Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Confessions {5/24}

-My heart is still weeping from how awesome the Happily Ever After show was (the nighttime Disney show on the castle).  Seriously.  I need to see it again and again... and again.  #disneylife

-Pax attacking Meri really upset me.  Not enough to consider returning him, but enough to do some significant research on how to make dogs like each other.  I'm really hoping this is just a blip.  #helicopterparent

On the car ride from MD to SC.

-I'm starting to get nervous about my surgery.  The pre-op appointment yesterday did not help alleviate any stress.  Mostly I'm concerned with the ability to wipe my own ass.  #helplessisnotmyjam

-In the last week it has rained almost every day.  I love it.  #IknowImweird

-IDK why they installed the TP dispenser in the women's bathroom at work so low.  It's like someone picked an arbitrary spot on the wall and said, "yeah here."  Rather than sit on the toilet and make a logical decision where to place it.  #somepeopleskids

-I have a super long to-do list and I need to actually accomplish those things within the next week.  Ugggghhh.  #presurgerylife

-I don't think the new computer I received was supposed to be used for this purpose.. buttttt oh well.  While they raised my desk to standing height, it is still a few inches too short, so my keyboard needed some lift.  They can have the computer back on May 31st.  #notsorry

-Have I mentioned lately how much I love my People?  I do.  Seriously.  My greyhound/dog people are especially amazing.  When we got home from MD, there was a package waiting for me from Sprink, a necklace with Phil's ear tattoos on it.  I cried.  I love it so much.  I've worn it every day since.  It "matches" perfectly with the bracelet that Roux's Humom gave me with Phil's photos on it.

-To add to the Phil thing.  I've strongly considered getting Phil's number as an inner ear tattoo.  I haven't decided yet.

-When we got home from MD our flowers were blooming like crazy!  It's funny how little you notice when you see them every day!  Our passion flower vine is out of control!!!  I love it!

-This is a truck of magical happiness.  If you can't see it, it's the Amazon Prime truck.  This one is not on fire, thankfully.


  1. That necklace is such a sweet gift! I think that tattoo would be awesome!

  2. That's so thoughtful of your friends to get you the necklace and bracelet.


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