Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Confessions {5/10}

-I was searching for a headphones extension cord since I have a bad habit of rolling away from my desk a little too far and one of my earbuds will violently pull from my ear.  Riddle me this, Batman.. Who is using a 25ft headphone extension cord?  Why not just get cordless headphones?  I was thinking like a 2-4 foot extension, but apparently a 25 foot cable is only $1 more. #WTF

-I seriously wore a dress without bothering to shave my legs last week.  I wanted to give a fuck, but I just didn't.  Apparently that book about Not Giving a F*ck is working.  #notsorry #pricklyinalltheways

-Pretty sure a dress I wore last week shrank.. except it doesn't make sense when since I know I didn't dry it and laid it flat to dry like the instructions said.  I spent the entire day tugging at my hem and trying to remember not to bend over for any reason.  I even made Teh German look at my butt and make sure that he couldn't see anything before we left for work that morning.  #CatholicModesty  #SuperSelfConscious

-I am the only crazy privacy person that regularly views my Facebook profile and changes everything that is public to friends only?  I mean, I even change previous cover photos to friends only.  Everything is on lock down.  Pretty sure you also can't message me unless you are at least a friend of a friend (if that setting is still a thing), no randos allowed.

-Every year when I see NCSU graduation pictures, I get extremely jealous of their red cap and gowns.  That boring ass black that we wore was such a disappointment.  Siiiiiiiigh.  #RedMightBeMyFavoriteColor #DontTellTheOthers

-I set a picture of Phil and Olive as the GEGR FB header and now it keeps showing up on my feed when FB wants the group to pay to advertise and I love and hate it at the same time.

-I understand respecting history but I learned about Confederate Memorial Day yesterday and my mind was blown.  Apparently, in SC, it's a recognized "holiday" and some government offices will actually be closed.  Uhhhhhhh... what?  Why do people who support the Confederacy (ugh, still) feel like other (federally recognized) days of remembrance are not enough for them?  I just don't get it.  Also, #Ihateeveryone

-When it takes you longer to send me the email delegating a task, you should probably just do it yourself.  Especially since the task isn't related to anything I do.  #SmarterNotHarder

-My hip has been hurting a LOT recently and I'm struggling with the balance between medicating and not medicating.  Idk why but I'm paranoid about becoming addicted.  It's very difficult to function and do my job when I'm medicated, so I try to avoid taking my pills when possible.  But since we moved to the new office, I've been sitting, which is exacerbating the situation.  Is it June 1st yet?

-Sometimes I feel like I'm a bitch at work but I tell myself that it's not my fault.  I try my best to use context clues to assist my coworkers with what they need when they ask me a question.  But if someone says to me, "Do we have the build plan?" "Where is the document for Project?"  I get irritated.  The reality is, my job isn't limited to a single project.  Nor does a single project have a single document.  Rather than me having ask 20  questions to figure out what the fuck they are talking about, I have started saying, "There are multiple documents per project and I work on most of our projects.  You need to be more specific or I cannot help you."  I've spent 2.5 years trying to be nice to people and read their minds.  #ImOverIt #HelpMeHelpYou

-I copied someone and saved a whole bunch of Thomas Kinkade/Disney photos to use as my desktop background at work.  I have zero regrets.

-I may or may not have spent almost $300 on dresses so I don't have to wear pants after my surgery.  I do have plans to return some that don't fit, so that is dollars saved.  Additionally, I used gift certificates, which was $70 off and my 5% Red Card discount and free shipping?  Final price: $185, excluding what I eventually return.  These dresses will also double as work clothes, so I'm proud of my investment.

-Since I had to work late on Tuesday, I decided to peruse the Art Festival thing that was taking place on the street outside my office when I left.  It was a win because not only did I see Teh SC Greyhound Neighbor and bought Teh Running Bestie's mother's day present (which was really just an excuse to buy her a shirt she had wanted when she was here in March), Tami-Draws was also there and I dropped some dollas at her booth on prints I've been eyeing for a hot minute.  I totally fangirl-ed Tami and she was probably like, "Woah, she's a crazy one."  But really, I've been a huge fan since I first arrived to Charleston. #shoplocal

-I am all for vaccinating children, buttttt I rarely get all the suggested vaccines for Meri.  I always make sure she has her rabies, even though the likelihood of Meri getting the disease is remote, it's legally required, so fine.  I turn down the lyme, bordatella, and lepto vaccines. 

-I started thinking about photo printing this week since I finished my Asheville flower edits.  This means those frames that have been sitting in my office since.. uhhh.. late 2016.. now finally have a chance of being filled.  Additionally, I have 2 Disney frames I need to print photos for (Disneyland trip and then Disney World in Dec).  ANNNNDDD I want to have some of our engagement photos printed.  AAAANNNNDDD (again), I have 4 windows that will be for holding photos.  2 of those are mine, 2 are Teh Running Besties, but all 4 will be used as decorations for the wedding.  #ALLTHEPICTURES

-Meri has been doing ok.  She was a little bit sad, but I've been leaving her out of her crate and Roux's Humom has been checking on her/dog sitting her this week and she's been doing well.  We haven't heard anything from the doberman rescue, but I have high hopes that we'll hear something within the next week or so.  My goal would be to make a pit stop in NC to meet the dog on our way back from MD.  I'm sure this is a situation of best laid plans that will go awry.

-I registered for my Fall 2017 classes.  Differential math something, German 1, a computer science class, and chemistry.  #somuchfun

-In my head, I'm already planning out things I need to take care of before my surgery.  This may or may not include cleaning the floors downstairs because they are gross.  It definitely includes finishing up the laundry the night before my surgery.  #TypeAPlanner

-I don't know if I've mentioned it lately, but some of our neighbors are really, reaaaaalllllyyy awesome.  In addition to all the love we got after Phil passed (to include some cards and surprises), Roux's Humom organized meals for us after my surgery so Teh German doesn't have to cook.  I seriously don't know how we got so lucky to have such good neighbors who are also our friends.  I mean, you can have good neighbors who aren't your friends, but this is more than that and I'm so grateful!  I did tell Roux's Humom that she ruined my test!  I was going to see if Teh German could keep us alive while I am out of commission.  She didn't relent on her plan to keep us fed.  She's awesome.  Teh German has already mentioned something about hosting a gathering as a thank you for everyone once I'm handicap-able.

-Teh German has had a runny nose and a cough and general ickyness for the past few days.  I swear if he gets me sick before we go to MD, I will NOT be a happy camper.  He already did this to me before Disney.  It's unacceptable to get me sick twice in under 6 months.  #RUDE


  1. -Bahaha, I could use extension headphones but not 25 feet!

    -I definitely went to the beach without shaving my legs the other day. Just did not feel like having razor burn around salt water (I mean, it was too cold for the water, but I didn't think about that).

  2. I do the same thing to my Facebook. Strangers don't need to see my stuff!

    That's an awesome deal on the dresses!

    I love registering for classes. Not as much now that it's grad school because I really don't get a say. There are 2 a semester I pretty much have to take & that's it. But in undergrad I would love looking at all of my options & carefully creating the perfect schedule. #Nerd

  3. In love with the Disney/Kincaids!

    My Facebook is on a decent lockdown but now that I only post pictures that are preappoved I worry less.

    I wish we had good neighbors and neighbor friends! They sound awesome!


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