Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Little Notes #5

Dear YNAB (You Need a Budget),
You haven't really helped me control my spending, but I can see where every penny is going.  Sometimes your program is a little too complex for me, but I'm sure if I was ever patient enough to watch the instructional videos I wouldn't be so overwhelmed with all the budget options.  Nonetheless, I like tracking my monies.  It's kinda fun, even if it kinda sucks.

Dear soon-to-be-here-DeStefano Baby,
Your parents and family are really excited about you.  I saw that you got lots of presents.  If you're not an Eagles fan your Daddy might disown you, but that's no big deal.  I told your parents a secret about how you're the baby I'm most excited about this season.  That's kind of a big deal for me, FYI.  I hear you have big feet.  I at least need you to fit in one set of the outfits I bought, but preferably the monster one because I'm kinda partial to that one over the elephants.

Dear Philadelphia,
Your roads suck.  That stacked bridge thing on 95??  HATE IT.  It freaks me out.  But, thank you for no traffic issues this weekend, that was much appreciated.

Dear Vice Presidential debate,
You were worthless to me.. AND your presence on a Thursday night meant no Grey's Anatomy... AND it meant it was a school night, so there was no drinking game for this girl.  On the other hand, thanks for the 2 hour reminder that my vote.. and the all day reminder the next day via FB from all my friends was great too.

Dear MD/DE,
Your I-95 tolls are ridiculous.  I learned a secret on the way back to S.MD though.. going the Hwy 301 way only costs $2 instead of $14.

Dear Sunday night traffic,
Or lack there of...
You were awesome.  You made my trip back to MD significantly less painful and I appreciate that.  You were also going pretty fast.  Thanks for that.

Dear Yurtle,
Everyone loves you.  Seriously.  Especially that lady at the pizza place driving the Mercedes.  I'm not sure if she actually checked you out through the windows or opened the door, but she loooooooved your leather seats and how cute you were.  I loooooooooved your 28.9 miles per gallon and cooled seat on the way home.  While Phil enjoyed the back seats that fold down to create Mobile Hotel de Phil.  This trip was pre-game for our trip to NC in 2 weeks.  I'll miss you while we're in Denver and the Grand Canyon, but I promise to love you long time when we get back and drive around NC together.  I'll even pay for your insurance and renew your tags and get you inspected.  It will be good times.  Promise.

Dear Teh Bear,
17 days till our vacation.  Tickets are bought, hotels are reserved.  We're on a vacation mission.  I'm pretty excited for snuggles..  and for our first plane ride together (in completely cheesy mode).  I'll even hold your hand in the airport and try not to power walk every where like I do when I'm alone.  PS.  Phil is excited to see you in NC.


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  1. The roads by us are AWFUL right now. We couldn't even park in our driveway the other day because we couldn't get on our street.

    Re: Canadians and tattoos..It may be a thing haha Canadian pride? It's a maple leaf with a beaver chomping through!


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