Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Crowd Tested and Approved Mac and Cheese

I was voluntold to bring mac and cheese for Thanksgiving dinner.  It was recommended that I just pick up a Stouffer's frozen mac and cheese and I was like, U-HHH NO.  Teh Mom used to make homemade mac and cheese all the tiiiimmee and it seemed pretty straightforward.  Boil pasta, add Velveeta, add some milk.. Dun.  Actually, you can also add butter, to make it even more healthy, but my memory didn't fail me.

This is the leftovers...
Since the picture I took of my fresh mac and cheese disappeared.


-16oz box of pasta (I used campanella instead of elbow pasta since they are "fun" pasta)
-16oz box of Velveeta cheese (that's the small box, if you double the recipe, buy the big box)
-some butter
-some milk


-Boil pasta to your preferred eating style and drain, return to pot
-Add entire box of Velveeta, a heaping spoonful of butter, milk to your preferred level of creaminess.
-Stir until everything is melted and mixed well. 

Megan Directions:

-Boil pasta
-While waiting on water/pasta, cut up Velveeta into small chunks (so it melts easier)
-When pasta is cooked to your liking, drain pasta, return to pot.
-Toss in heaping spoonful of butter, all the Velveeta, and add enough milk to the liquidiness of your choice.
-Stir until everything is melted and mixed well.

Another option to get the Velveeta to melt quicker is to put the milk, butter, and Velveeta in a pot on low-medium heat and let it meld/melt while the pasta is cooking, then add the cooked pasta to the mixture.  I did this because I was already using 2 pots.  You could prob also heat up the Velveeta/mixture in the microwave to soften the Velveeta.  Trust me, you want to make it as easy as possible to spread the Velveeta.  It's a LOT of stirring to get an entire box of Velveeta melted.  IN case you were not aware.

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