Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Pinterest Fail

my goal (image)
Let's be honest for a minute.  I'm not really a "girly" girl.  That isn't really a secret.  But, in the Navy, I'm not allowed to wear fingernail polish that isn't skin tone, so the night that I started my leave in December, I really, really wanted to paint my fingernails for some bizarre reason.  I had seen this cool design on Pinterest, so I figured it was worth doing to celebrate being on vacation.

So obviously, this fail was from almost a year ago, but I forgot that I had taken pictures to prove what a fail it was!

The red coat was easy-ish.  I mean, I'm not very practiced at painting my fingernails, so there might have been some outside the lines issues.  Whatevs.

The glitter layer though?  KICKED MY ASS.  

Let me just show you what ended up happening...  

This is my left hand (aka my dominant hand) so cut me some slack on how bad I did with the red!

After all the layers, the polish was LUMPY!
AND the glitter was poking out of the top coat... it kept catching on fabric.


My right hand looked marginally better.

Lessons I learned:  Leave the nail art to the pros.  Also, painting my fingernails while sitting on the bathroom sink after midnight is really not when I do my best work...  This also helped prove that "Pinterest Fails" are real.

I tried to fix it and did the edging.. but I really couldn't stand the lumpiness of the paint so I just removed it the next morning before I left.


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  1. Usually when fingernail polish is lumpy, it's because it's old or hasn't been used in a while. Try pouring a *tiny* bit of nail polish remover in the bottle & shaking it. Just make sure you don't pour TOO much and make it thin.

  2. Seriously, this always happens to me. I suck at painting my nails. It's sort of nice seeing someone else struggle with it, hehe.

    1. I'm usually too lazy to paint my nails. Obviously nail painting is a skill which is why you can pay someone else to do it for you!


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