Monday, December 17, 2018

Weekend Review {12/17}


Just work on Friday.  I was the first one into the office, which meant I didn't feel guilty when I left before everyone.  My #BarometerHead started sending out alarm after lunch and I ended up skipping the gym and going home and taking a nap. 

Teh German came home and we got ready for his work holiday party.  There were no photos because I was busy socializing since I wasn't sick this year.  After the party we headed home rather than going out with his coworkers.  After the week, we were both done with everything.  We did go to Teh PT House for a little while, but eventually it was bedtime and we headed home.


Saturday morning, I woke up and wanted to get some shit accomplished, so I got out of bed by 0830 (that no dog life).  First up was laundry, ugh.

Next thing on the agenda was straightening up the desk.  I am not ready to part with Fall 2018 semester's stuff yet, so I stored it away in case I need to reference it next semester (high possibility with some part 2 classes scheduled for Spring 19).

Fall 2018.

This is what immigration interview prep looks like.
This was Teh German's area, so I didn't touch anything except the photo album/pictures.

Final results!

After everything was cleaned up, I plopped down at my desk to do some Cricut things.  I've had several projects on hold, waiting for me to not have school things to do.  Personalized tumblers have been created.

Teh German and I set out to do errands around 1.  Our first stop was dropping off his snowboard to get waxed.  Then we stopped at Sesame since Mr. Hungover was hungry.  We made a stop at Dick's to look for snow goggles that weren't $140 (which is the price of goggles at the sports shop where Teh German's board is getting waxed) and because I live in SC, there are no snow goggles to be found.  So much for being prepared when we get to CO.

Next, we stopped at Sam's and Walmart for some stuffs, then Cookout for milkshakes on the way home.  When we got home, I set about the task of cleaning off the island where things had been landing when we arrived home.  I also packaged/wrapped several items that will be shipped off this week.

We spent the remainder of the evening watching The Ranch.  During this, Teh German was voluntold to sort half of the photos I'd gotten printed so they could be in order in the immigration interview photo album.  After we got the photos sorted, I worked on putting the photos into the album and labeling the photos.  Eventually, it was bed time.


Sunday morning, I had originally wanted to go on a run, but my hamstrings were on the brink of being better, so I opted out.  My Sunday plans included: picking up the missing photos from the interview album, finishing a book, and doing whatever the fuck I wanted.

So when Teh German suggested that we ride the bikes to brunch, I agreed.  I explained that we had to pick up the photos then we could go wherever.  We agreed to go to the Jewish Deli for brunch.  Since we'd been to the Deli recently, we both ventured out of our comfort zones and ordered items we hadn't tried before.

When we got home, Teh German took the other motorcycle out for a spin and I talked to Teh Dad while finishing up the photo album with the missing 45 photos from 2015.  After finishing the album, I moved on to finishing up the laundry, got off the phone with Teh Dad, and decided it was time to get warm in the bath.

I had a book and a milkshake to finish, so I did just that..  I also had a bath bomb to use.  #WIN
The not win part was that bath bombs and shaving = needing to clean the tub/jets.  After rinsing the tub, I filled it past the jets and poured in some clorox and let it run for 10 minutes.  After this, I drained the tub, filled the tub over the jets again, but with cold water this time and let it run for 15 minutes.

Shortly after 5, our across the street neighbors came over to discuss a Disney strategy since they knew that I/we've gone to Disney World several times.  I gave them all my helpful hints, and then still had to text them after they'd gone as I'd think of things I should have told them.

I threw together something for dinner so we wouldn't starve and didn't have to go out (again).  After dinner, I moved to the couch to finish my book.  Shortly after 9, I finished it.  Then it was time to go to bed, since the weekend was over.  Despite going to bed on time, we didn't get to sleep until late because we were both not sleeping since the interview was the following day.  Teh German and I quizzed each other on life details an agent may ask us and eventually we fell asleep.


This morning was our interview, but due to a series of unfortunate events, it was not the joyous occasion I wanted it to be.  We are still on hold due to a missing form, but as soon as the agent receives that form, Husband's application will be approved.  If none of that means anything (which I get), it means that Teh German's green card will be approved after we send in a form.

Unfortunately, there was a rough start this morning due to Teh German's Company's CEO who I'd like to fly to Germany and viciously throttle.  The particulars involve this individual trying to schedule a mandatory meeting on Wednesday morning including Teh German, which happens to also be the first day of our vacation, when I was looking forward to not having to worry about either of our works.  This individual doesn't realize just how miserable he's making MYYYY life by making my husband miserable, but I'm ready to let him know about it, even if it won't help the situation. 

The weekend was busy.  I don't know how to not do things anymore.  I'm so trained to always be doing something productive that when I sit down to relax, I can't because my brain is going a millionty mph thinking of things that I should/could be doing.  It's difficult to adjust, but I'm sure that not being at home will help.  Fingers crossed.

I imagine that my posts will become sporadic throughout the rest of the month due to Snowcation, so ya know, be prepared for that. 

I have no great parting wisdom today.  So, instead, just don't kill people in a holiday rage.  Especially those fuckers who don't use signal lights when they are going to spend hundreds of dollars on gifts for people they care about, which obviously isn't you since they didn't bother to use turn indicators for you.

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