Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Productivity, I haz it.

So what happened was.... the internet was down.  This is becoming a more and more common occurance, which honestly, is driving me crazy.. and is severely pissing me off.  Why?  Because I love the internet.. and I pay for the service... so when I don't have something that I pay for.. I get a little ticked off.  (I think I just too sooned myself on using the word tick.  I found a tick on myself last week!  Ewwww!)

Anyways.  The internet was down and I was off work and this daylight savings crap and its almost spring.. Which translates into, I was bored, it was still daylight out, and spring = spring cleaning.. or getting to stuff you still haven't done since you moved in.. its whatever.

So, for the 5 minutes the internet worked when I got home from work, I watched a video in between jets flying over.  Good times.  Till you experience the deafening roar of "the sound of freedom" (what aviators call aircraft flying overhead), you just don't know how much you either love or hate jet noise.  I'm a hater.  I hated it when I was at NMITC near NAS (Naval Air Station) Oceana and I'm really not a fan of it in Pax River either.  Lucky me.

Then the internet died.  While I was trying to message Teh Bear, of course.  So, I got motivated and changed into some PT clothes and took Phil out for a mostly jog/little walk.  He was pretty pooped after 2 miles.  Although it was the warmest its been for one of our jogs, so that probably played into it.  We made it home, with me dragging him only a quarter of the way home.  That last quarter of a mile Phil really has to be encouraged.  At one point I was sure he was going to just lay down in the grass and call it quits, but instead he was just marking some bushes..

When we got back, I felt like it was nice enough to open some windows and maybe even do something productive.. like clean up the 2nd bedroom.  If you are a Gentle Reader, then you know I've been working on cleaning up this bedroom for like.. ever.  And by ever I mean, since my HHG were (finally) delivered from Bahrain.  I had a goal to have it "cleaned up" before Teh Bear arrived at the end of Jan.. which turned into "organized".  I had put empty boxes in the storage "room" (a little closet space on the porch), and the crap was still in the bedroom.

Well, motivation and ingenuity finally hit me this week.  For several reasons.
1.  Worldwide Jesus Lover's wedding is this coming weekend, hopefully.  I'll be going out of town for that if there is a groom in attendance.  This also means that since I'm going to be out of town, I'm going to come back to MD with very little motivation to do much of anything besides pray the internet works, laundry, nothing.
2.  The weekend of the 24/25th is the last weekend before my endo surgery.  I considered a trip to PA if my 2nd Mom and Dad would have me (I don't think they read Teh Blog and I haven't talked to them about this yet, so this idea is extremely tentative).  If I don't go, that would have been a good time to organize the bedroom, but the last time I put it off.. well we ended up in March and that room was still wtf-ed.
3.  The week I'm going to have off for convalescent leave will not be a motivated time.  It will be recovery time.
4.  Teh Dad will need a place to sleep while he is tending to Teh Surgeried (I made that word up) on Megan.  Originally, we were considering his air mattress, but then I had a stroke of genius.  The loveseat still hasn't sold yet.  I was going to have Habitat for Humanity Resale come pick it up, but then I remembered, it has a very uncomfortable fold out bed!  That wasn't the genius part.  I've slept on that bed, it is an absolute nightmare.  I might make someone I don't like sleep on that...  The genius part was that I had a foam mattress pad in Bahrain for the not-king-but-as-big-as-a-king-sized-bed.  We could fold it and put a blanket over it and then a sheet and then = potentially more comfy bed!

With a goal in mind, I completely cleaned up the 2nd bedroom.  It's also managed to loose some of the cat smell (I often refer to the 2nd bedroom as the "cat room"), which was helpful in motivating me to want to clean it up.  I emptied the empty boxes out of the storage closet and refilled it with boxes of stuff, which I sealed up because there is a ladybug infestation in the storage closet, which is disappointing, but I can do nothing about.

The 2nd bedroom/less-cat-smelling-room now looks like this:

Those boxes are being donated.  So they are allowed.  The dog food got relocated to the closet.
PS.  I love that big blue chair!  :)

Look how much floor is there!

I should have taken a before pic of the closet.. because there were blankets taking up the entire closet floor.  There were uniforms scattered everywhere.  No longer!

I even did it all by myself.  Which is only a big deal, because packing for Bahrain required the company of Shoulda Been A Cowgirl.  I kept saying that I would clean up the room while Teh Bear was in MD cause he could be my company, but that never happened.

Sooo.. Yay for a place for Teh Dad to sleep and the room being set up for company to come and visit!  Eventually, I'll have something better than the crappy loveseat setup, but for now, I'm just glad I don't have to purchase something else for the apartment.  Yay for making what I had on hand work.

In other news, I'm still working on the Teh Bear Chronicles.  My motivation has been lacking, but the last post is half finished.. but its really long.

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