Monday, October 5, 2020

Weekend Review {10/5}


Friday was eventful.

The POD arrived.  "Work" things ("" because there's not much to do besides sit at the computer).  Meri and Sandy snuggled together for well over 30 minutes, which blew my mind.  Then after my morning meeting, I was searching on Marketplace and saw a post from an hour prior that someone was giving away free boxes and so I hauled my ass over there ASAP and picked up as many boxes as Willow could fit and came home and did more "work".

In the evening, Teh German and I went to California Dreaming for dinner because they had a reservation available at 7:15 and that meant I didn't have to continue looking for dinner options.  Teh German agreed to this plan.

The two things I was most looking forward to was a Dr. Pepper martini and the croissants.  And the server informed me right away that they were out of Dr. Pepper.  HHHHAAATTTEEEE.  Much rudes.  I looked up the recipe for the drink online and none of the recipes I found actually contain Dr. Pepper so maybe I should have pushed it, but I didn't.  We came home and I crawled into bed for scrollin' time until it was sleepy time.


Saturday was kinda eventful.  In the morning, Teh German went to cars and coffee.  I did a GEGR applicant interview (my first one and it was kinda fun).  After the interview, Teh PT Wife and I headed to Halls for bison filet for lunch/dinner which was fabulous (the company more than the food, which is a tough competition).  After Halls we went by BJ's to pick up some items and then headed back home.

What you can't hear is me having a mouthgasm with every bite I took,
but I'm going to let you imagine that.

The afternoon was mostly just "cleaning" the house for the going away gathering in the evening and dog snuggles.

I took no photos because I was busy socializing, but we had a final gathering at Teh Ville.  It was bittersweet because it was all of our people in one place for the last time.  It was fantastic getting to see everyone, even if it was to say, "See ya later."  I do want to note that Sandy really struggles with stranger danger in our house and usually feels the need to be attached to me when strangers come in.  She was on high alert ALL NIGHT LONG and I had to send her to a bed multiple times so she'd lay down because her rear was saggin'.  Thankfully, she knew that I wasn't punishing her and she would stay in the bed for as long as she could see me.  When I went outside, so did she and she'd lay down in the grass where she could see me.

It was 0030 when we finally headed to bed and 0100 when I put my phone down.  I'm too old for that.


I woke up at 0800 on Sunday after sending Meri back to bed once.  I got up and let the dogs out and fed them breakfast, which Sandra refused.  I assumed it had a lot to do with being overwhelmed the night before and I have no idea if people were feeding the dogs chips/bbq from the buffet.  Rather than ask them not to feed the dogs, I just didn't even mention it and hoped that it meant people would just KNOW not to feed the dogs.  It wasn't a battle I wanted to fight, so I just didn't.  If they got fed, they got fed.  It is what it is. 

When I went upstairs, I noticed that someone (PAX) had been having a LOT of fun and knocked over my Willow Tree figurines with a stuffie.  I remembered yelling at them the day prior after I heard a ruckus, but I hadn't been upstairs to notice when there was light, so I hadn't seen it.  I will say I loled a bit. 

We met Teh Neighbor Besties at Holy City Brewing for brunch (because I needed one last chicken and waffles).  We had to be home by 1:30 since someone was coming to purchase the tank (also bittersweet).  I never love-loved the tank, but I did enjoy it being in the house.  It was SUPER quiet after it was all removed.

While the tank evacuation was taking place, I worked on some minor packing things.  I went through the DVDs and purged and packed the ones I want to keep.  I put all the Willow Tree figurines in their boxes.  I'm debating if I want to try to sell some of the stuff I separated out or just donate it and be done with it.

I also went through the closet and purged some shit.  A small portion of that box was already bagged for donation, but 95% of this was stuff I decided to let go.  It was difficult.  Things I was not able to let go: 99% of my hoodies.  I think I put one in the donation pile and I didn't really love it.  I tried to be very clear cut about, "Do you love this?  Like LOVELOVE it?"  If I didn't LOVELOVE it and would only wear it to say I wore it so it wouldn't get donate, then it had to go.

After Teh German finished with tank things, he deemed it screen time.  I didn't want to push him (yet) about packing things/going through his stuff, so I let it go.  I separated more stuff for sell?/donate and then listened to my audiobook and played Disney Emoji Blitz while laying on a pile of comforters in a closet.  Was it kinda weird?  Yes.  Did I love it?  Yes.

Also, I'm super sad that I'm about halfway through my book and it's gonna get stolen back from the library before I finish and there's a waitlist so I can't renew it.  /sob.  #MeganProblems.

We had leftovers for dinner and then watched Silicon Valley until it was (past) bedtime.


A fantastic weekend!  Teh German and I had a date night where we talked about moving things and I finally got to hang out with Teh PT Wife and we had bison filet and we got to see all our people before we go (with the exception of those who have scheduled dinner plans with us). 

This week is when the moving ball really starts rolling.  I'm headed to MD with Sandy and Meri on Thursday.  Teh German will join with Pax and Lars-Ludwig and Bagheera on Saturday.  He will go home on Sunday, I will go home on Monday/Tuesday.  I/we will be dog sitting for Teh Bestie/Teh Chief Smartass while they are away for the weekend.  This worked out well since we needed to get the dogs up to MD after they agreed to watch the beasts while we're in Barbados and this eliminated their need for a dog sitter while they are gone.  Also, I will be going into the office on Friday for some things, which is should be a good time.

When I get back to SC, the packing will truly begin.  Without the dogs here, it's less hassle to have things moved around/out.  We will leave for Barbados on the 17th and return on the 24/25th (depending on the situation with American Airlines who have informed us that our flight from Miami to Charleston was cancelled).  After we get back, we will finish any packing for the POD and then pack up our trailer and migrate north for good.

Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly.  I mean, I know it won't and expect no less than 3 breakdowns between now and 30Oct when we're set to close, at least 1 caused by our realtor who makes me have a visceral response anytime she texts us.  #JesusTakeTheWheel.

We got this.
Remember when it was only March and now it's October?  Crazy right?!

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