Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Confessions {6/15}

-The last time I did confessions was 5/25.  It feels like a ridiculously long time since then.  #vacationtimelapse

-I may not have responded to any comments from my Never Have I Ever post.  Mostly because that same day was the start of vacation and I was busy doing things and I absolutely hate typing more than "K" on my phone.  #lazy #Ilovekeyboards #virtualkeyboardsarestupid

-I judge people with dirty glasses.  #howdoyousee

-I got obnoxiously excited to see vegetables on my plate after a week and a half in Germany.  The main food groups in Germany are: bread, pasta, potatoes, and meat.  You might be lucky to get a "salad" which is usually just iceberg lettuce.  But seriously, I'm old and I need fiber to keep things moving.  #ifyouknowwhatImean #activacommerical #poopstatus

-I had to buy a strapless bra in Germany since I forgot mine.  Nothing makes you feel larger than life than European sizes... #VictoriasSecretlies #80E #36DD #thesethingsarenotthesame

-The following picture was staged.  That is actually Teh German's Mom's glass.  That was definitely my brezel (or pretzel for my English readers).  #fakeittillyoumakeit

-This photo was not staged and I learned that I tolerate Radler beer the best:  #biermitlemonade

-Fanta was my beverage of choice at most places we went to.  American Fanta is not the same as Fanta everywhere else.  #Americanisnotalwaysbetter

-Germans prefer sparkling water.  I don't handle sparkling water well because it makes me burp and that's very unladylike and Teh German would NOT approve of my man-burps in front of his family.  I was completely willing to drink tap water the entire time, but many family members just bought me bottled water without gas.  #sillyAmerican #sillyGermans #culturedifferences #firstworldproblems

-After reading in All the Light You Cannot See how the Germany army categorized recruits on their "Aryan-ness," I continually looked for those Aryan traits while I was in Germany.  #blondehairandblueeyes #Ifoundsome

-Despite doing German lessons since October, I was unable to communicate in Deutsch or understand most of the time.  Teh German and I had several conversations about how I was being too hard on myself for my expecting to be able to talk and understand (which I had barely been able to do at home before we left) while we were here.  Truthfully, there were a lot of times I felt completely alone because I was surrounded by people who weren't speaking English, thus rendering me completely unable to communicate unless someone translated for me, I was able to catch a word that I understood and assume the topic, or I knew what the subject was (House, flights, things we'd done, etc).  #languagebarrier #Germglish #lonely

-One of the most embarrassing situations for me while in Germany was when Teh German kept annoucing when people tried to speak to me in German, that I don't understand German... especially in front of his ex-gf.  I know, it's stupid, but dammit, I can understand somethings and I'm a pro at body-language and when a server is asking me what I want to drink, Fanta is universal.  #languagebarrier #dontspeakforme

-I totally walked into the men's bathroom because it said "Herren" and I say "her" and automatically thought female.  The urinals on the wall and the dude using one of the urinals when I walked in indicated maybe I thought wrong.  #theresagirlintheboysbathroom

-I had an absolute blast in Germany overall.  I met Teh German's family and friends, we got to see and do fun touristy things (remember a mabillionty years ago when I was afraid of no touristy things?), we ate ALL THE NOMS (by noms I mean meat, bread, and potatoes).  #vacation #success #tourist #allthecastles

-There will be at least 1 post discussing our vacation (duh), which will probably include some photos.  As of writing this, I am up to 1,326 photos.  That doesn't include the photos that haven't been uploaded from the camera. #ALLthephotos

Bonus non-Germany/vacation related confession:

Before we left for vacation, Teh German told me we needed a toilet brush for the guest bathroom upstairs.  I told him we had 2 clorox magic wands, one downstairs and one in the toilet closet and that was enough for cleaning the toilets.  It wasn't until a few days later that I realized WHY he was saying we needed a toilet brush.

I confess:
At 30 years old, I realized that a toilet brush is for cleaning skid marks after you go business.

Honestly, skid marks were never really a problem for me growing up... and if they were, I just left them.  Skid marks meant that it was time to clean the entire bathroom.  Also, growing up, skid marks could be left and they would soak and then the next time, they'd flush away like magic.

I didn't know that toilet brushes were for cleaning AND skid marks.  I thought that the sole purpose of the toilet brush was for cleaning the toilet.. like with cleaner.. when you cleaned the rest of the bathroom.  #itshardtobeme #learnsomethingeveryday


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  1. #stillvasserbitte Fanta in Germany is the best! I have only done one German castle. Take me with next time! ;-)

  2. #stillvasserbitte Fanta in Germany is the best! I have only done one German castle. Take me with next time! ;-)

  3. Every time I hear Fanta I starting singing "Don't you wanna Fanta Fanta" in my head. You just now taught me the purpose of a toilet brush because I always assumed it was just for cleaning the toilet at cleaning time...

  4. Oh men and bathrooms. Our mothers never warned us. I could write a book about what I have learned about how the other sex is different in that particular room. Oy!

  5. Oh men and bathrooms. Our mothers never warned us. I could write a book about what I have learned about how the other sex is different in that particular room. Oy!

  6. Hooray for a Germany post!
    I walked into a men's bathroom in Germany too!! Probably because I was drunk on German beers.
    I'm so glad you worked in some touristy things, and it sounds like you had a great time, and I can't wait to hear more!

  7. Yay Germany! I totally want a pretzel now.

    The language barrier thing stinks. I admit I end up looking ride because I zone out or start reading something instead. #notgoodatpeopleing


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