Monday, December 3, 2018

Weekend Review {12/03}


After the series of inconveniences day, I headed to the gym after work.  After the gym, I headed home to shower and wrap our white elephant gift and then we headed to the annual holiday party some friends host.  It's always a real shindig.  This year was 1920's themed (better get in the habit of adding 19 to the years from last century...), and my Amazon dress purchased actually worked out better than I had anticipated.  There was a hole in the sequins layer and one of the shoulders was coming unstitched, but I can fix those issues, I think.. or I just ignore them and no one would actually notice because I'm the only one who cares.

The party was loads of fun.  We stayed a lot longer than I thought we would and I had accidentally left my flippy floppies at home, so by 10:30, I left my heels at the door.  I think our friends thought I was being dramatic as I tread gently across the floor, but my feet hurt sooooooooooo bad.

Also, awkward moment of the night?  Ginger Beard showed up.
Oh you're confused at who the fuck Ginger Beard is?  Let me remind you about that one time that I used an online dating site.  Did I ever think I'd meet one of those online dates out in the real world as I stand beside my husband?  NO.  NO I DID NOT. 

Despite my inebriated state, I sent out "DO NOT FUCKING COME OVER HERE AND MAKE ME HAVE TO EXPLAIN HOW I KNOW YOU" vibes.  Fortunately, he was with his group of friends and I was with mine and the groups didn't seem to know each other and I, sure as shit, was NOT going to be the one who made the connection.  Nope, nope, nope. 

I might be the Queen of the Awkward, but introducing "the guy I went out with a few times before you" or "the guy I was at that baseball game with; the one where I was bored AF and was texting you" to Husband?  Or better yet, "This is my husband, the guy I picked over you after you went stage 5 clinger after knowing me for less than 3 weeks.  Although, ultimately, I would have picked him over you because he was more awesome, actually laughed at my jokes, and has a sexy accent, but that's neither here nor there." 
That is on a level that I cannot handle. 

I have no idea what time we actually left, but I know that we "started" to leave around 9:30/45 and we were still there at 11:30..  so /shrug.  I wasn't driving, so whatever.

We got home before 0100, but after midnight.  It was immediately brush teeth and bedtime.. I hadn't stopped since 0530 that morning, I was DUN.


Saturday was a semi slow start.  We got up around 9 and got ready.  We headed out to brunch with Teh NY Chef to the Jewish Deli.  I needed to pick up my Kiawah race packet at the Summerville Fleet Feet, so I figured this was a solid excuse to go to the deli.  While we were there, I also scheduled my post semester massage.

After picking up my packet and buying some clearance socks (since they didn't have the model of sock I wanted (yes, that's a thing)), we headed back home.  I was dragging ass (let's blame how long Friday was, not the inebriation, kthx) so I laid down for a nap.

A delightful couple of hours later, I woke up and messed around on my phone for a bit.  Eventually, Teh German headed over to Teh PT House for cigar time and eventually, I followed.  A plan was made to go to Carolina Ale House for dinner.  Teh Neighbor Besties took over.  We didn't realize the Alabama vs Georgia game was on, so we had a short wait.  We definitely left before the Clemson game started.

New rule:
All photos with babies require a silly face.

After dinner, we headed back to Teh PT House for hanging out time.  I was reunited with my "vibrator" (the percussion massager, not an actual vibrator) and stood in the living room massaging all my sore pieces so I could walk the next day.  #NotSorryForTheGroans

Eventually, it was sleepy time and we headed home.


Sunday was productive day.

I got up and took care of the dogs (again) and started on homework things.  I worked on homework things for a few hours, having Teh German review my German skits that I wrote for our oral exam, and completed the final exam for my online class.  I finally got tired of that and needed a break.  Teh German told me no to going out with me to run errands since it was a "rainy, lazy day" and he was watching football and then added, "Why do I need to go get your hair stuff with you?".... which was essentially him lighting my fuse...  Soooo muuuuccchhhh rrraaagggeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I hate having to play the martyr when it comes to everything.. but when I have to MAKE time to do things like taking the dogs to get their nails cut (which was done VERRRRRRRRRYYYY poorly, some nails weren't even CUT, poorly), picking up shampoo/conditioner at Sally's, and then going to get groceries and a photo album for the 163 photos I found and had printed out for his immigration interview, and Husband tells me he is having a lazy day (which is what he did the prior day), I see fucking red.

I'm grateful my work is flexible so I can go to school, but I don't have all the free time he has.  We very rarely spend time together, other than eating meals, which are often quick and doesn't involve much talking.  Then I retreat to the office to do work or homework or finally take a shower after getting home from the gym AND THEN go back down to the office to accomplish things.. So on the weekends, I have to get shit done because I don't have time during the week to accomplish more than I already do.  I feel guilty going to the gym because I feel like I'm cheating work out of time (I'm not) and/or it's time I could be at home..  The time guilt is real, which is probably why I feel the need to bring up the time martyr situation when shit like this happens.

Teh German knew without a doubt that I was fucking pissed when I left, as I ensured he knew it when I told him bye. 

I took the dogs to get their nails cut, I should have checked in the store and had her cut more.  I was pissed when I got home and saw that you couldn't even tell a few of Pax's nails had even been touched with clippers.  MORE HULKSMASH RAGE.

Pax and Meri were ready for their poultry treat.
(Birds, they wanted to eat the birds.)

