Saturday, February 23, 2013

All moved!

I'm not sure if you picked up on the fact that I was planning on moving/packing to move/moving/unpacking/no longer moving...  I know that sometimes I don't always share all the pertinent information with everyone, but.. I moved.

I went from a 850ish square foot apartment to an almost 1300 square foot townhome... for the same amount of rent per month.
Did you hear that?  That, my Dear Gentle Readers, was a sweet, sweet sigh of relief of no longer feeling "pent up" from me and Phil (and that dog is seriously a sigh-er, he probably learned from his Mom.  /shrug).!

Often I have described my decorating style as cozy and a few blogs ago someone asked to see photos of the new place.  I was waiting to get stuff unpacked and mostly settled, but YOU WILL HAVE PICTURES AND YOU WILL HAVE THEM NOW!!!

See, sometimes I let you down (November recaps), but sometimes, I'm all over this shiznit, yo!

Ok first some "how to properly wear a Greyhound scarf" photos.
Donner really wanted to snuggle the other day.  I sat down in the floor to snuggle with him and he decided that he just wanted to hug my neck... with his body.

He might be looking away from me, but he was leaning on me so hard he almost knocked me over.

Ok, ok on to the tour!

Living room..
The dog crate wasn't up to begin with, but now that I have Donner (my first foster Greyhound), it's safer the crate is up... Even if it takes up 1/4 of my living room.
The really awesome "rug" at the door is because it's been raining a few days a week recently which makes my "fenced in grass spot" reallllllly muddy and Phil doesn't really seem to like to walk around the edges where it's NOT muddy.  Jerk dog.  So there's a towel for standing on and a towel for wiping off paws.

 Other side of the living room.
That bottle on the back of the couch is fabric softener mixed with water to try to help eliminate the static electricity build up.  I've been shocked so much and usually I get shocked touching a light switch, which makes it even worse!

 The final angle of the living room.
If you were involved in the FB voting for canvases back in December, you can see some of the winners displayed here!  The rest are in the tree dining room.

Moving onto the right side of the kitchen.. 
PS.  That is the cutest Valentine's doggy hand towel on the fridge door.  Seriously.

And the left side of the kitchen (this is starting to feel like the Cupid Shuffle (not because all the Valentine's stuff!))
PPS.  We fit FOUR people and 2 Greyhounds in here Monday night.  No JK.  My last kitchen could barely contain one person and a Phil.  So.much.more.spaces!?!?  I even have unused cabinet space.  

The dining room from the kitchen.
The table is fully expanded all the time now that I have the room.

   The dining room from the front door.

 Oh, hai Phil!

 Hall where the washer/dryer/HVAC/water heater/coat closet/downstairs bathroom are all located.

And we are now upstairs.
That's the StoryPeople print that Teh Sister got for me for Christmas this year.  :)

Master bedroom to the right.  You can't see the half bath past the closet doors.
And yes, those are Christmas lights.  I surprised Teh Bear with them (its special to us).

The other end of the master.  Phil used to barely have room for his one bed.  Now I could fit like 8 of his beds in the bedroom.  LUUUUUBBBBB.
Also, where my uniform is hanging is a walk-in closet that is the size of the outside storage room, which is really big for just clothes.  So much room for activities!!!

The only full bathroom (which some would consider a bad thing, but I didn't care about extra showers, only extra toilets).
And Donner, hai!

The monsters are seriously awesome.  I'm sad they no longer make this set... because that means I'm stuck with only 4 towels and 1 of each hand towel and only 2 of the wash cloths.
The storage room.  This is where a lot of work needs to happen.
Most of this stuff could be consolidated and put into the closet of this room and the spare bedroom and the rest could go outside in the outside storage room or under the stairs.  

The other side of the storage room.
Teh Bear keeps telling me to get rid of the Cessna Engine (the fan) but I think I'm attached to it.  
I'm like a Hoarder almost.

The spare bedroom.  My first spare bedroom ever.  Also known as the "Clearance Room" because all the bedding (at least) was purchased on clearance and the bed was purchased off Craigslist.  
The light is on because I was waiting on Teh Sister to arrive for her first MD visit when I took these photos!
Casa de Teh Megan, we leave the light on for ya...

A final gratuitous shot of the hounds, because I just can't get enough of them. 
It's ok, you can admit you love them too... even if you think they are too skinny (they aren't!)

So that is the official tour of Casa de Teh Megan.  My lease here is for 2 years, which kinda makes my heart pound a little bit harder because that's a LONG time to be locked into a single place.. especially for ME, Queen of Moving Every Single Year Since 2004 (no jk).  Honestly though, when I walked in the door of this place when I was just looking for a place to live, I relaxed.  It felt like home before it was even my home.  

Sometimes, you just know when things are right and this place was right.  And I was right, this place is a sigh of relief every time I come home.  My landlords are unbelievably awesome.  Seriously.  They sent me a "congrats on your new place" card and a $25 gift card to Target when I moved in.  My landlord!  The people I will be giving money to spent money on ME.  I was shocked.  I wanted to hug their necks.  My landlords who met me halfway the Saturday night after I moved in because I locked us out.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Proof they really sent me a card.

Yes, I live across from a potentially shady gas station, but it means that I can walk to the ATM if I need cash.  Yes, I live across from a red light where I have to listen to some "thumper cars" (the cars with the obnoxiously loud bass), but I'm 15 minutes from work in bumper to bumper, all the way there, traffic.  AND... FOUR HUMANS AND TWO LARGE DOGS can fit in my kitchen AT THE SAME TIME.

I looooooooove my new place and I'm super glad I have a place to call home... and hopefully soon Teh Bear will be here with me!!  Fingers crossed, we're waiting to hear back on a job in the area...

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