Monday, June 27, 2016

Weekend Review {6/27}


Work was spent trying to remove the computer STD that is plaguing me, dealing with documents that my leads don't want to tell the customer's we can't get to them in time, listening to the tech lead talk to himself about whatever it is he talks to himself about, and learning that a government organization is pretty much "adapting" one of their most commonly used templates to something I created for Company to submit a few months ago (I wasn't sure whether to be proud or annoyed).  I left work at 2 to get my hairs did.  It was time for the curls to return!  I considered doing it before Germany, but didn't want to have to deal with frizzy hair while we were there, so I waited.

Teh German actually got home early, but I didn't make it home until after 6.  I was at the salon from 2:30 until 6 and I was just over it.  I'm glad she did a super good job, but holy moly.  As always, I love the curls and they bring me great joy.

Earlier in the day, Teh German had suggested Willie Jewell's for dinner, so that was our evening plan after I got home.  After getting Teh German motivated (aka getting him to close down Instagram), we headed to Willie Jewell's.  Unfortunately, there was a baseball tournament nearby and the hotels were full of families for the tournament who also happened to be hungry.  Teh German and I discussed that if it would have been our first time, we probably would have never come back.  There was a pretty long line when we walked in the door, our food took 30 minutes, there was no ice in the machine, there was approximately 4 drops of sweet tea, and some of the sauces were out.  Additionally, the girl running the register was new and rang up my order wrong, thus charging us more.  We asked the guy about it who delivered our food (finally) but he doesn't work the register so he really didn't understand what I was saying about being overcharged.  Whatever.

After we finished, we headed home and started the process of mounting the tvs.  We own 1 TV and we had put it downstairs on the legs until we bought a larger TV for the living room.  I suggested that we mount that TV upstairs first, so then we'd have a clean working space to mount the new TV.  Teh German agreed so we got the party started.  Without too much difficulty, the mount got attached to the wall and the TV and sound bar got hooked up and setup.  Teh German was tired after that, so he watched youtube videos over the TV while I did a puzzle on my Kindle.

After a bit, it was bedtime.


Saturday was sleep in day.  It had been a long time since we'd been able to that at our house, so we took advantage of the situation.  Originally, we were going to go get pizza for lunch, but instead we ended up making a small breakfast and taking care of house things.  We got the living room TV mounted and setup.  I continued the process of cleaning up the office.  I emptied the upstairs closet that Teh German had been hoarding boxes in (boxes for the TV/sound bar/fans and a few boxes to be unpacked).  Teh German also set up the patio chairs.

We had agreed to do dinner at a new Korean BBQ place with some friends, so we headed that way around 6.  The Korean BBQ place that I've been to before was more like a buffet, but this place was you order one thing and they bring it.  We did all share, which was nice.  Someone ordered "octopus balls" which we tried.  They were good, but I was disappointed there wasn't more octopus.

After dinner, we came home and were lazy.  Teh German watched youtube videos on the new TV while I marveled at/worked on editing Germany photos.  Side note: I have mad flower photography skillz.  IMO, of course.


I had wanted to sleep in Sunday morning, and around 0740, Meri wasn't having that.  She did snuggle between us for a short bit, but Teh German started petting her and she started kicking me and I got pissed and got up to feed them after asking Teh German to do it.

I got a wild hair up my ass and made hummingbird food for the feeder and then piddled around on the internet until Teh German got up.  After a bit, I made the poor/good life choice to go on a run.  I mean, it was only "78°F" outside, so I needed to take advantage.  That 78° felt nice when you were stationary, but after 30 minutes of running/walking (I won't even pretend I ran all that), death was a strong preference to finishing out the 6 miles.

I did find a super cool secret that our main road has been connected to another development which could mean a serious short cut for me to work.  Technically, the short cut is closed and has an "authorized access only" sign, butttttttt the gate was open and I'm a rebel so I decided there was no harm in running that way on a Sunday morning.  I did noticed that there is the beginning of a housing development, so I'm hoping that my vehicle won't be noticed if I sneak the back way.

The "only halfway" face.

I seriously wanted to die.  I was hot and I wasn't properly hydrated and after sending Teh MD-AR some "I'm so miserable right now and want to die" texts, I almost considered calling Teh German to come pick me up because my head was throbbing so badly.  I was so hot that I even rolled my shirt up, exposing my jiggly belly and my sports bra (/gasp!).  #donotcurr.  If my shirt hadn't been so wet, I probably would have just taken it off and put it around my neck.  #babysteps  When I finally made it home, Teh German asked me how it was and I said, "Not right now."  After I caught my breath and had gulped down 2 Turvis's of water, I told him, "I want to die."

Instead of dying, I went upstairs and showered.  After getting dressed, I rolled because my IT band and I have been seriously arguing lately.  More in things that make me want to die: rolling on my sore pieces.  It actually made my stomach start to churn and I was afraid I was going to be sick.  More in stupid things Megan did on Sunday morning: not eating anything before I ran.  My stomach was 10 levels of torn up, my head was still throbbing, seriously though, death was preferable.  I considered laying down for a nap, but knew that food needed to be a priority.