I went back home to drop the dogs off and headed back out to get MY shampoo and conditioner and OUR groceries and HIS photo album.  Still ragey, but with a sign right in front of me (a van from Teh Dad's company was in front of me on my way to Walmart), I finally called Teh Dad back after I'd ignored his calls Saturday (I was out with Teh NY Chef and Teh German) and on Sunday (since I was pissed at Teh German and Teh Dad always takes his side of every argument with some "manly" bullshit and cut him some slack and whatever fucking nonsense he says that usually incites my feminist-everything-equal into a blind rage). 

Fortunately, I told him all of that, so he didn't go down that track.  He did tell me not to say things I'd regret.  He also mentioned that I got my "barbarous" tongue from both parents, so he understood how it might be difficult to keep it in check.  I reminded him that living with Teh Mom had made me well-trained in not saying anything at all.

I accomplished errands and when I got home, Teh German got the groceries out of the car and put them away without me asking.  This method of acting like nothing happened is his way of apologizing for pissing me off, but not saying sorry is him not feeling bad about his decision to stay home.  I'm still stabby, but, again, I lived with Teh Mom long enough to learn to power through the rage and put on the nothing-is-wrong front. 

I had purchased a frozen bag dinner (first time in our marriage for that trick I've been keeping up my sleeve) and while it was cooking, I put away laundry from earlier in the week and kept the in process laundry going.  After dinner, I did the laundry, then headed back to the office to work on more homework.

This is where the time martyr comes in.  Gentle Readers,  All day usually.  There's always something I should be doing.  Homework, studying for the next test, laundry, something for dogs (poop hasn't been scooped in at least a month, since the last time I did it, since Teh German hates to scoop).  From the moment I get out of bed, I'm going.  I work in the AM or I do school work before going to school, or I'll go on a run, sometimes I'll come home after a run and take the dogs on a jog/walk.  Then I get ready.  I go to school.  I go to work.  Sometimes between school and work I'll stop by the chiro or get gas.  Rarely, I'll pick up lunch.  I'm at the office until most everyone has left (because no one likes it when the person who arrives last leaves before the person who arrived at 0900).  MWF I go to the gym, TH, I go home.  Depending on what is going on, it means extra homework or work time for me.  After I get home, it's dinner time.  Sometimes I cook, sometimes Teh German has cooked.  Sometimes, after the gym, I don't even bother going upstairs to shower because I know I will not want to come back downstairs to do work/homework, so I stay in my sweaty gym clothes until I'm done with my work.  I try to be upstairs by 9:30 so I can shower and be in bed by 10.  This starts again at 0530-0600 the next day.

During the semester, there were plenty of days that I was able to get ahead on my homework and finish up my work tasks while I was at work, so there would be days I could be available for work and still watch Shameless when I got home.  But right now, I don't have time to watch Shameless.  In fact, a new episode of Vikings went live last weekend and I haven't even been able to pretend to want to watch it.  Teh Ranch comes back on Dec 7th and I realllllly want to watch, but I know that I have exams next week.

It's a difficult balance, so when Husband, who has spent 2 days laying on the couch scrolling through his endless social media feeds, tells me, "Why should I go with you to pick up your hair stuff?" I want to rip of his arms and beat him with them.  I wanted to remind him of how I ensure that he never runs out of body wash or deodorant or FOOD and who plans our meals 97% of the time and who communicates to the cleaners and most of the service people for anything we use.

This mental time/effort that I've put forth for us is difficult to quantify and maybe that's why I feel the need to pull out the time martyr.  I know I posted about this within the last 2 years, but I cannot find the actual term I discovered to accurately describe this phenomenon that sooo many women experience.  If someone remembers, please jog my memory.. It's annoying me not to know now. 

Anyways.. after finishing up some school stuff, I headed upstairs for more laundry, bedtime chores, and then I laid in bed listening to an audiobook and playing solitare until Teh German came to bed.  I would have read my ebook, but I discovered the library had taken it back.... AND NOW there's a wait.. ugh.

My watch said I was asleep by 9:30, and I'm not actually sure if it's true or not, but it's fine if it was.


I woke up this morning to several notifications that my library holds were ready for download.  Now I have a millionty books all at the same time, a bittersweet event, of course.  One of the library audiobooks was an audiobook I had used an Audible credit on, so I returned that bad boy.  #NoCreditWasted

Despite my partner's very strong desire to put off our German oral exam, I semi-forced her into doing it today, and it went just fine, as expected.  We're the top 2 students in the class.  I was FAR from worried about our oral exam.  This is the same student who our professor wanted to put into the next level class at the beginning of the semester, but it wouldn't fit with her schedule, so she stayed in our section... like, girl, you don't need to be worried.

I consider my online class complete since I completed the final exam.  I haven't care about that class all semester, but I am expecting an A.

This week includes:
-TEH RUNNING BESTIE'S ARRIVAL! with Boyfran and the dogs.
-Computer science test Wednesday.
-Final circuits project due Thursday.
-Company holiday party on Friday.
-Kiawah Half Marathon on Saturday.

PS.  It's December.
I'd be more glad if it was COLD and December and not just December.
Instead it's rainy and December and if it was cold that would mean SNOW and December..
That said, while I love the rain, the damp is making my bad hip hurt and I really don't enjoy that.

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