Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Are You Not Entertained!?!

You know how sometimes people LURVE this one thing and you just don't?  That's me with podcasts.  It's been this way for years and I could not figure out what my problem is.  WHY can't I like podcasts?  So many things I'm interested have podcasts.  People I respect have podcasts.  I could learn things from podcasts.  I don't mean like true crime type of podcasts, but something like Adulting or Stuff Mom Never Told You or We Can Do Hard Things or Scale and Bail.  

I listened to 2 episodes of We Can Do Hard Things before I gave it up.  I made it through 10 minutes of Scale and Bail before I switched to an audiobook.  It's not a matter of attention span, I am interested in the subject matter, but...

I'm not interested in listening to a conversation I cannot participate in.  I want to interact, I want to be part of the conversation.  I want to ask questions.  I want to explore something that isn't in the podcast.  Also, I fucking hate ads/sponsored content.  HHHAAAATTTEEE.  

This doesn't just apply to podcasts, this also applies to talk radio and talk tv.  You won't find me watching a TV show with people just sitting around a table chatting about whatever.  I am overly-aggressive when it comes to radio stations that aren't playing music, worse if it's a commercial break (on every single channel I have programmed as a favorite).  

If I can't be involved, I need to be entertained.  Thus, how I consume media has become very intentional for me.  If I can't interact, I need to be entertained, otherwise, I will find something that I can either interact with (my stupid game) or entertains me (an audiobook or particular streaming shows or Instagram reels (my weakness)).

Anyone else have this issue?  
Just me?  K, cool.

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  1. I'm opposite, I can usually listen to talk radio or true crime shows but go through periods where music totally annoys me. I've even stopped listening to it at the gym. That being said, interviews with celebrities bore me, like who really cares?


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