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Weekend Review {5/8}

Phil really threw me for a loop last week.  The idea of doing a normal 5 on Friday post almost happened, but I knew what I really needed to post.  I'm honestly not as sad as I think everyone expects me to be.  While this isn't unusual for me, there are a lot of people in my life now that have never experienced me grieving.  I have been talking about Phil quite a bit, as well as cussing at him on a regular basis for general Phil shit.

He puked in the car on the way to the vet on Thursday and I had made lasagna the night before and because he loves gluten I gave Phil and Meri noodles as a treat that night and also put one noodle each in their breakfast bowls.  He made sure to return my investment... which I got to pick out of my washing machine piece by slimy piece after washing the comforter.

I vacuumed Yurtle on Sunday after noon and had to remember to vacuum the roof because Phil was so tall.  Additionally, I found his tags that have been missing for a few weeks.  They were on the floor board of the back seats.  That definitely made me tear up some.

Anyways.. For all of you who sent kind emails, I really appreciate your thoughts.  Knowing that I/we have such a big support network only reassures me that I'm not a completely horrible person and strangers on the internet can be awesome.


Since I had mostly not worked on Thursday, I had to put in a long day on Friday.  Since we were having our office opening party/Cinco de Mayo party from 4-6, I took Meri to work with me.  We were at work for almost 11 hours.  Phil wouldn't have lasted.  He would have huffed and puffed at me from 1pm on because he much preferred his slumber ball to a spot under my desk.

We took a field trip to mail off US invites!

Then this happened:

Talk about super scary!  Also, possibly a Phil sign?  Me assisting a confused old man?  Sounds legit, so I'm taking it.  Meri was a rock star.  We went on 2 walks (1 of those was the train walk), she got treats, pettins from my coworkers (and later their kids), and even dared to take a bite of my burrito..

She was successful.
I still ate it.

Margarita machine..

Portable taco bar.  #genius

Teh German joined us for festivities.  We finally left around 5:30 because I had been at the office for 11 hours and I was ready to go home.  When we got home, we went on a pack walk and went home and put on lazy clothes.

While we were sitting on the couch, Teh German and I discussed next dog.  He still maintained that it felt too soon and I pointed out that he wasn't the one bringing Meri to work with him and that she needed a companion.  He agreed.  Then I pointed out that most rescues take a few weeks to process applications since it is usually a volunteer effort.  I had sent Teh German a link earlier in the day for him to look at, so this wasn't coming out of the blue for him.  He finally agreed that we could put in the application.

Teh German's name is the primary name on the application but I'm also listed.  I did most of the work filling out the application since I knew it would be easier to do it on the computer than the iPad.  I did get Teh German's answers for the open ended questions on the application (how would you handle these situation type questions) and added a bit of Megan flourish.  This is Teh German's preference since he remains very self-conscious about his written English.  We discussed most of the answers to the questions and agreed on the answers (as in, I agreed with how Teh German had responded to the questions).  I made sure to read everything that I had put on the application to him in case I added anything so he could be prepared if he was asked about it.

When the application was submitted, there was a popup that said the process could take 2-3 weeks.  I think part of that calmed Teh German a little bit (in the, "it's too soon to get another dog" line) but at the same time makes him anxious because he doesn't like waiting.  Afterwards, we headed over to Teh PT Neighbors house for hanging out.

Around 11 we finally came home and crashed into bed.


We were interested to see how long Meri would let us sleep in on Saturday..  Well, she didn't.  She woke us up at 7 because she's a bitch... a very cute bitch.

Gave Meri a new toy and she refuses to play with it.
Meri is definitely not food motivated in any way.

We went back to bed and eventually woke up around 9.  By 10 we got up and had leftovers for breakfast.


Then, we decided to be productive adults.  Teh German wanted to go pick out a new lawn mower and I said I would go and that Meri would go with us.  If you live in America, did you know that dogs are allowed in Lowe's?  Well, they are.  We saw Teh PT Husband while we were there, which happened to work out perfectly.  He was there to pick up the materials to insulate their garage door and they wouldn't fit in his SUV.  When we were finished, Teh German brought his insulation home and Teh PT Husband brought our new lawn mower home.

While Teh German was trying to make a decision about which lawn mower he wanted (which I walked away and told him it was completely up to him, that he didn't have a price limit.  Then I clarified on a lawn mower.  I noticed a few people chuckling as I walked away), Meri and I perused the washer and dryers, then looked for a GFCI outlet with an audible alarm on it since the one in our garage keeps flipping, which is bad since the beer fridge is plugged into it.  Along with the beer fridge is also all the spare meat that I keep frozen.  AKA, this fridge needs to stay cold because there's a lot of money in it.

Meri got a lot of attention which was good for her.  I'm trying to mitigate her separation anxiety until we get new dog.  Obviously, she can't go everywhere with us, but it was also a good opportunity to tire her out.

