Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Shit Teh German Said #27

Teh German (tG) to Meri, who hadn't gone business the entire day before because it was raining all day: Do you have a big poop brick in you?

Discussing the end of greyhound racing in FL.
Teh Running Bestie: Oooo, you can get another dog!
tG: We're getting fish.

Teh Megan (tM): Would you wear carpenter pants?
tG: Yeah, to work in.
tM: I love carpenter pants.  I'd wear them all the time.
tG:  You probably shouldn't.  Because when you get in your car.....
(Willow is my hippie-lesbian car, I've embraced this fact).

tG: It's a meme with the cat with the hat.
Teh SC Teacher, tM (at the same time): You mean the cat IN the hat.

Teh PT Husband: When I go to Germany, I'm going to eat a pretzel every day.
tG: And you can.

tG: What was that banana drink?
Teh PT Husband: The Dirty Banana.
tG: Yeah that one.
Teh PT Husband: You'll be getting those in Barbados.
tG:  I ain't gonna wait that long.  2020 is so far away!

Teh German was looking at the clock over the garage door with a confused look.
tG: Is it 8:45?
tM: No, it's 6:45.
tG: Ohhhhh, I must have turned the clock the wrong way!

Discussing McDonald's having a window sign to indicate if the ice cream machine was working or not.
tG: That would be a lot of money wasted by McDonald's for lights that are never on...

Discussing laundry woes.
tM to Teh Running Bestie: Husband's wraps have bled and ruined other things two times and it pisses me off.
tG: Well, they do say "DANGER".

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