Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's OK Thursday #4

Better late than never.

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Ok.... forget it's Thursday all day long until I was catching up on my Reader and saw Amber's post. want to get off work 10 minutes early. almost get in the wrong traffic lane to make the turn to go home. enjoy stinky dog breath. enjoy popping zits/getting blackheads out. enjoy popping zits/getting blackheads out of a dog (yep, it happens). watch the final season of Private Practice in 2.5 days because I signed up for Hulu Plus since it was free for a week. sign up for stuff to get the free stuff, then cancel before they charge you. be excited over a $15 credit to your Verizon bill even though the charge was for $30. be relieved because the Verizon rep was extremely pleasant. not have really done much work this week due to studying. not have done as much studying as I could have to make a brief for the XO. have redone the brief several times and not be done with the redos until 10 minutes prior to the brief. not do my 30 Second Thursday this week because I refuse to acknowledge the Harlem Shake phenomenon.  Sorry guys!

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