Friday, March 30, 2018

Five on Friday #144

EINS - Random things

-Teh Advising Sister will be here later!  Woot!

-My cleaners don't know it yet, but yesterday was the last day they will be cleaning Teh Ville.  After a continued shitty job and then they didn't show up several times, I'm over it.  After my check gets cashed, I'm sending out the draft text on my phone.  Why is it so hard to find good help?!?  #FirstWorldProblems

-I applied to take a class at College of Charleston over the summer.  I called 2x and I have judged the lady I spoke with at their Registrar's office to be a twatwaffle.  The first call, she transferred me to someone who didn't answer and I left a message and never received a call back.  The next day, I called back.  Rather than explaining to me what to do, she essentially said go apply on the website.  Uhhhh, generally a non-degree seeking student doesn't go through the same steps as a degree-seeking student.  Before I said something nasty to her for her shitty shittiness, I got off the phone and, of course, figured out myself.  The process is, in fact, NOT the same.  Imagine that.  #IHateEveryone

-Conversation with Teh German regarding him picking up the Walmart and Sam's orders that I had placed:
Teh German (tG): Is the order under MaidenName or MarriedName?
Teh Megan (tM): MaidenName MarriedName ❔(insert IDK lady emoji)
tG: Well, I guess I have to gamble.  That'd be a suggestion for next time. 😉😛
tM: It automatically is whatever is on the account and it's hard to remember what has and hasn't been changed.  Let me know how it is when you get married and change your name. 😀  Additionally, I think Sam's wouldn't let me change it, but my online account is correct?  IDK.  It's only 2 options.
tG: I'm not planning on getting married again or changing my name.  But I'll figure it out when picking it up.
tM: Thanks, you da best.

TL;DR: Changing your name is stupid and antiquated and confusing and we should really just stop doing that shit... like daylight savings time.  Also, when Husband tries to bitch about not knowing which of TWO names something could be listed under, I get stabby.

-I had to laugh at the neighbor who posted their "brushed nickel chandelier" on our neighborhood FB page to sell.  No one bothered to tell her that most of us have that same chandelier, so we already purchased it...

-Speaking of our neighborhood FB page, I'm finally an admin, after having expressed interest in assisting with the page before we even moved in the neighborhood.  Also, our neighborhood HOA meeting was last night and that's always a shit show.  Last night was exactly as expected.  To keep myself quiet, I played games on my phone.  I FINALLY beat Plague Inc, and now I'm working on a virus bringing down the world.

-PS.  I don't pay for games, but I paid $1 for this as an extra credit for my Bio class and it was actually worth it.  I also spend a lot of time playing the Microsoft Solitaire Suite.  They have a daily challenge and well.. I do love a good challenge...
PPS.  The suite includes FreeCell, actual Solitaire, Pyramids, Spider Solitaire, and Tripeaks.  If none of those are familiar to you, check it out.  I actually really enjoy all of the games.
PPPS. The Microsoft Suite is free.99.  #FreeShitFTW

-I find instrumental versions of pop songs incredibly satisfying.
-I find the YouTube app to be incredibly unsatisfying.  Mostly the part where I turn off my screen and the music stops playing.

-April is Adopt a Greyhound Month (not that I celebrate these things), but if you dig these things.. and you want to change your FB cover photo to celebrate, here's your official GEGR (Pax and Phil's rescue group) hookup.

-Have I mentioned recently that I'm an asshole?  Yeah, well.  It bears repeating.  I'm an asshole.
Teh German was home on Tuesday afternoon (which I knew because Spotify showed me in my Friend Activity that he was playing music, which is normal behavior for when I'm not home) and I decided to fuck with him, because LOVE an MARRIED.

So what had happened was..... From my Spotify at work, I "connected to a device"... specifically, I connected to the Echo Spot in the kitchen (making the assumption that's where he was since he usually listens to Spotify through the receiver downstairs).  Then I started playing music.  In the length of time it takes to say, "Alexa cancel," the music stopped.  Repeat x2.  I knew that Teh German was probably like, WTF WHY IS ALEXA POSSESSED?!?!  So I called him and asked him why he didn't like the music I was playing for him.  At which point he understood that I was fucking with him.