We also picked up a new flag pole, since the one that Teh Running Bestie got us was starting to look a bit.. ratchet.  And we got a new US flag to have on hand.  We'll probably put it up for Memorial Day through mid-July, then bring the SC flag back out for a bit.  We've also been bringing the flag in when it's super windy to help reduce the amount of tattering that happens.

When we got home, vehicles were unloaded and Teh German was excited to put his new lawn mower together and use it.  I stayed inside and worked on editing the last of the Asheville pictures.  I also posted on Phil and Meri's blog that Phil had passed and I even emailed Teh Bear to let him know.  I hadn't even thought about telling Teh Bear until Saturday afternoon.  I drafted the post and waited for over an hour before finally hitting send.  I haven't spoke to Teh Bear after March 2014 other than once when I accidentally used his credit card to buy a Groupon (it was saved to my account and I didn't check, oops).

I did finally post Asheville photos.  I'll try to remember to do a post here eventually (sounds easy enough in theory).

Around 3, Teh German came in for lunch and we had lasagna.  I wasn't sure what we were doing for dinner, so we didn't eat too much.  Teh German went back outside to finish up the yard and I piddled around the house accomplishing nothing.  I did talk to Teh Dad who tried to skirt around the Phil issue until I finally told him that it was fine.  During which time, Teh German had disappeared and I was going to go lay in the hammock since it was nice outside.  Well, I found Teh German!  He was also in the hammock.  I made him scoot over and we shared.  Yay for a 2 person hammock!

Teh German suggested Sushi 101 for dinner and lured me with white sauce (the hibachi kind, not the dirty kind, you pervs) and it was an easy yes for me.  Right before we left, Teh Bear texted me and thanked me for letting him know.  Teh German and I headed to Sushi 101 and while we waited on our food, we discussed dog names for the next dog.  When he finally asked who I was texting, I explained that it was Teh Bear.

Then I reminded Teh German about Phil's choice.
Me: Do you remember when I told you that Phil didn't pick me?
tG: Yes.
Me: Well, he picked {Teh Bear] and I just felt like it was the right thing to do to tell him.  We did catch up some since we haven't spoken since 2014.  He's married now.

Teh German seemed a little unsettled by it at first, but didn't say anything.  After dinner, we headed back home and decided to watch Netflix.  I did my duty as a good fiance to select Blazing Saddles as our movie of choice.  After it ended, we followed it up with a few episodes of Modern Family, then it was bedtime.


Again, we tried to sleep in.  Again, Meri was ready to go at 7.  After she was fed and went business, we all went back to bed.  Again, by 9, I was bored and ready to get up.

I talked Teh German into going to brunch at Iron Dog Diner, which was a good life choice.

Fritatta - oven cooked egg with pork belly hash.

Chocolate torte w/ oreo, caramel, and multiple types of chocolate.

We were on Suzi and Bagheera, so I also took Teh German by my office to show him the place with graffiti that he might like to take pictures of Suzi in front of.  After, we headed home.  Teh German decided to also insulate our garage and he headed off to Lowe's.  I wasn't interested in joining him, so I stayed home and napped.

After Teh German came home, I eventually got motivated and decided to vacuum out Yurtle.  It was a test of will between me and all Phil's hairs.  Also, I know we'll be taking Yurtle to MD (assuming we go), so I'd like to have a relatively clean car (at least on the inside).  I also vacuumed out the front of Baloo and rinsed off his floor mats.

For the first time since 2012, Yurtle is put back together!  I put the back seats up and put the cargo cover (that I've been moving from house to house) back in! 

After Teh German completed his project and I had put the vacuum away, I went inside and heated up leftovers for dinner.  After we ate, we headed over to Teh PT Neighbors' for smoking hookah and cigars and chillin.

Meri and Marcie


Although it could have been a sad weekend, we stayed busy and carried on.  We discussed Phil a lot which is definitely helping us both.  I'd rather talk about him that keep it all inside as to avoid upsetting each other.  I consider this grieving together.  I think about Phil as I go to sleep at night and as I'm waking up in the morning.  Saturday morning, it hit me just how fitting the name Philbo Baggins was for Phil.  He was very similar to Bilbo Baggins...

While I didn't really accomplish much this weekend, Teh German did.  He pointed out that there have been weekends when our roles have been reversed, so it's ok, which I appreciated.  I was very glad for a completely lazy weekend.  And we even fit in a ride, even if it made my hip smart.  But really, at this point, what doesn't make my hip hurt?

This week includes:
-Meri's wellness visit.
-Hopefully a call from the doberman rescue.
-Teh PT Wife's birfday and celebration on Friyay.

Teh German and I are still in talks about going to MD.  I think right now we are leaning more towards going (yes, Teh Running Bestie, I just heard that squeal) because Teh German will still get to drive a Gator, even if we don't have a dog.  It means that we can help out where we are needed and with Olive.

Countdown to a 4 day weekend:  9 days for me.  Then another 3 day weekend the following weekend? #likeaboss

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  1. That's so scary! I hope that the man is alright! It's a good thing y'all were there!

    I'm glad y'all have been able to discuss Phil instead of just letting it build up inside.


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