Thursday, November 14, 2013

4 Things 10 Thing Challenge: Day 2

Day 2:

1. Megra from Hercules.
When I think of fictional characters, I think animated for some reason. But Meg, oh Meg. It’s ok that it’s cliché, you can say you’re in love… because I’m in love with you. We share the same name, mostly-ish, you have a sarcastic wit, you’re beautiful (omg that HAIR!), and you let that column fall on you to save Hunk-ules.

2. Christina from Grey’s Anatomy
Word on the street is that Christina is leaving the show and if you can envision that person who let someone else in front of them in the lottery ticket line and they won when it would have been you that is my reaction to this announcement. Christina is my absolute favorite. She’s a machine. She’s mostly heart-less. She’s methodical. She’s a thinker. She controls her emotions to the max. She doesn’t fall easy. She’s Christina-mother-f-in-Yang. Meredith is whiny and keeps doing dumb shit and almost gets killed so many times that even the script writers are writing in jokes about how awful their lives are that they almost get killed so much. I think that would be the point at which the show should end, but that’s just me. My heart broke a little when George and Burke left the show. I loved watching Burke and Christina. I loved watching George be a surprising badass. I’ve never missed Izzy. But Christina.. I’ll miss the most and I’m not sure if the show will even be worth watching after she’s gone.

3. Mr. Darcy from (the 2005) Pride and Prejudice
Hello, could that end scene have been any more swoon-worthy? I wanted to knock Kiera Knightly off that platform and be her non-look-alike-stunt-double. He was relentless, despite Lizzy’s stubborn, obliviousness. That breathless “I love, love you.” Is there anything better than that?

4. Belle from Beauty and the Beast
She was my hero growing up. She looked good in yellow, she loved to read, and she had to endure a horrible situation with a cranky animal who was obsessed with a magical fading rose. She may have been a bit crazy because all the dishes were her friends, but Chip was cute, so she gets a pass. She shunned the “good looking guy” who was definitely NOT good looking, what was with that Jay Leno chin? Not sexy. Also, she could sing. Definite girl-crush.

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  1. I heard that about Cristina too. She is one of my favorites, so I will be sad, but I'm interested to see any new characters that come along. It ultimately broke my heart about her & Owen, because I love them together :(


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