Monday, January 2, 2012

Sometimes you just gotta drop off the face of the planet... part 2

I've always been confused when people tell you to have a safe flight.  Does that mean listen to all the instructions the stewardesses/stewarders (what do you call male flight attendants?) give?  Does this mean to pop your head into the cabin on the way to your seat and tell the captain that your mom said to have a safe flight?  Would that be like a threat to the captain, "My mom said I better arrive or she'll kick your ass!"  So much confusion.  I just always respond, "I will," and then ignore the emergency instructions during pre-flight because I feel like a seasoned flyer now.  I have better things to do, like rest my eyes.  PS.  I do know to put on my oxygen mask before helping anyone else, including small, petrified children.

The weekend with Teh Bear went splendid.  There was minimal to no surprise reaction.  There was video taken, but the videographer has a new baby, so he's been busy.

It went something like this:
I walk up behind Teh Bear while he is working (he's a 911 operator).
Me:  Hi.
Teh Bear:  What are you doing here?
Me:  It's your birthday.  I brought cupcakes.  (I held up the cupcakes)
Teh Bear turns back around and continues working.

In his defense, there was some pretty crazy crap that went down about 3 minutes after I walked in the door.  But still, not even like a half smile cracked his face until at least 20 minutes after I was there.  I will forever give him shit about this.  I've warned him.

He did say that he guessed I was coming to FL for his bday weekend, but he didn't expect me to show up at his work.  HA!  I get 1/2 a point for his not knowing at least one detail.  Teh Bear said that I had been uncommonly quiet on FB prior to my "trip to PA" where normally I would have had a countdown or something going, and I had been putting an odd amount of pressure on him to plan a birthday lunch with his friends on Saturday.  I told him that I figured he'd completely figured it out when I pulled the "I bring all the boys to the yard" comment the night prior to my flight, because it was so random and not me.   He said that wasn't it.

I had picked up cupcakes from Sweet! By Good Golly Miss Molly which was the same place that delivered Teh Bear's birthday cupcakes last year.  This year I scaled back though.  I got mini cupcakes instead of the regular ones (which are actually monstrous sized), and got all different flavors.  I also delivered them myself, which was a much cheaper option!

Teh Videographer met me at the cupcake place and then I followed him in my (stinky) rental car to where Teh Bear works.  After an excited greeting fail (I'll just blame it on the fact that he was at work and didn't want to make a huge I'm-so-excited-right-now scene), I sat around watching Teh Bear work.  It was very interesting, aka overwhelming.  He got to go home early that night, which he'd warned me might actually happen a few days prior, so I was glad it actually got to happen.

For lunch on Sat, Teh Videographer, his wife and baby, joined us at BJ's Brewhouse and Restaurant.  While the beer wasn't all that great (not that my opinion counts since I don't like beer), the company was good and so was the food.  That evening we walked around Winter Park (yay Kilwin's!) and watched The Muppets (which was super cute, even though some of Jason Segeal's faces while he sings are quite unattractive) and had sushi for dinner.

Sunday morning held family activities for Teh Bear, while I chilled in the hotel room and grabbed Ihop for lunch.  That evening we finally got motivated and dressed up and went to Ruth Chris's Steak House for dinner.  Hello, delicious foodz, meet my belllly.  Yum.  It was my first time.  If it wasn't for the price tag, I'd prob go there frequently.

Monday was my flight to NC, so we got up slowly and made it to the airport in no rush, which was a drastic change from the last time Teh Bear and I had to be at an airport together.  I did learn a valuable lesson this time around.  Just because the flight is at 150pm doesn't mean that flight is "too late".  Silly, Teh Megan.  I was afraid that a 150 flight would cut it too close to Teh Bear's work time, so I chose the 1150 flight so that way I could give him time to get ready for work.  I always forget to calculate in time for getting through security, etc, when planning these details.  But now, I have learned my lesson.

The weekend went by faster than I wanted.  It was very relaxing for both of us.  I was finally able to sleep peacefully, even though I was feeling rather guilty for lying to my parents, which was finally coming to an end.

Next up:
Luckily, the plane took the more direct route... at least to Charlotte.  :)

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