He only has himself to blame.  He is the advocate for our Super Smart House and I just like to use it to my advantage... i.e. expressing my love.

TL;DR: Accurately convey your love by annoying the shit out of your spouse when you are not home with the magical powers of your smart home.

-Calculus update: While my degree evaluation does NOT show that I am required to take Calc 2, my advisor says it's a glitch and he'll get it fixed.  I told him that wasn't necessary.

-There was almost a 20°F difference in the temps from Tuesday to Wednesday.  NO BUENO.  

-These beasts... /swoon

She's solar powered.
I'm 63% certain.
Lawd, that yard.  /shame
Note: We're going to cover the backyard in wood chips and all our backyard problems will be solved.

This Goof makes me smile.

Oh, hai, Mahm. ~Pax

ZWEI - Money spent

  • Car wash subscription
  • Groceries 
  • Gas
  • Honeymoon flight from Cairns to Sydney.
  • Girl Power Popsocket
  • Hairs Did
  • Disgruntled Decks Navy Version for Teh Chief Smartass.
    • Let's just call it an early retirement gift.

DREI - Things from my phone

I want a want to clean the coffee maker because I find this almost as disgusting as tape worms.
I inadvertently cleaned it when I made laundry detergent.

IDK wtf is up with my finger, but it happens when I wear my engagement ring on that hand.

The hand is blocking the gold glitter shoes that this Boss was wearing.

When your computer gets confused about what your first language is...
PS. English is set as my default language in MS and on my computer.
No idea why Office was drunk.

Sweet tea and baby McFlurry = solutions to problems.
Also, I made those goodies last for 2 days.  #LikeaBoss

Walmart Grocery was giving out a bag of goodies with orders and this was in the bag!
I was so unbearably pumped about 50% of it.
There is NO BETTER flavor of Capri sun than the Pacific Cooler.  If you say different, that's fightin' words.
Also, peaches!  FUCK YES THANK YOU.
Teh German uses spray deoderant, so guess who isn't running out anytime soon?!
And finally, heat and eat rice?  Game on.

PS.  This was my dinner plate.  Not breakfast.
Also, check out that perfectly cooked pancake.
I DID THAT.  /bow

It's Jamaican hairstyle day at work tomorrow.
I'm dreading it.

The absolute worst grade I've gotten in German class since I started: 9.5/20.
This is what happens when you forget you have a test/quiz.  Oops.

I look over and there is a 12 year old driving this brand new Camero.
And then I notice the Seniors 2017 sticker on the back and I just SMDH (that would be shake my damn head).

I've seen this person soooo many times over the last few weeks.
They seem to be at/near places that I am going to.

Sheep brain dissection in Bio Lab.
I found the bag of brains highly amusing.
Like, probably more than I should have.

Someone explain the appeal of this "decoration" because I

These snaps from a friend had me DYYYYINNNNNGGG!

If this isn't 100% accurate about my current feelings, IDK what is.

VIER - Things from the Internet

Things that make Americans weird.

Shameful is not how you should feel.

I will never NOT love this post.  With or without the Jesus themes.  It is always relevant.

Mumford & Sons covered a song on this random album and it popped up as a suggested song (YES, DUH, THANK YOU PLEASE).

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Figuring out my code on my own, even if I had to have help testing it.
  2. Coworkers who are willing to look at my code and help me troubleshoot.
  3. Riding Bagheera.
  4. Unlocking the Virus level of Plague, Inc.
  5. ONE MORE MONTH of my "freshman"semester.  PS. I'm actually considered a senior.
  6. Being able to Life and School and Work at the same time without having meltdowns.  As in, my homework is manageable and I still have time to socialize or sit with Teh German and watch Vikings.
  7. A nap before the HOA meeting.
  8. Visitors!
  9. Randomly gifting things to people.
  10. Getting to use my rainbow umbrella, thus validating me carrying it around in my backpack 100% of the time.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. I would totally mess with my husband if we had music set up like that! He would lose his mind and probably wouldn't figure it out for like hours! #Goals

  2. Hahahaha I love that you kept playing music.


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