What's a "Teh Megan?"

Teh Megan:

Tickets to America deserve kisses.

I am Teh Megan.  What's a Teh?  So glad you asked...

Back in the Myspace days, you got to create your display name.  I wanted to be The Megan, but after 3 typos where I misspelled 'the' as 'teh', it just stuck.  There are people that call me Teh Megan to my face to this day, particularly when I'm wearing my TEH shirt

In a past life, I was a sailor in the US Navy.  Before that I was a broke college student.  Before that I was.. well, who cares.  Now, I'm living my "real life" as an "adult" in Charleston, SC.  I can be found eating my way around town, riding my motorcycle, taking selfies with Teh German and/or my dogs, Pax and Meri, reading, blogging, taking photos, or sleeping.  But probably that last one, let's be honest.

I've got a long history with blogging, even back to the days of Xanga (I wasn't cool enough to have a LiveJournal, but same time frame, mmkay).  When I eventually moved away from Myspace and their blogging capabilities with the rise of Facebook, but I missed having my writing space.  So in April 2011, I started blogging again. 

"can I decide another day?" is a very apt question summarizing my life, so it's fitting that I am a lifestyle blogger.  You won't find make-up or fashion posts area here.  I keep it real around here and give you my honest opinions and try my best to offer mediocre to high quality entertainment.  Sometimes that cute dog pics, sometimes that tales of woe, sometimes it's tales from Teh Life.  You never know what you're going to get around here.

Funny Things:

Hopefully, you've checked out at least one or two posts that might have made you giggle.  If not, I have a funny joke for you..  Presented by Marshall:


Ok, that didn't do it for you?

What happens if you eat shoe polish and yeast every day?
Every day you rise and shine.

If you're a fan of epic ridiculousness, please check out this post where I chased a teenager around a department store wearing a 48DDD clearance bra.. on my head.

Blog Business:

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Disclaimer: I'm not perfect and sometimes I make mistakes when I'm typing like a dervish to post blogs.  If you see any errors (formatting, spelling, crazy sections of highlighted area, etc), PLEASE email me or message me on Teh FB page and tell me.  Orrrrr, you can email me and tell me how much you love Teh Blog, I always love encouragement!!  Also, photo credits should be given appropriately.  If you find a photo that is yours that isn't credited, please let me know and I'll happily give credit where credit is due!


  1. Thank you so much for visting and commenting on my Blog! :) I replied on your comment in case you haven't seen, and look forward to reading your posts!

  2. Even though you've given full permission to point out typos, and it's one of my biggest pet peeves, I can't do it. It'll make me feel like an ass haha

  3. Wonderful post! I love tickets back to the US too!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  4. I just found your blog! I know where Pax River is! I grew up in La Plata and my stepdad works on base. Yay for small-town MD! Can't wait to read more of your posts. :)

  5. I am IN! I love your blog already. I will be back for MUCH more!


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