Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's OK Thursday #3 and 30 Second Thursday #4

I've missed my new weekly linkups!  I know that most people do them to put their name out there, but I really like the theme for "It's OK" and the challenge of vloggin'!  Thursday blog day is one of my favessssssss. 

Its Ok Thursdays

There's a lot of times that I give myself grief over things I do for no reason other than I just don't accept myself sometimes...  But "Its Ok Thursdays" is here to remind me that I just need to let somethings go....


It's Ok.... just jump right back on the horse and giddyup when it comes to the bloggin' world. have vegged for a whole day to make up for how busy the last 2 weeks have been. buy stuff off craigslist
...for the stuff purchased off craigslist to not be in the best condition, but to be better than nothing! put a queen sized mattress pad on a full size bed. buy a full size bed instead of a queen... so I have an excuse to buy more cute sheets. limit those cute sheets to only those on clearance... along with anything else related to the room. have finally read the "Twilight Saga" and maybe, just a wee bit, enjoyed it. be relieved that I finally finished the ENTIRE "Twilight Saga". be tired the next morning because I stayed up too late because I was finishing the 4th book. be angry at technology, no matter how much you love it and how much of a nerd you are... over the microphone that Teh Bear got me for my birthday for my vloggin'... be angry at technology, no matter how much you love it and how much of a nerd you are... over my TV refusing to let me adjust the color setting while I'm streaming Netflix...  because Netflix is too dark.


Kaitlyn // Wifessionals
Samantha // Hooah And Hiccups
Hallie // Life Oceanside
This weeks prompt:
"What things are you shallow about?" (Name brands, certain jobs, ANYTHING...yep, embarrass yourself...)

Also, a shout out to Teh Bear for getting me a mic to use for 30 Second 1 Minute-ish Thursday.  Even if I got frustrated at it and hurt my finger trying to thump it to show him I was using it, which he said I was, but I disagreed, but I know he was right...  Lub that dude.

PS.  Really sorry that it's as loud as a mouse...  I'm going to blame the new mic.

PPS.  The frozen face that YouTube inevitably gives me is always amusing.


  1. Did you buy the clearance sheets at Target??? I was in there yesterday and they had a whole aisle in the home goods section dedicated to clearance sheets, towels, etc.! I just about died a little on the inside!

    Stopping by from the linkup :)

    Jaime @ {Toby's Tails}

  2. Totally guilty of wearing pajamas around in college...but now I judge people out and about too...

  3. I always get so mad in the home goods aisles... We have a queen size bed and they always have wayyyyy cuter stuff for fulls. Oh well, at least we save money, haha! Love both of these link ups! I might have to join in on the 30 second Thursday next week! :o)

  4. Bahhahaha love this I do this too!!


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