Monday, January 28, 2013

Moving again....

The process of moving is often a "cleansing" ritual for me.  Yes, I can call it a ritual as I usually move every year-ish.  This time it will have been 15 months, but eh, who's counting.  What this really means.. LETTERS TO MY STUFF!!!

Dear books,
I love you.  You will always have a place in my heart.  But, lets be honest.  I've been lugging you around for years now and rarely do I re-read you.  Some of you have been lucky enough to have the dust wiped from your cover (and inducing my allergic fits) and your spines cracked for some good time page fingering from me.  Most of you.. haven't.  And now, Nook in hand (but don't blame Nook for these things (yes I might have just named the Nook, Nook... I know, I'm clever)), I feel empowered enough to say..

Here is your eviction notice.

I'd like to profit off of you and sell some of you, but I doubt that will happen since most of these books are chick-lit or other random books.  I considered making a list of all the books I'm getting rid of to see if anyone would buy them for maybe a few dollars (really just enough to pay for shipping), but I'm not sure if I'm willing to go through that much effort so close to moving time.

Some of you have seen my tears, I'ma need you to take that with you to the grave, mmkthx.  Some of you have been with me since high school.. a few of you even before that (I'm lookin' at you Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul 1, 2, 3, and journal).  Some of you came to me during the time of the Ex-fiance.  Some of you helped me through the Ex-fiance.  Some of you never got opened (yay free books!).  Some of you have thrilled me and urged me to finish your series.  Others of you crushed me with your repetition (looking at you Nicholas Sparks books).

It is with a heavy heart I say you must go.  I feel like it's time to reclaim some bookcase and for you to go out into the world and find new homes.  Maybe you can whisper to the Gentle Readers that you range from Nicholas Sparks to Mitch Album.  You include the Wicked series, the last of the Shannara series, many books with pink covers (which the Ex-fiance claimed because I saw those first, so I was more likely to purchase them, color marketing works, what?).

Man, I miss the used book stores in Raleigh and I'm kinda bummed I won't be making a trip down there any time soon.

Dear Teh Sister,
Now is a good time to come claim all those things of mine you've been wanting...  You know, like you like to do every time I move?  Get here.  Kthx.
PS.  Phil stays with me.

Dear Utility Companies,
Charging me $100 to move my existing connection down the street is absolutely ridiculous.  That HAS to be price gouging or something.  $25 isn't as ridiculous, but still.. Charging me to keep paying you but som where else??  Shouldn't you just be happy I'm staying with your company?

Dear Kitchen Stuff,
You seriously are the hardest part of packing.  It was easier in Bahrain when I had stuff that wasn't mine to use in the meantime.. but I keep forgetting to use disposable plates.. which makes it hard to pack the plates.  Also, I'm sorry to the poor mover that gets to move the pots/pans box.  I've been seriously trying to make them light, but sometimes, it's just hard.

Dear Nook,
You are a serious distraction now that I've downloaded books that I've been wanting to read for a while.  The Twilight Series and Harry Potter series.  No, I haven't ever read any of them.  I've been packing a few boxes and then taking Nook breaks.  I really enjoy reading, but I really need to finish getting everything packed up.  Preferably before I leave for OK.  I promise to bring you with me though!

Dear Weekend,
I love you.  I love you even more when you have extra days attached to you.  Just sayin'.

Dear Teh Bear,
I get to hold your hand this week.  3 weeks ago feels like it was a long time ago.  I guess that is good and bad.  Also, you're helping me move.  I'm sure that it's no longer as scary for you since I hired the movers.  It's only moderately less scary to me since hiring the movers.  Please no dents in Yurtle, kthx?  Also, I pre-apologize if I get stressed out and take it out on you.  I really shouldn't do that, and I try really hard not to, but sometimes, I'm just not very good at it.  Also, there might be tears if something gets broken, even if it's my fault....

Dear Teh Phil,
I will miss you while we are in OK and while we are moving.  I promise to put down rugs for you so when I bring you home you won't have to be so freaked out about the slippery floors.  Also, pretty sure the funniest thing you've ever done is backed up the stairs because you were afraid of the slippery dining room floor when we met the new landlord.  I appreciate you being reassured by my reassurances and not backing up all the way UP the steps (yes it looked as awkward as it sounds) and coming down without too much of a fight or needing bribery.

Dear Snow,
Please stay as long as you want.  Forever preferably.  I love you more than you could ever know.  More than the love of the entire states of MD and NC combined.  No jk.  I'm serious snow bizness.

Teh Megan and Teh Phil in our first snow of 2013 (and Phil's first snow ever).



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