Friday, November 18, 2011

Small habits that haven't changed yet...

So, I'm officially an American again.  Not that I actually wasn't an American at any point, but it sure started to feel that way for a bit there.

I'm livin' in America.  I've purchased Starbucks more than once.  I've had fast food.  I ate at Subway for the first time since GTMO.  I had American McDonald's.  I've had to resist honking my horn at people.  I've been driving in MPH instead of KPH.  I've had to look out for cops and unmarked cars along the highways.  When going out to eat, there wasn't a 30 minute wait between my food arriving and the waiter/waitress returning to the table.  I saw most of Teh Family in my minimal (2.5ish, thank you rotator delay) days in NC.  I crossed state lines.  I have been able to fulfill plans.  I spent dollars instead of dinar.  I've spent 10 minutes trying to find the correct place to change the time format from Bahrain time to Eastern time for the blog (you'd think if you changed the time for one Google application (calendar), it would change the time for all your Google applications, apparently not).

Honestly, its amazing.  I feel like I could just keep repeating that over and over.  I feel like my FB wall has become a devotional shrine to how awesome being back in America is.  This makes me feel kinda bad for the friends I have that are still in Bahrain and have to see my America smut.  Sorry guys and gals, I just can't help it.  I've become one of those people.  I hate it, but I can't help it.  Seriously.

And maybe a lot of it isn't because I'm back in America so much as I feel like I'm finally starting a real life.  Now you're like, you're cuurently having your real life, Teh Megan!  You're correct, Gentle Reader, I am.  But, for the first time in my adult life, I now own my own bed.  No jk.  I didn't have my own bed until I was almost 26 years old.  That's the life of a chronic mover.  I also only owned handed down furniture.  Just a note: there is nothing wrong with hand-down furniture, its free, you're probably taking it off someone else's hands...  But, there's just something very "real life" and "adult" about owning your own furniture.  The knowing that next time you move/PCS, you will probably actually have to worry about weight limits is mysteriously thrilling.

But, despite all these great things, there are still things that I haven't gotten used to yet.

-The button/handle to flush the toilet being on the side of the toilet instead of on the top/center of the lid.
-High speed internet being slow (which I only know when/if someone else tells me, since I'm used to crappy internet).
-Having a cell phone that is connected to the internet, that I can update FB from.
-Having a smartphone.
-Text messages to my phone that are from people that live in America.
-Not being able to call my Bahrain peeps.
-Temps being in Fahrenheit.
-Being able to pay for everything with plastic.
-Not honking at idiots on the road (Teh Bear always likes to warn me, "You never know who is carrying a gun.")
-Not being honked at.  (I did get honked at today and thought to myself, "pfft, I had so much space, you're an idiot, save your honkin' for something better."  Hello desensitiatization...)
-Traffic lights changing from red to green instead of red-yellow to green.
-My new car and all its perks and surprises (automatic lights, push button start, back up camera).
-The idea of getting time off for holidays (after most of the last 2 years getting minimal to no time off, I'm like Pavlov's dog).
-Blogging again.

Hopefully, this is me getting back into the blogging routine.  I've not uploaded the photos on my camera since before I left Bahrain, mostly due to the crappy internet I've had to deal with since moving out of my flat in Bahrain.  I've got photos of adventures in Bahrain, adventures of my flights to get home, adventures of being in NC, new car smut, adventures of getting to MD, adventures with Teh Bear, and soon enough there will be adventures of my trip to NJ!  So many exciting things for the Gentle Readers to look forward to, yay!

As to not have yet another photo-less blog, I give you falling down icy steps bruise:

I will have to post an updated photo before this big nasty goes away, in probably at least another month....

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