Saturday, October 27, 2012

Preparing for a hurricane/vacation/both?

So there's about eleventybillion things I could be doing right now, and sitting here isn't one of the top items on the list.

Let's just go through Teh Megan thought processes:

1.  Phil does this spaztastic thing when my cell starts ringing where he jumps up and stares at me as if we're going somewhere.  It's funny.  He refused to do it when I just play my ring tone.  It has to be legit.  He knows.

2.  Phil does this spaztastic thing when I move ever so slightly while sitting on the couch where he sits up/gets up and stares at me expecting me to get up and take him out/feed him.  Needy dog.

3.  I really should at least pull out a suitcase and pretend like I'm going on vacation.

4.  Last night, I got this super late streak of motivation after everyone left where I decided to do the laundry.
4.5  When I woke up at 0145 to pee, because I'd forgotten to go before I went to bed, this random streak of motivation continued when I stopped to put the clothes in the dryer on my way back to bed in the dark.  Who is this person that has taken over my body?

5.  Thanks to Teh Coast Guardian for building my new chairs last night..  Even if we didn't play Mexican Dominoes, I still appreciate it when I get help around the house, even if you don't live here.

6.  I could be cleaning, like I'd really like to do, but my motivation level (during daylight hours apparently) is really low.  I'd rather type up this "real" blog (real vs a weekend wrap-up or Friday Fill in the Blanks).

7.  I feel guilty for missing FitB on Friday.  And the blanks were really good too.  Maybe I'll do it later.

8.  Maybe I'm making up for it by making this blog in list form.

9.  A nap would also be a good option what with my headache and it being a lazy afternoon.

10.  I made pumpkin spice cakes for the Fall Festival.. They smell delightful.

11.  Spaztastic Phil needs to go out on a walk before its time to go to the Fall Festival, but I'm REALLY unmotivated.

12.  This Hurricane Sandy crap is annoying me.  I'm trying to ignore the problem until it goes away.  I was peer pressured into going to get supplies though.  I will at least have water and Beefaroni (even though I probably won't have water to flush the after effects of eating Chef Boyardee).

13.  The view from my window includes red, green, orange, and yellow leaves.  I'm afraid that after Hurricane Sandy blows through, I won't have any leaves left to look at.  :(

14.  The leaves just started changing this week.  I observed all the spectacular leaves in Baltimore/Ft. Meade when I was up there last weekend for the Greyhound haul and was sad that S.MD didn't have these same characteristics.  I was relived when I started noticing the reds and yellows on the trees lining my street during my afternoon walks with Phil.

15.  I'm pretty sure the most amazing, fire-red tree is on base.  It's right outside of gate 3.  If you've seen it in the afternoon, you know that I'm right.  It's probably the most beautiful tree in S.MD.  I probably should have taken a picture before all the clouds started rolling in.  Megan fail.

16.  I'd be ok with having to evacuate sooner than Tuesday...  what with my vacation starting Wednesday and my evacuation location the same place as my vacation starts.......


18.  Boo to the cold front already moving past the mid-west and now it's back up in 50°+ in Denver and the Grand Canyon...  Or at least that is the current forecasting predictions on  I was excited to wear scarves and hats and gloves like it was winter time.  Obviously, I need to move to Alaska... or maybe Canada if I wanted to be a little less extreme and have Teh Bear agree with my relocation needs.

19.  I feel like I need to have a Hurricane Party to clean out the stuff in my freezer, otherwise if/when the power goes out, all the food in my freezer is going to go bad/to waste.

20.  Phil is super cute when he sleeps.  I wish Teh Bear would allow Phil on the furniture.  I wish Phil would get up on the furniture.

21.  Dear Commissary,
When you bolt the bag holders to the bagging area, it makes it really hard to use my own HUGE bag.  I wasn't in the mood for that crap today.

22.  Phil is very strange when he is stalkin' me in the bathroom, but then stands and stares directly at the wall.

23.  I've not done much pinning on Pinterest in the past few months.  I feel like I slacker... and like I've reclaimed my life.

24.  I'm considering buying hiking boots.  I probably should have done this last week, but I was too wishy washy.  Sometimes, it's really hard being me.  I'm planning on going to Dick's Sporting Goods tomorrow after church to see what the selection is.  I'm figuring with all the hurricane prep going on, hiking boots weren't on most people's lists.

25.  Dear North Star (aka the huge zit that refuses to go away on my temple),
I've deemed you the North Star because Orion's Belt appeared on my cheek early last week.  When you appeared and refused to go away, it was easy to name you.  Teh Bear doesn't find my constellation references as funny as Teh Sister does.  I wish you would go away... and take all your other star/constellation buddies with you.

26.  Dear Phil,
Please stop being so cute and pressuring me to take you out/feed you.  I'm trying to be unmotivated right now.

27.  I keep looking outside to see if it's raining yet.  It's not supposed to start raining till tomorrow evening, but I don't really believe that.  I think Hurricane Sandy is imaginary.  Except in GTMO.  Apparently it was pretty nasty there.

28.  I edited all the baby shower pics and uploaded them into Dropbox for Mrs. Boomkin.  Sadly, she's still not gotten them out yet despite the fact that she wanted me to have the pics edited LAST weekend.  This is me trying to motivate her and me whining because I worked hard.

29.  I bought a new loaf of bread today, just in case.  I put it on top of the fridge... just in case.

30.  I finally finished watching all the episodes of Weeds on Netflix.  I was content to quit watching it after this season... until I finished the season 7 finale.  WTF!?!

31.  I'm glad that my phone will still have service if there is no power and I don't have real internet.

32.  Today I actually wanted to go to a Dunkin' Donuts.  Not for their gross donuts (which aren't doughnuts, I'll have you notice), but for their Pumpkin Coffee which is much smoother than Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte.  I was disappointed that there isn't a DD in Prince Frederick.  WTF.  I thought DD were EVERYWHERE?

33.  I'm le tired.

34.  This list has gotten pretty long.

35.  The end.

Since I talked about him so much:
Hotel de Phil... with Norman (a greyhound who lives down the street from us)!

While on the way to the meet and greet, I looked in my rearview mirror at one point and saw a black butt and a white nose.  A bit later, I got white butt and black nose.  I deemed them Yin and Yang.

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