Friday, February 10, 2012

Adventures w/ Teh Bear... part 7

(for parts 1-6 (which took place in Bahrain) check here: 123456)

While Teh Bear was starting to make preparations to come to MD, he became increasingly concerned over my lack of a television.  He explained to me, besides Black Friday, the 2nd best time of the year to buy a tv is around the Super Bowl.  I told him to do the research and we'll see what happened.  I didn't want to spend more than $500 on a tv, and I didn't want it to be bigger than 50" (which has been my rule since the ex-fiance). We did some online research, but its really hard to decide on a tv without actually seeing it in person, so we both said we'd go look at tv displays before Teh Bear came up to MD.

While I was in DC a few weekends ago, my friend and I went into Target to burn some time before our movie started, since we'd already spent over an hour in Barnes & Noble.  My Dad called while we were in Target (since it was a Saturday), so while I was chatting with him, I meandered over to electronics and semi-gazed over the tv display.  Mostly to satisfy my part of the deal.

Honestly, I wasn't interested in buying a tv.  I rarely watch tv.  It baffles most people, but its true.  I watch dvds/my tv shows on my computer, and since I do it so rarely, it doesn't bother me too much to deal with my 17" screen from my lap.

Teh Bear arrived in DCA at 230p.  At 245p I was running through DCA to the baggage claim.  Running on those moving walkways makes you a SUPER speedy runner.  He was patiently standing there waiting on me.  In my defense, he was the one that had insisted that I come inside the airport to greet him.  My curbside pick up service never runs late (although I'm sure it will now that I've said that).  After hugs and kisses, we started towards the car, which wasn't as difficult as getting to baggage claim.

We had to make a stop at Bed, Bath, and Beyond in Waldorf, which had been planned since we knew Teh Bear was coming.  Since we were already in a "more civilized" area, I also agreed to stop at Hhgreg and Best Buy to look at tvs.  After looking at those 2 stores, I decided I didn't want anything smaller than 40", I'd go down to 37" if the price was right, but 32" was too small (haha, you member your parents' huge box that was 28" and it was HUGE, that they might still have?).  I had succumbed to commercialism, congratulations America.

After our short stop in Waldorf, we headed down south and decided to do Red Robin for dinner, since Teh Bear had never been there.  PS, the Bonzai burger is amazing.  Our original goal of being able to see the same brand name of tvs side by side to see the differences in LCD/LED/plasma still hadn't been accomplished.  I knew that I had seen the Phillips side by side at the Target in DC, so we stopped by Target in Pax River hoping they'd have the same setup.  We were also aware that the Phillips was on sale for $499.  Luckily, they had the same display that I'd seen in DC, so Teh Bear was able to see the difference between the colors of the LCD/LED of the same name brand, finally.  I decided that I liked the LED more, and Teh Bear didn't argue (which I took to mean that he approved of my decision).

Then we left Target without a tv.  Because I still wasn't set on buying a tv.  I suggested we go look at BJ's (kinda like Sam's Club for those of you that thought I was being dirty) to see if they had any comparable prices.  They didn't and Teh Bear insisted we go back to Target and get the tv that I had liked (the Phillips 40" LED 1080p 120hz with internet capability and 3 HDMI ports).

At which point, I was no longer able to resist.  We went back to Target and I bought the tv (although we were lucky because it was one of the last ones in stock).  I also purchased the Phillips blu-ray player (it was the last one and came in a very abused box) and the  wall mount.  Can I just say that buying a tv is an investment?  I'm tired of home investing.  Seriously, its breaking the bank.  $750 later we walked out of Target, me as the proud owner of my first tv.  I don't think have too bad of taste, if I might say so myself.

Hello new tv.  Good thing it wasn't cold the week Teh Bear arrived!
We brought it home, Teh Bear wouldn't even let me help him carry it in.  In less than 15 minutes, the tv was set up, sitting in front of the fireplace on a table that I've had since I was in college (I really need to make a purge since I got all this new furniture).  It worked for the time being (and since we needed a drill to attach the wall mount to the wall, which I had to borrow from someone at work).

The only issues we've noticed are that it does take a while to turn on (10ish seconds) and that while you're streaming online the volume bar doesn't show, which is slightly annoying.  Otherwise, I'm still in awe over the  picture and I'm not disappointed with the sound (which we worried about at first since the tv was in front of the fireplace and the speaker are in the back of the tv).

What I have learned since buying a tv and Teh Bear being here:
TEH BEAR LOVES TO WATCH MOVIES/TV.  Not in a, he won't do anything else type way, but the tv is almost always on when I come home.  He definitely gets the money's worth of his Netflix subscription, no jk.

With internet, anything is possible!

Up next: Megan has bad/good aim, anger issues, and a $500 paperweight.

I got a hair cut!  Not that you can really tell, but its shorter than it was yesterday.

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