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Weekend Review {3/12}


I'm coming off my anxiety meds and I've been feeling punchy lately (in a good, non-physical way).  What this really means is that I'm more likely to make sarcastic comments outloud in class vs when I would hold my tongue (ha!).  It's made my calc class particularly interesting since there is no lack of class participation from anyone in that class.

So what had happened wasssssssss....  Calc Prof was trying to make up a problem and wrote "Mr. President" on the board.  Of course, I commented, "Why not Ms. President?"  It was definitely a jest and he got that (I think he's realized that I'm not as much of a bitch as I come off as from multiple conversations not during class time).  As he walked over to the board beside me to work out a problem, someone said, "Thank God a 'she' isn't the president!"  There were several agreeing comments and I trrrriiieeddd to not say anything, but when the teacher looked from the board to me (he was right beside me) with a moderate amount of fear in his eyes and stepped back from me, I said, "I'm right here you fuckers!"

There might be 1 or 2 other females in our class, neither of which talk much.  But WTF MFers?!  I will not debate if H.Clinton would have been a good or bad president but the fact that their comments were related to a woman being president lit my fire.  Thankfully, my professor let me get that out and then reigned the class back in.

Otherwise, school was unremarkable.  I made a pit stop at Total Wine, then I headed to work for a while.

Keg shopping for Company.

I had an appointment at 5 to get my hairs did.  Just a trim.  When Liz didn't even comment on the color of my hair and I had to remind her, she made a "hmmm" face like she wasn't impressed.  We set up appointments to do another color (we're going bold this time because that BS she did last time just didn't thrill me) and then a scheduled trim before we leave for honeymoon.

Took Yurtle through the car wash after gettin my hairs did.

When I got home, Teh German and I agreed to grab pizza for dinner.  Before we came home, we made a pit stop at Publix and checked out with only beverages so we joked that we were thirsty.  After we got home, we went over to Teh PT House for socializing.

We were in bed before our chariot turned back into a pumpkin.


Saturday was glorious.  I stayed in the bed until 1:15.  PM. 
Then I accidentally got out of bed, and then I accidentally put on running clothes, and then I on-purpose went for a run, where I accidentally ran 4.7 miles vs the 2-3 that I had originally committed myself to.  I had a snack and did some sticker shopping for my new water bottle and still didn't buy anything (because really I'd love to learn to use Teh Dental Hygienist's Cricuit), and I spoke with Teh Dad for a short bit.

I did eventually shower.  Then I finally went and got my ear(s) pierced which I've been thinking about for over 6 months.  Originally I went to get a 3rd hole in a lobe, but I came home with 2 new piercings.

^^ left ear (left pic) is the 3rd lobe piercing.
^^ right ear (right pic) is a new conch piercing (the dark ball in the middle of my ear towards the edge).

So essentially I have a "'standard' piercing ear" and a "not so standard piercing ear".  I like it.  After the conch piercing heals, I'll put a capture bar bell in so it loops around the edge of my ear.  Were these necessary?  Nah.  But I felt like it.  The conch piercing felt like an intense pinch.  The 3rd lobe had me up off the table and almost saying bad things very loudly.  It didn't help that I also had a #BarometerHead headache and the light directly above me was in my eyes and was killing me on the inside.

I considered getting some other piercings done, but I was already late to Ladies Night and I was certain that Teh PT Wife was going to slay me when I walked in for being late.  In fact, she was talking about me when I walked in the door, so ya know.... anything could happen.  I was late because I first went to the piercing place that did my rook/daith and the lady said the wait would have been about 1.5 hours and I said nopeeeeeee and she suggested I go to the Summerville location, which I did.  A few others were in front of me, but it wasn't that long of a wait.  There were no less than 5 others that walked in after me from the N.Chs location, so it was good timing.

I arrived to Ladies Night 30 minutes late.  Overall, it wasn't a bad night.  I did get annoyed when someone almost pushed me out of my chair in their drunken reaction to something and it had been pretty "cackly" all night and despite the tramadol I had taken when I got home and the adult beverage I had consumed, my head was still hurting. 

PS.  This bottle was empty.
There was 1/4 of it left when I brought it out and I shared with everyone.
So I am not the alcohol this photo makes me look like.

I finally headed home around 11 and joined Teh German in the bed.


The dreaded day of springing forward was upon us.  I was still fighting the headache, but I got up and fed the dogs and searched for poop to bring to the vet and did a load of laundry and then went back to bed.  I slept on and off until it was time to FaceTime with Auntie P.  Teh German noticed that we hadn't gotten to FaceTime with her since NYE... thus my persistent asking when we were going to FaceTime.

After FaceTime, Teh German cleaned up and headed out to ride Bob with his motorcycle gang.  I stayed home and was super boring and it was excellent.  I did 2 puzzles and took a nap.

The other puzzle was a Mickey puzzle that I failed to take photographic evidence of, but I have about 1/5 of it left to do and then the table will be cleared again.  Teh German came home while I was napping in the evening and instead of waking me, he let me sleep, which meant that dinner was started late and we didn't end up eating until around 8:30, by which point Teh German was in full-blown hangry mode.  Ugh.

I had made a new meatloaf recipe with a mushroom gravy and I was pretty impressed, despite the amount of work it took and the ingredients I left out.  Oops.  I had to practically force Teh German to help me in the kitchen while I was cooking.  I told him that he had gotten to do what he wanted all day and so did I, and the fact that he was out didn't excuse him from helping with dinner.  I can often tell who he has been hanging around when he comes back home based on his behavior.  This is the standard behavior post-biker gang.

After dinner was consumed (in record time), we watched the final episode of Mad Men.  I'm left trying to digest all the little things that were insinuated and imagining the future of Don and Co.  I won't lie, I was most happy for the way Peggy's story worked out because Peggy was the character I most identified with.  I wanted her story to work out.  I was kinda disappointed she didn't partner with Joan, but I got it in the end.  I told Timo he was my Stan and mostly I wanted that to mean, "You can rub my shoulders anytime you want."

After prepping dog dinner, doing a load of laundry, and other bedtime routines, it was finally sleepy time.


A fantastically wonderful lazy weekend.  I accidentally left my computer charger at work, which meant that I didn't get on the computer for most of the weekend and it was fantastic.

This week includes:
-Some spring break homework. 
-Dentist appt on Tues.
-Massage on Weds.
-Pest control on Thurs.
-Teh Running Bestie and BF will be arriving on Weds night.  We haven't planned any events yet, other than brunch at Hall's on Sunday.  I did con Teh Running Bestie into bringing running shoes with the intention to run the Bridge at some point, but we'll see if we make it happen.  I'm teleworking on Friday because it's Spring Break and I need to celebrate somehow.  Although sleeping until 1:15 was definitely a good start on that.

Happy Middle of March, Gentle Readers!

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  1. Good for you for calling them out! Sweet new piercings!


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