Friday, June 5, 2020

Five on Friday #234

EINS - Random Shit

Me: Alexa, play Top Country on Amazon Music everywhere.
Alexa: Playing Top Country on the everywhere group from Amazon music.
Spot starts playing Lady Gaga - Stupid Love.
Me: Alexa fucking cancel.  What the fucking fuck?


Gentle Readers, I am not a HUGE Lord of the Rings fan.  I'll admit it.  BUUUTTTT.. Josh Gad has been doing these Reunited Apart videos and he brought most of the LOTR main cast together via Zoom and it was a fabulous way to spend an hour of my life.  And at the end Pippin sang us out and I actually teared up.  They were all so excited to hang out together (abet in a virtual setting) and it was just so great to see that.


Now, the reason I found the LOTR Reunited Apart video was because I was letting the "Stream to Donate" video play while I was working and I forgot to check it.  I'm not sure if it actually works, but I figured it couldn't hurt.


I have decided that the meaner I am when I review your personal documents (resume/cover letter/paper/etc), the more I love you.  I show my love in strange ways, Gentle Readers....


I'm not sure I'm going to keep playing WoW because it is such a time commitment.  I know, that's kinda the point, but I'm mostly playing alone and that isn't nearly as fun as playing with other people and finding groups to do difficult quests is annoying 90% of the time.  There are some other tasks that I would like to take care of, so maybe I just need to be very specific with my time and play WoW last.  It's just hard because playing is enjoyable for the most part.  It feels comforting, as weird as that is/seems.

This fucking shit happened and I almost lost my mind.
Player1: Fort buff!
Player2: NOW.
(I buffed both being nice before I saw these comments in the chat)
Player2: GOOD GIRL.
Me to Player2: How about you go fuck yourself with your demeaning bullshit.
Player2: I love you more.

I had to tell myself that a few assholes aren't all assholes and move along.  It was EXTREMELY difficult because a button was HULKSMASHED and I knew that was a fight I wouldn't win because it's the internet.

But later I ended up running an instance with a decent group of goofs and we managed to 2/3/4 man a 5 man instance at different points, soooo ya know, adventures.

TL;DR: I'm a nerd.


My brain loves sequences of numbers.  So the fact that this post #234 makes me smile.  When the clock says 12:34, lurve (btw this only happens once a day in this house since we run on military/German time).


I guess people at work thought I haven't been doing work and I finally had to break down the process of doing technical writing/editing to the scrum master so the people complaining about a project's documentation not being complete would STFU.

I had to explain that:

  • I translate technical into human with absolutely ZERO reference to what is being discussed.  This means making assumptions and doing research and having to sometimes ask the technician who wrote the garbildy-gook wtf they are talking about and they have no idea because they wrote it potentially more than 6 months ago.  Oh yeah, and sometimes, what they wrote doesn't even apply anymore because of the things that have changed in that 6 months.
  • I am correcting their lack of proper English skills. Capitalizing proper nouns, putting in periods.  All shit that these people with college degrees should know how to do and if they'd actually DO IT, it would save me a LOT of time.
  • Adding in the markup formatting for the Asciidoc format we are using, in addition to learning Asciidoc, is also time consuming.. Because... the techs definitely don't know this markup language, but they know potentially another, different markup language and they used THOSE rules for THIS markup and it doesn't work... AND it's inconsistent since the documents were written by several different techs all using whatever markup they "thought was best", which makes all the documentation look like garbage.
  • Our review was at the end of April and technically I'm not finished with those corrections because... the techs ADDED MORE DOCUMENTATION AFTER THE REVIEW.  Cooooooooool.  (and because of some fuck-off-ary due to the fact that I'd rather clean all the toilets in my house every day than have to deal with one of the tech's writing.)


I'm trying to get on the self-education train and read these books about race that I've had for over a year.  Reading them isn't the difficult part.  It's the carving out time to sit down with a book that is the problem.


So I've decided that I'm not allowed to play WoW until my to-do pile in the office is handled. 
That includes:

  • Getting rid of my GTMO conch shells that I do not intend to keep (or at least determining new homes for them).
  • Determining photos for frames that have been empty since.... we moved into the house.
  • Editing necessary photos for frames.
  • Ordering said photos for frames.
  • Ordering a shadowbox for my Navy I *heart* me box.  This is made more complicated and expensive that it needs to be because the flags flown for me in GTMO were 4x6 instead of the standard 3x5. Fuckers.
  • Determining what to do with the 25+ Princess House lead crystal figurines that I discovered under the conch shells.
  • Getting rid of my old glasses (what does one do with old prescription eye glasses?) and empty cases.
  • Tossing or donating this Manic Panic bleach kit.
  • Getting rid of my non-kept Citadel school papers/work.


