.  Teh German was working on the Bobber bike and I seriously have no idea what I did..  other than put away the groceries and refill the dog food container.. and subsequently spilled it all over the floor.  Rather than clean it up, I left it for "dessert" for Pax and Meri.  It ended up being Meri's dessert since Pax is adamant about licking his bowl completely clean.

Teh German eventually finished up his bike stuffs and we ate dinner.  After dinner we had a Mad Men marathon.  We ended the night with 4 episodes remaining.


Very good weekend!  I needed a lazy weekend after being nonstop in February.  Teh Running Bestie will be here next week.  Teh Advising Sister will be here at the end of the month.  I anticipate another dive trip in April for Teh German to finish up his Advanced dive cert.  Exams are at the end of April.  MD/Honeymoon/Teh Sister's Graduation in May/June.  I'm going to enjoy this "downtime" before shit gets cray.

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  1. Hell yeah no homework! I can't with backseat drivers. I will lose my shit faster than I already do on strangers in traffic.


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