Saturday, February 18, 2012

Adventures with Teh Bear... part 8

The first week that Drew was in MD, I was going through command indoc.  Essentially, they are supposed to tell you about your new command/location...  mostly the career counselor told us about things we "needed to know"... for 4 days.  And in between his rantings, other briefers would come in and talk about sexual assault and drinking and driving and going IA and having dependents.  Nothing much about VX-1 in specific, which made me pretty sad.  For Drew that meant he got to apartment sit for me while I was at work during the day.

I would have taken vacation his entire time in MD, but I didn't want to use all my leave days.  Lucky for him, since I decided to go ahead with the tv purchase, he was able to be entertained via Netflix all day while I was gone.

During the first few days of indoc, my phone started acting up.  I was only able to type in a few characters at a time, if any at all.  This was extremely frustrating to me, since I couldn't respond to text messages or even post smart ass status updates on FB.  I came home the 2nd day Drew had been in MD and had an extreme fit of rage and threw my POS phone.  This isn't so much surprising for me, since I've been known to throw my phone when I get pissed off at it or anyone.  Except that...  I threw it at the fireplace...  Which would have been ok, except that the tv had been placed in front of the fireplace until it got mounted.

Drew had been in another room and said he heard a crack.  I fetched my phone, which landed on the floor (with an insignificant thud) in front of the tv, and still was unable to type a response to a very important email.  I could feel the frustration mounting again, at which point Drew took my phone away from me and told me to use my computer to respond to the email.  I didn't want to do that, but did it anyways.  I was pretty upset but after sending my email and snuggles from Drew, I calmed down after a few minutes (he really excels at calm me down).

After a few minutes, I went back to the tv and turned it on.  Where the phone had hit was a black abyss, void of color, and the rest of the tv was a colored snow channel with lines moving up and down the screen, drawn to a star-y point at the black abyss.  At which point I broke down and bawled.  I had effectively made a $500 paperweight.  Go Megan.

What a $500 paperweight looks like.
The next day, Drew had to deal with no tv, he was stuck with only the internet as his entertainment while I was at work all day.  Since the tv had come messed up, Target accepted it for an exchange.  And thats why I love 18 year old girls (as cashiers of course).  We brought the tv home and before Drew would take it out of the box, he made me swear to not throw anything at that entire side of the apartment, although I one-upped him and said I wasn't going to throw things in fits of rage anymore.

Drew had to re-update and re-set up everything.  He's great like that cause he did it twice.
It was a difficult lesson.  It was my first tv purchase and I felt like I had done a pretty decent job of picking out a good tv, and then I killed it with my rage.

This was only the START of the television adventures though.

Drew went to mount the tv (haha, not like that, of course!) and we found out we needed a drill.  I was able to borrow one that evening from someone I work with.  Then when he went to mount it, we realized the screws for the part that goes on the tv were too short.  Le sigh.  So we ordered a $60 cheaper one from Amazon and since Drew was testing out Amazon Prime for a month, we got it a few days later.  It's screws were also too short for the tv part.  Le growl.  It was starting to become ridiculous.

Hard at work!
We made a trip to Lowes to find screws that would work.  4 screws were $7!  Even the cashier was like, wtf?!  When we got home, Drew found out the screws we had picked out were too long.  Le sigh.  Drew went back to Lowes (I let him drive Yurtle unsupervised!  Some people will realize this is quite a big deal) and purchased a different size screw.

After MUCH hassle, the tv finally got mounted on the wall... over a week after being purchased.  We were very relieved to finally get that sucker on the wall.  Drew had been afraid that we were going to have issues because the tv was positioned over the fireplace.  We had to find the studs, but there were some other difficulties that I tried not to pay attention to.

Final, completed project.  hallelujah!
I did more womanly things, like finally hanging a Pinterest project I started back in December!  It did require a hammer, nails, and pliers, so it counts as home maintenance right?

And for a teaser photo (if you didn't already know I got a new dog):

This is Phill and I.  He doesn't like slippery floors or stairs and I don't like it when Phil farts.

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