Know what I hate?  Waiting.  For all my years in the military, everything was always "hurry up and wait" and I don't do well in that circumstance.  Granted, I learned how to endure it, but I'm in another of those seasons and it's difficult for me.  I graduated and I want to use my degree NAOWWW, or more like yesterday, but I have to be patient for things to fall into place/to get my Sec+ cert/get some technical experience.

In my rage of job applying, I updated my LinkedIn so recruiters have been finding my profile and emailing me.  My BIGGEST fear is leaving the safety and security of current Company only to find myself in a similar situation wherever I go. 

That said, I also applied for federal positions, so if I actually make it to the interview/hiring stages of any of those positions, I'd have to debate whether to leave the probable higher pay of the contracting world for potentially less pay but more security for a government position.

I acknowledge the privilege I have of even having options like this, but I did also work my ass off to get here, so I'm grateful and proud of where I am.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Sunglasses.. because I have fucking problem.
-Heartworm prevention for the beasts.  I give up on this liquid/topical application shit.  I'll donate it and it will be gone.  I'm horrible about NOT giving it to them because it was topical and well, that's no bueno.
-Groceries (ok, it was only almond milk and juice, but they might kill us because I forgot them in the car for 6 hours, but they were in my insulated bag sooo meeeyyybbeee not?  IDK, if we die we die.)
-Hairs did. (*Praise hands*)
-McGriddle + sweet tea = fatty.
-2020 Graduation virtual run registration.
-This spray that I shouldn't have wasted my money on for 2 hot spots on Sandy that are healing, but the vet talked me into it saying it might be viral or ringworm....

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Floofernoodle and I explored the grassy field beside the vet's office before her acupuncture appointment.
She would sniff and sniff and explore all day if I'd let her.

This goof.


When you need a little boost.

This bite from a mysterious creature was hard and swollen and HUGE and I did not like it one bit.

When Husband raves over a helmet because it's the same color as his bike and "how cool would it be?!"
And soo you file it away as a future Christmas/Bday gift (because for $600, it would definitely be a combined gift).

You can almost kinda see just how much longer/bigger Sandy is than Pax in this photo.

And this floofy Monkey-Doodle. Lurve her.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

Ya know what, I'm not gonna bother because this space would be filled ways to better yourself to fight a long fight that people have already been fighting without us (us being white people).  You need to find some resources that are NOT your friends of color and enlighten yourself in the ways you ARE privileged and how seeing color is far more effective than NOT seeing color.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Running an instance with individuals who were fun and it was complicated and irritating but it was fun, so I didn't hate it.
  2. A good networking lunch.
  3. Someone reviewing my resume in asshole form and their inability to find actual problems with it other than shit they don't like because they are a self-admitted MS Word nazi.
  4. The smell of my laundry detergent/softener.  This makes me happy every time I do laundry, but I just wanted to point it out.
  5. Runner friends and accountability partners.. because without them, these miles wouldn't be getting done.  And we each admitted it this morning.
  6. Sandy floofs.
  7. Meri butt scratches.
  8. Pax chicken cutlet scritches.
  9. Potential Cmas/Bday gift idea for Teh German.
  10. Being able to step back and critically think about things that are going on and help my friends through with words of logic and encouragement.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. -For a long while, no matter what genre station I tried to create, Pandora put Five Finger Death Punch on it. Which, is fine, if I'm going for that genre. Not if I'm going for country or pop? What is up with these robots?
    -Private v. government is rough. I have a friend that I'm pretty sure judges my low paying state job...but also, my low-paying state job has proved way more stable during COVID than hers. It's a lot to think about, and the answer is going to be so personal for each person.
    -I hope you don't die from the almond milk.

  2. So I'm really hoping you're still alive. I realize I haven't been around blogland lately but I see that you haven't posted since Friday & I just went on Snapchat & you don't have any story for the last 24 hours sooo I'm hoping the Almond Milk didn't get to you...


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