Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The movers WERE here!!!


All my belonging are in one place again!  While it is a huge sigh of relief to have all my stuff not strewn around the globe, until it all gets unpacked it will be a matter of digging through boxes to find particular items.  This isn't really all that difficult, except that I didn't pack these boxes, some Arab guys did.  So I have no idea what is in what box.  I mean, there were 4 boxes of clothes.  Which box were the sweatshirts in?  I had no idea.

Same for the 4-6 boxes of kitchen stuff.  NO idea which box my plates are in.  I did find my silverware and cooking utensils in the one kitchen box I did unpack though.  That was a nice surprise.

Side note: I feel stupidly materialistic talking about my stuff, stuff, stuff.  Except that, its such a HUGE deal, that all I want to talk about is my stuff, stuff, stuff.

I thought about the Gentle Readers while I was unpacking.  How I needed to share the things that were going on in my apartment, because something that I have been waiting on for YEARS finally happened today.


What am I talking about?
Purchased on sale from Kohl's: 2007?
Used for the first time: 2012.

In use, finally!
No jk, I seriously bought this thing and it's been packed away/toted around for years.  I am an organizing queen.  I love to organize.  Something I love more than organizing?  Having space for all my stuff.  Why do I need to maximize so much space?  4 boxes of "clothes".  Not small boxes.  LARGE boxes.  Granted, some of the clothes were actually uniform items and blankets/sheets/towels had been placed in a few of the clothes boxes..

The photo above is before I had really unpacked any of the clothes and put them away.  Please note the space on the rack where the shirts are hanging.  This is what happened after I had unpacked all the clothes boxes:

No more space :(  This might be a sign of having TOO MANY clothes!!!
Hangy thingy got relocated to the ambiguous area behind where the shirts hang.
Not sure who's bright idea this closet set up was...
So much not usable space!
Seems like Teh Sister is due for a visit.  She usually likes to come rifle through my stuff when I'm moving/packing/unpacking because she knows its her best chance at getting free goodies from me.  Subtle suggestions like, "You don't want this, right????"

I also got to the toiletries box because I really missed my hair dryer.  Using the flat iron to straighten it dry every morning to make it look semi decent was getting old quick.  This is what happened in my bathroom:

There was really a lot of crap in the toiletries box.  Also, the 6 chapsticks?  Teh Bear and Teh Sister know me well, and I might have had to buy one while I was in FL because I left mine in Yurtle the Turtle/Indigo Montoya.

Finally all my jewelry is in one place again!  Isn't that the coolest jewelry display evar?
Like I said earlier, some of the clothes boxes had additional family members, bed clothes!  I've become a pretty addicted Pinterest-er.  At least once a week, I see the suggestion about organizing linen closets by putting sheet sets in their respective pillowcase.  I was smart enough to put the queen sets (the size of Teh Cloud (bed)) on the bottom shelf so they are more at my level, and the king/twin sheets on the top with the towels. With the moving around, it has been very efficient to have sheets of all different sizes, although king didn't get added into the mix until Bahrain.. even though the bed wasn't quite king size.  It was weird Arab/European size, but king fit so I went with it.  Eventually, when the bedroom furniture arrives, the sheets that fit Teh Cloud will be going in the drawers at the foot of the bed.  Which, btw, I'm very excited to finally get to show very soon!

The Pinterest suggestion of putting set sets in a pillowcase.  I do more than just repin stuff!  See!
Also, lets talk about the girl that doesn't need any more hand towels!  ME!

So now all that is left is this:

So the white box on the loveseat is actually empty, but behind the loveseat is stacked with boxes.
My goal is to have everything unpacked prior to February, when Teh Bear is coming to visit!!  We'll see how this works out because I am potentially going to school (for work) the last week of January, which cuts out, pretty much, a week of time.  On the other hand, I still don't have any friends in MD (which is sad, but true), so its not like I really have much to occupy my evenings with, besides cooking and intermittently chatting with Teh Bear while he is workin'.

The biggest question that remains: how much stuff will have to be repacked and put into storage due to not having enough space???

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