Sunday, March 18, 2012

Solo Blogger.

There's like 29 mabazillion people on this planet and probably like, idk, 10 bazillion are bloggers or something. Those are just rough estimates.  I have a Liberal Arts degree in Communication Media that required no math classes while at NC State (who made it to the Sweet 16 today!), don't judge my counting abilities as they aren't really related in anyway to this post.

Did anyone really notice that it took me a month to finish Teh Bear Chronicles?  I did.  I was feeling rather guilty about it, honestly.  I feel like Teh Chronicles were holding me back from blogging about other things, which is just silly!  Mostly in an OCD, I want to get this finished, I'm writing down our life here, I can't leave out parts (which I still did anyways, like how the hand towel holder fell on my foot the last night at the B&B because it wasn't secured to the wall.  This incident left me with a large amount of irritation, a knot, a fairly nasty bruise, and Teh Bear had to fetch some ice, and it was close to the end of my vacation with Teh Bear (which is usually when crappy things tend to happen to me)) because everyone needs to know all the details of my life because they never talk to me, ever.  Holy run-on.

Ok, there were other blogs I wanted to write, like a Pinterest success blog, which showed some of the awesome things Pinterest inspired me to do, and its still in draft form, but I mean, that's so beginning of February.  There was also all the things about Phil that I wanted to write about.  So, I did.  I started Phil his own blog.  Now you don't have to read about Phil on this blog (as much).  For a while there, I was pretty out of control.  I was just exploding with things to talk about that was just about Phil.  Let's call it New Mom Syndrome (is that a real thing?  If not, I get credit).

So essentially, I'm writing 2.75 blogs now.  Teh Blog, Phil's blog, and Nacho Blog (Teh Bear + me).  I consider Nacho the .75 since Teh Bear could contributes sometimes... and because now I've made most of the posts on that blog.  I've strongly considered adding the adsense thingy on Teh Blog because it gets a fair amount of traffic, even if most of it is from google image searches.  Because a little extra money (even if its $0.45 a month) never hurt anyone.  But I'm skeptical about putting ads on my blog.  I feel proud that I've not given in to making money off blogging.  I mean, I'm not going out and promoting particular items/brands for money (hate that), but is putting ads on the side selling-out?  It, hopefully, wouldn't change my content, not that I know why it would.. but still.

My other blogging "thing", if you will, is that I'm not really involved in other blog "rings" (wow, that sounded particularly gang-like).  I considered it, but then I never really get around to doing the "thing" that the group does, like Pinterest Wednesday or Vlog Friday, etc.  I think these things are awesome, but I've also yet to figure out how to get into these rings (is there like a ring-leader?  or do you just find someone and say, hey, hey! pick me, me too!).  Although, I did do a 30 day photo challenge back in October that was a lot of fun, and pretty challenging (see link at top, if interested).  I'm all about the sense of community and I love reading other people's blogs.  So much so that I added a cool new side thingy where I show you what I'm reading.  If you're awesome and you read my blog and you have a blog that I don't know about, or somehow forgot about, remind me, I'll add your link to my blog, probably... unless you blog about some not so awesome stuff, then I'll take it under consideration.

So, I guess the things to take away from this blog are these things:
1.  Everyone loves a summary.
2.  I have a liberal arts degree and shouldn't be relied on for correct statistics.
3.  I write this blog and I love run-on sentences and mini-stories within a story.
4.  Phil has a blog.  Which you probably already know, Gentle Reader, but I'm telling you again.
5.  Does anyone use AdSense?  Do you make any money off of it?  Is it the stupid "How to lose 5 lbs by tomorrow" ads?  Should I use AdSense?
6.  Are there any cool blogging "rings" I should join?  Does anyone belong to any cool blogging "rings"?  How do you get into said "ring"... by talking to the ring-leader (bwahahah)?
7.  Should I just get out of my apartment, make some real MD friends and stop blogging all the time?

I finally hung my glass sun balls!

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