Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Confessions {5/3}

-To make up for all my Yelp compliments for my review of the day, later in the week, someone sent me a note to tell me that knocking off a star on my review for a location was a stupid.  #YouCantWinEmAll

-While I think the new office will be an adjustment, like most things, I think it is very nice and the planners did very good work.

-After trying to reach my advisor through the phone number listed for them on the admissions letter for THREE days (calling at various times throughout the day) and never getting an answer or reaching a voicemail.. I finally decided to look up their email address in the directory and emailed them.  Of course, I got a response right away.  Humor me, why would the phone number be wrong on the admission letter?  Seriously.  Also, still not sure if it's a male or female since the name is definitely Asian.

-When Teh German stays up and plays on social media till way past our bedtime and then is able to close his eyes and fall asleep, I get irrationally stabby towards him.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, Does he not have thoughts?  Ugh.  The real kicker was when he said he told me he had been super tired the night before... Really?  Is that why you refused to put your phone down while I was laying in bed with my eyes closed trying to impale you with my mind?  #LoveSaves

-Monday evening I told my Snapchat followers the story about my Walmart self-checkout experience.  If you missed it, I'm sad for you.. that filter just really enhances my stories.  Short recap: Walmart Neighborhood Market (so the Walmart grocery store) was super busy because I went right after work with everyone else in the area.  Since the 2 registers that were open had super long lines, I figured I'd just take one for the team and use the self-checkout.  NBD.  Yeah, I was getting huffs and puffs from the lady behind me (sorry you chose wrong, Lady; you should have gotten behind the guy with 6 items instead of the lady with a buggy) and THEN I got one of those stupid "unexpected item in bagging area" errors and there were zero employees around to assist.  When I got home, I noticed that one of the 30 pound bags of dog food I bought has a hole in it.  #Icannot

-Nothing made me feel like more of a horrible dog mom than not feeding Phil breakfast on the day of his Cushings test.

-While I knew I could sleep in on Tuesday because I was teleworking since the bug people were coming and I needed to drop off Phil for his test, I still got up at regular time so 1- Teh German wouldn't be bitter (which I've noticed happens when I can stay in bed and he can't), 2- I could feed (or not feed) the dogs because I knew that Teh German would end up yelling at both or one of them for something and I didn't want to have to explain that early how to feed just one of them.  #momsacrifice

-The feeding situation worked out better than I could have hoped.  Meri came in while Phil was still going business so she ate and went back outside.  Phil tried to go out several times to see if that would trick me into feeding him (since their food is usually at their places when they come inside from going business).  When that didn't work, he drank an entire bowl of water.  Of course he needed to pee after all that, so he went out.  Just as I was about to let him in, I watched him puke up some of the water on the back door.  He's a real gem.

-Certain people at work received keys to the new office.  Except that none of them are the "early" crowd.  I don't understand the logic there, but I'm just a peon.

-I ordered new checks with an updated address and my eventual new last name.  They are Inside Out checks and they are awesome. #noregrets

-Our old/new desks at our new office don't really work with pushpins which super sucks because I have no where to display all my Disney pins.  I'll be buying cork boards.  #investinginmyjoy

-My new 3 screen display is rocking my world, even if I have ZERO need for 3 screens.  At all the cubes, there was a new monitor for everyone.  #notsorry

-I'm 100 photos from being done with Asheville edits.  I've been trying to put forth more of an effort to accomplish that task.  #priorities

-In order to save myself some breath and repeated story telling, I'll be drafting a post today about Phil and his test results and the outcome.  My goal is to have it ready to go live tomorrow.  #ThanksForYourPatience


  1. Good Lord woman, I just got a second monitor! THREE? Too much. Too. MUCH. Hahahahaha

  2. Clearly that person has never heard about "location, location, location!"

    Your SC stories are legit my favorite to watch.


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