After some discussion, Teh German and I decided to try a new wing place we hadn't been to and then after go to the Toyota dealership so he could discuss his options with them about getting a new truck.  While Teh German showered and got ready, I continued working on the office, mostly relocating boxes that aren't going to get unpacked (aka putting boxes in storage) and putting things away in new homes.  I also moved the photo decorations that we have to upstairs so we can eventually get them hung up.  I don't think that Teh German wants the stuff that I had up at Shitty House downstairs, so it's all going upstairs.  That means that I'll get some new photos printed to put downstairs, in particular, from our trip to Germany.  YAY for reasons to print out some of those Australia/Scotland panoramas!

Once Teh German was ready, we headed out.  I was doing pretty good controlling the hangar until we arrived to the wing place and they had a sign on the door that said "Now closed on Sunday."  I then suggested to do a mexican place on the way to the dealership, which Teh German was fine with.  There was a debacle about Teh German's tire pressure indicator light being on and me not paying $1.50 for air, then we ended up paying $1 and Teh German wasn't pleased where there was no way to tell how much pressure was in each tire AND the indicator didn't go off.  There was some manual reading and by this point, controlling my hangar wasn't possible.  I asked if we could please go eat and figure out the tire thing later.  Really, he just wanted the indicator turned off for if the dealership looked the car over.  #Germanprecision  While we made our way to the mexican place, I read the manual and realized there was a way to get the light off, so I explained it and he took care of it when we arrived at the mexican place.

We had the absolute worst experience at this mexican place.  I won't even say the name.  It was horrendous.  They were obviously short on staff and it was not a good situation.  We also learned that the night before the keg cooler had went out, which explained why Teh German's beer tasted funny and was kinda warm.  Our server actually forgot that he had put our order in.  disaster.  We definitely won't be going back and my review will not be kind.  But I couldn't even care because the chips were on the table finally and I needed my blood sugar level not to be negative.

After we paid, we headed to the dealership to do some research.  Teh German is looking at a new Tacoma, so he discussed what he wanted with the sales guy and got to drive one.  Once we said we were going to go home and discuss it, the salesman went to get the manager.  We sat there debating for another 30-45 minutes and going over options, but in the end, I think he's decided to wait a few months.  Neither of us planned for him to come home with a new truck today, so we weren't disappointed.  I think a part of Teh German is sad he has to wait a little longer, but he knows the information he has been wondering about for over 2 months (payments, lease situation, availability), so I think his mind is a little at ease.

Sorry no pics of the test drive.  #bloggerfail

After 2.5 hours at the dealership, we headed to the grocery store, then home.  Once home, I worked on blogs and photos while Teh German hung towel racks in the upstairs bathrooms (PRAISE JESUS!!! seriously, walking across the bathroom to dry your hands 3-5 times while you're getting ready is the ultimate pain in the ass).  He did notice, at one point, that I had placed some books in the downstairs bathroom, to include a German book of his.  He liked my consideration.

We were simple for dinner and had sandwiches while watching Home on our freshly mounted living room TV.  After, it was time for bed to prep for the week ahead.

Overall, a fantastic weekend.  We were able to accomplish a majority of the house projects that we wanted to get done before the house warming party next weekend.  I will be doing the cleaning over the next week so that way it's still moderately clean when people start arriving.  Teh Mom informed me that she'll be attending the party (yay!) and she'll be arriving late Friday night or Saturday.  Teh FL-Greyhound Neighbors will be arriving on Thursday evening.  My goal is to have everything done before then.

This week also begins the start of my afternoon runs.  I really struggle sitting at home waiting on Teh German to come home.  I could take it as quality Megan time, but I don't.  I like hanging out with Teh German when I'm home.  So I'm going to start running a few times a week on my way home from work.  I'm planning on running near base, which includes some serious hills.  I don't necessarily need to do hill training, but it will make level running much easier.  Hopefully, acclimating to the heat won't be a major problem, but I am planning on breaking the ever classy hydration belt back out, because runs like today cannot happen on the regular if I intend on: 1- staying alive, 2- not hurting myself.

YAY for being almost completely unpacked and being HOME.

Gratuitous cute dog photo.

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  1. Cute dog photo 💖

    Sorry about southern humidity. 😵

    Can't wait to see House!

  2. Heck yes to getting house projects done! I want to try octopus balls. My brother had some & took a picture when he was in Japan. Now I want them. I'm sorry about the near death run & the crappy Mexican.

  3. Your salon picture is giving me some serious flashbacks to my years of perms. I think I had one from the time i was in the 3rd grade and my last one was my sophomore year of college. I can still remember the smell of perm solution.

    I think we had the same run experience on Sunday. I did go inside on the treadmill but I had a headache and thought some endorphins would make it go away and it did, while I was running. Then I got off and had a stomach and headache, still went to yoga and halfway through realized I didn't eat before I left which was why I felt like crap. Lesson Learned

  4. oh my gosh i did the same thing this morning/last night. i checked the weather last night and it was supposed to be 70 something and i was like oh perfect! got up this morning, a little higher, no big deal, 76 or something i think? oh god i was sweating bullets within the first mile haha. yay for finding sneaky back ways, i'm sure you'll be fine haha. i'm not a rebel at all, i will go the long way round if the rules tell me to lol

  5. Yay for the housewarming party! I am glad you are getting the house the way that you want it. It has to feel good to make it feel like home.

    Also yay for the return of the curls.

    I am glad to hear Teh German also watches YouTube the way that I do....streaming through the TV. We don't do cable so YouTube is usually my viewing of choice since we have pretty much run through all the Netflix stuff!


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