Friday, March 9, 2012

In the meantime...

The most efficient way for car dealer service dept to teach you about your new car's gadgets:

turn something that you always keep on auto off...

you get in your car (when its dark) and all the interior lights have been turned off.  You try messing with the radio to get the lights back on, nothing.  You give up cause you're just going to the grocery store, you don't need the lights to control the air right?  You start driving and realize your headlights aren't on, at which point you realize the service people turned the headlights setting from auto to off...  You turn your lights back on auto and all the interior lights come on too!  HUH!  Learned.

PS.  I know I'm SUPER WAY behind on the Bear Chronicles, the adventure isn't over, but the motivation has been lacking and last weekend some awesome plans came up (Worldwide Jesus Lover's bachelorette party) which meant that my normal writing/inspired time was occupied.  I did write a few short Phil blogs..

PPS.  Dear Gentle Readers who are married/engaged/wish they were either or both...  I have to buy a wedding gift..  What did you want the most as a wedding gift?  Money or something from your registry?  Worldwide Jesus Lover swears that just my presence at her wedding is a good enough gift, but she's silly.  She's getting married...  I have to get her something!
Target Registry
Walmart Registry

Worldwide Jesus Lover returns from Venezuela!

We had facial piercings!  Rebels!

Salsa dancing!

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