Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Facebook, Why do you pretend to know me?

Like the most modern websites, Facebook tries to peg their audience by IP address/location info/gender/etc.  These are some of the ads/random things that FB has given me.

Please note, I've never put it ANYWHERE that I can read/speak Arabic.  IP address "matching" must be how I'm getting these ads in Arabic..

I'm not gonna lie, this clever little play on words definitely made me smile.

squiggles = Derka Derka.
Hair plugs really?  In Dubai?  No, I'm in Bahrain.  Not the same.
Sims on Facebook, hrm.  Someone went back in time and realized my love of the Sims.. and this was tempting.
Bath and Body Works is open at the mall that we are prohibited to go to due to protests.  Score!
"Get Bitten!"... seriously?  Some people have definitely been watching too much Twilight.
Oh Arabia, how you love your coffee/tea...
Because I'm a woman must mean I need lipstick/beauty products to look amazing..  I'm pretty sure that's what most Arabic women think due to the insane amounts of make up they wear.
Halloween @ Pet Arabia.. this one is definitely aimed at non-Arabs, since most locals loathe dogs and the cats are all strays.
OOo Bridal Week!!  What?
Derka Derka
OOO yes, I could totally go learn English!
Derka Derka

I'm just confused to how Barack Obama and NPR are related to eating an Odwalla bar...  or the NEX.

Now that I'm back in America, I've gotten a lot less Arabic ads.  After clearing my cache and resetting my router, I even stopped getting search results in Arabic, YAY!

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  1. You are in the Military. President Obama is your commander-in-chief. NPR is LARGELY looked at as a more 'liberal' slant (by republicans mostly.) Obama is a liberal. I also hear he likes Odwalla bars.....


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