Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Deafening Silence

Do you miss me?  It's ok if you don't.  I understand that this probably isn't the only awesome blog you read.  But, I'm just gonna be honest and say, I miss my Gentle Readers.  I've missed writing these past two weeks, but there were more pressing things that I had on my mind and HAD to deal with, no if, ands, or buts.  The week before this past week was pretty heavy for me/us to deal with and while this week has started on a higher note than last week, things still aren't completely in the clear... but clarity is coming, I can feel it.

BTW, I apologize for being vague (I hate that crap when others do it), but really the details don't need to be aired out in public and I just wanted to kinda explain in some way why I haven't been around recently (especially after the awesomeness that was 5 consecutive posts the first week of January (that was pretty impressive, at least to me)).

I wasn't even in the mood to hang out with Teh Neighbors.  Mostly because I didn't want my sour mood to be contageous to others.  I knew it would also seep out here as well, so I just kept my mouth shut.  Part of that whole, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all practice?  Sometimes I'm pretty good at that.

The rest of the month is looking busy, with a silver lining of getting to see Teh Bear at the end of the month for Teh Stepsister's bootcamp graduation in OK in 2 weeks.

Upcoming events:
Hanging out with Kodester (Jan 19-21)
Hanging out with Miley (Jan 25-26)
Dumping Phil on my GEGR neighbors down the street for the trip to OK (Jan 29)
Going to OK (Jan 30-Feb 2)
Coming back from OK and going to Norfolk (Feb 2-3)
MAH BIRFDAY!  (Feb 3rd!)  Please note that My Birthday>Super Bowl.  Don't care.  Also, my wishlist is available on Amazon.
Moving (Feb 4-11)
Teh Bear leaves MD (Feb 16)

Add to all that some Phil drama (ok not drama like teenage girls, but drama like he has a mysterious limp that vets can't figure out the cause) that doesn't seem like it's going to be cheaper than $1000 to figure out/potentially fix.. and that's a figure that I came up with hoping and pray that it actually won't be more than that, but knowing it probably will be.  That pet insurance that I looked at last year is looking kinda nice right now.  Live and learn.

In expected news, I still haven't finished editing the vacation photos.  It's not that I haven't had the time, I've had the time, I've still not had the motivation.  SOOOOO MANY PHOTOS.  There is an argument that digital photography means lots of wasted shots becuase you can shoot an unlimited amount of photos vs film photography where it was a waste to take a bad photo...  I am the most obvious example of digital photography gone crazy.  With over 2000 photos, I just get overwhelmed with the entire prospect of dealing with the photos.  Maybe next time I go crazy about shooting photos, I need to focus more on quality and setting up a good shot so I don't take a whole bunch of photos that are just "eh", at least in my opinion.

So maybe soon I'll be back on the blogging regularly (other than link-ups) train.  Hopefully anyways.

Also, getting 2 five-day weekends in a row for Christmas and New Year's really knocked me for a loop (now, not then, I loved it then!).  Having to actually work 5 days a week these past 2 weeks has been killer.  Maybe its just the regular work + at home stuffs = overwhelmed Megan.  I'm looking forward to being off on Monday, even if I know Kody is going to try and wake me up at 0-dark-30.

Can't you see all the snow?

Oh yeah, so the East Coast got a "crapton" of snow this week.  Except not Pax River.  Because apparently while I was in GTMO and Bahrain my center of gravity heated up so much that it will never again snow within a 50 mile radius of me... ever.  What do I have to do to get a job in Canada?

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