Friday, May 26, 2017

Five on Friday #109


It's been one of those weeks at work that I just want to pull a Milton (from Office Space).

Between all my work being lost because some techs have no comprehension of version control (and that multiple individuals working on the same document is NOT conducive to me doing my job), spilling someone else's dayS old coffee on myself, and a general "over all this shit" attitude because I'm exhausted from not sleeping well, I'm hurting from my hip, and I've just got a lot of balls rolling at once, I'm done.

I'm trying to prep for surgery next week and accomplish all.the.things.  I've been trying to ask Teh German for help doing small tasks that are simple (put the suitcases away, pull dog blankets from the dryer, help me with the laundry, etc).  It's difficult to not micro-manage for me, but I'm making attempts.

This week I accomplished getting my pre-op labs completed and picking up my medication/prescriptions that I will need post-surgery.  I'm working with the people who are delivering my "gear" (to include a hip brace, cooling contraption, and sexy space boots to massage my calves so I don't get blood clots from being sedentary).  Teh German also talked me into ordering a super awesome rail system for the toilet because I'm 90 I won't be able to stand up on my own at first and he doesn't want to help me in the bathroom wants to keep some mystery between us.  Truthfully, I'm sure we'll both be happier with him not helping me when I go business and both of us will be less embarrassed.

I want to do some cleaning (use the vacuum (not Roomy), bathrooms, kitchen counters/knobs/stove, dusting, and in an ideal world, mop the floors (hahahahahaahah)) this weekend and I'll ensure all the laundry is caught up by Wednesday evening.  These are lofty goals, but I have already warned Teh German...

I also would like to meal plan for next week early in the weekend so I can accomplish the grocery store visit, if necessary, over the weekend, thus eliminating another task and stress from next week.  How adult of me.  Blech.


Pax and Meri have been doing well this week.  After their one confrontation, everything seems to have settled.  Meri is letting him approach her again, which is good.

We took Pax to the vet on Wednesday and they told us he had hookworms. They weren't pleased when we left without medication.  I knew that Pax had some sort of worm medication at home that I had forgotten to bring, as well as his entire binder that contained his shot records, so I wasn't about to spend the extra money on medication I knew we didn't need.

This was also the 4th time the vet has introduced himself to me as if we've never met before.  I just cannot with that.  We'll probably be switching vets for our next visits to the vet that we last went to with Phil.  I didn't over love them when we moved to Charleston, but I think I like them better now that I've been to other vets in the area.  That, and I'm still impressed that the vet was able to not stab herself or Phil when he was seizing.

We're on a pretty consistent schedule and we've been on pack walks every day since we got back from MD.  He peed in the house Thursday morning and there was a poop present for us on Tuesday.  Siiiiiigh.  #newpuppyproblems  Nonetheless, he's here to stay and he's growing on me.  Almost literally since he always seems to be right in front of me whenever I turn around.  If he's not in front of me, he's leaning on one of my legs.  He can never get enough affection.

Bully stick time!
No snarking happened, so I'm calling it a success for our first round.

The real issue now seems to be Teh German.  He keeps waking up in the middle of the night anytime he hears anything (usually Pax's foot scratching against the wall because he has zero concept of how big he actually is), which wakes me up.  Last night there were 3 sleep interruptions.  If people are smart, they won't cross me today. 


From the phone:


If Gloria (Modern Family) can wear them.. I can totally pull them off too.

Signs from Philbo.

They may be a Boston fan...

With poop!


After my pre-op appt, Teh German suggested Willie Jewell's for dinner.
Don't tease this girl with a good time.

A huge mf-in chain, I assume from one of the many ships that came through the CHS harbor.

German isn't on here.  Weellllll then.

Saw a rebate on Ibotta for these babies.  #noregrets

Teh German came with me for Pax's first vet appointment.
I'm only seeing positives about Pax being "his" dog.

There was an Ibotta rebate for this thing too.
The Milka chocolate is delicious, but overall, it's just meh.
How about Milka+Reese's... That's what I'm talkin' aboutttttttt.


From the internet/Random shit: 

This isn't an affiliate link, but I do get $$ if you sign up and use it.  This week I got $6 back on things I bought ($3 spent on items I wouldn't normally buy but was tempted into) at the grocery store through the Ibotta app.  Seriously though, there's no excuse not to use it.  I got $0.25 for buying apples, $0.25 for buying green beans, $0.25 for buying bananas, $0.50 for that Oreo candy bar, $2 back for buying the Bolthouse Farms protein shakes I like to drink for breakfast (making them $1 instead of $2+), and $1 for the tea I love.  You take a pic of your receipt, you scan the items (with barcodes) and voila, $$ to you. 

Do you even (shirt) Woot, bro?  I've bought 2 shirts in the last week and I'm considering buy the father figure one for a father's day gift for Teh Dad, except I'm afraid he'd try to wear it to the wedding and I'd have to unleash Bridezilla on him.. and we just don't need that.

I did some wedding pinning.  It comes in spurts (that's what she said), but that's better than nothing at all, I guess.  This bitch might just come together in the end... It's too bad more people aren't RSVPing yet. 

I think I'll be getting a massage before my surgery.  Loosening up my muscles will make surgery easier right?  Whatevs, do not curr.


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Standing instead of sitting at work.
  2. Accomplishing tasks that need to be accomplished before my surgery.
  3. Pax re-figuring out the stairs.
  4. Wedding RSVPs.
  5. People on my street agreeing with my opinion regarding our neighborhood FB page and how people don't seem to know how to communicate effectively.  How to communicate on social media: Think to yourself, is this comment objective AND constructive/productive to the topic at hand?  I am responding out of a feeling (anger, jealousy, sadness, happiness, etc)?  Is my comment even relevant to the topic?  Am I commenting back to another commenter to voice my different opinion to contribute to the conversation in a helpful way?  #learn2communicateeffectively
  6. Riding Bagheera.
  7. My new mug from Universal.
  8. My Phil necklace.
  9. Lazy nights and watching Modern Family.
  10. Pack walks.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. I'm relieved to hear that things have been going smooth with Pax. I love that he's a major leaner. But dammit you (can) literally fall over large dogs because they're always at your side and they haven't a clue just how big they really are. Makes me laugh but I say that and love with two 20 lb fluffs.

    LOVE your slippers! :)
    I hope you get all of your ducks in a row before surgery. How soon do you start rehab? How many days in the hospital? And they get you up and walking right away, no?


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