Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fall Cooking/Decorating

I never thought that I'd turn out to be that person that decorates for the seasons.. and I don't think I really am with the exception of Christmas.. butttttt.. that said...  This year I've wanted to do seasonal baking for practically every holiday that has rolled around.  It's like Betty Crocker has consumed me

Also, I'm not sure if you've met Teh Mom or not, but I remember for a very long time decorating for most of the seasonal holidays/events.  When Halloween rolled around it was Teh Mom's excuse for not only pumpkin and black cat decorations, but also the fall foilage decorations.  We also had Easter decorations.  I can't remember any July 4th decorations off the top of my head, I don't really my family being extremely patriotic in any way other that usually going to enjoy fireworks at some place.

The biggest events were always birthdays though.  Not a birthday passed without decor.  That definitely got passed along and I'm not sure Teh Bear really understands, but he thinks he does, so I'm letting him go with it. 

Since being in Bahrain, the setting in of the spring-freakin-fever, the having my own personal kitchen, and a general loathing of delivery/take-away/restaurant food (due to having to eat it so often in the past few years).. Better Crocker has really taken over.  I feel like baking is a thrill (mostly so I can bring it to work and have everyone tell me how delicious things are).  Its so very domestic and gross and stuff. 

Because of the Betty Crocker syndrome (oh yes, that is what I'm calling it), I subscribed to a few food/baking blogs.  Something I've noticed about food blogs?  Any holiday is a reason to be creative with food.  Seriously. 

Well, Halloween was here, and there were some awesome ideas in one of the blogs I read.  These Halloween-Cakes-in-a-Jar might actually beat out funfetti ghostie cakes that I made several years ago when Pirate Gone Marine and I were dating.  The best part of those cakes?  The suggestions she made about what she was going to do for Christmas w/ red velvet cake. 

Personally, I'm not a super huge fan of the red velvet.  Give me lemon or yellow cake any day.  But, I do know several people that love red velvet cake, lucky for them, I like them a lot and would be willing to do some red velvet experiments.  I also think that this whole creative baking thing is a much cheaper idea than Bahrani jewelry for Christmas.  Just sayin (prob got that idea from Teh Mom also.  Although she usually did/does coconut balls/peanut butter balls (yummmmmmmmm)).

The idea of being back in the states for the holidays this year is beyond exciting for me, which you, Gentle Readers, will probably be hearing about until I start bitching about how Christmas has become a consumer holiday and everything is all about what to buy, blah blah blah.  At least for November (and probably some of December if I get some snow), I promise to enjoy it.  I'm sure most of this comes from the fact that I've not experienced USA Christmas in 3 years.  Eventually, you forget what its like to walk past stores covered with Christmas balls with 10% off signs in the windows.  You realize that the rest of the world could care less about Christmas.  You also realize that a silver 2 foot tall tree and decorations are the best Target One Spot investments you ever made... if they arrive in time for Christmas..

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